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  2. Hello, I am wearing OttoBock Harmony Urethane liners, with SkinGaurd, on my bk. They are a year old, new liners are on order. I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced these, lately I'm getting some redness almost looks like a rash, but doesn't itch or hurt. I've been using the Harmony liners for over ten years, and the age of the liner is causing this.
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  4. I know my title may look like a stupid question, but bear with me. I’ve been AK for 18 years and driving with hand controls for 16/17. Everything is fine. I love the independence of being able to drive and I don’t have much of a problem driving considerable distances. However, I have three “issues” with my right arm, which operates the push/pull hand control. In reverse date order, they are: 1. After driving for a while, my middle finger has begun to dislocate, at the knuckle, because that finger does most of the pulling. I’m therefore learning to spread the load across all fingers AND to use cruise control more. 2. I have also developed “Tennis Elbow”, being the hardening (scarring?) of that specific muscle in the forearm which controls the …… you guessed it, the middle finger. Again, I’m trying to spread the load and use cruise. Also trying “off the shelf” exercises for TE, that seem to work, but prevention is better than cure. 3. (And this is the real oddity). I have recently been diagnosed (physiotherapist, GP, ultrasound outpatient) with a tear to one of the tendons in my shoulder (supraspinator, I think). It’s been painful for 5 years or more, but I’m an amputee and we amps don’t fret over a bit of pain. However, I don’t remember any incident, that might have damaged this tendon, so it got me thinking. Have I damaged my shoulder by using hand controls? Any ideas?
  5. Looking for support (for daughter)

    Hi Everyone, Wow - Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I've posted here! It's crazy how time flies. I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the holidays! This update is going to be quick, which is a good thing. Lauren is doing very well. Every day continues to get easier for her, and she has really settled into her new norm. The days of thinking about "pre amputation" and "post amputation" are getting fewer and further between for Lauren, and she had an amazingly good semester at school. She's home now, and it's great having her here for the holidays! She continues to use her cosmetic arms regularly, and I think they've given her more confidence to go out and just be herself, even though they aren't functional unto themselves. Cold weather is always a little harder for Lauren given that it's not as easy to go barefoot or in sandals, but she doesn't let it get in her way, and it is truly amazing how her feet and teeth can do so much. The human body truly is amazingly adaptable. I'm going to try to post some new pictures here a little later so you can see just how far Lauren has come. I hope everyone is well. Best wishes for a fantastic holiday season. -Marion
  6. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, the sweat took some getting used to, I can deal with it ok. But Hanger got me these Silver Socks, worn inside the liner, they really wick away the sweat, and don't smell, I try to wear one when I know I'll be sweating a lot! http://www.knitrite.com/prosthetics/prosthetic_socks/linerlinersock.html
  7. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    @FordGuy48 how about the heat and sweat. I do remember it (I was in Los Angeles) being very warm with the sleeve and liner. Do you get out walk much summer? Thanks
  8. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    My tibia is boney, fibula was cut back some years ago to remove a bone spur. My last socket I had trouble with my tibia, this one, has been wonderful. With my last socket, I did need to loosen the sleeve on a long car ride. This one, not at all! I had a good prosthetist at Hanger.
  9. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I have boney promonances with my fibula and back in the early 80’s had my meniscus removed. So an offset was plate was added to my prosthetic improving my comfort level which increasied my ability for a higher level of activity. Regrettably that was determined 4-5 years ago and took switching my Prosthetist. The point is that I got there because I stayed on it.
  10. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Thanks @JohnnyV for the feedback. That is good tho know. @FordGuy48 Mind me asking do you have a bony limb? After sitting for a long time do you find yourself having to roll the sleeve down and pulling it up again to get it right?
  11. Do you have issues with the Triton Harmony such as puncturing the sleeve often? Or finding the vacuum no always the same? I had a harmony system awhile back and it was hit and miss. Right now have a Seal In X5 which is easy to deal with but lacks the same grip.
  12. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, I had issues with the first sleeves I was getting in 2007, my first Harmony system, but then they gave me the Ottobock "Derma, Pro Flex Sleeves", and I get months, as many as 6 or 7 sometimes with these sleeves. I've had my current Harmony setup for almost a year now, and it's the best I've ever had, no sores. Everyone is different, but I'm sold on the Harmony. I am a patient of Hanger Clinic.
  13. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    All the time that I tried to get the seal in or Vacuum to work and I ended up staying with a pin. It's not for everyone.
  14. Prevention of Phantom Pain

    I have lived with it for almost 16 years and find it to be the worst from weather changes and early in the morning when I get up out of bed to relieve myself and than try to go back to sleep. I use to have trouble going to sleep, but I now usually tire myself so that I can go right to sleep. My limb can get cold at night this time of year too but not sure if that plays into the neuropathy firing up.
  15. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I use used to use a Pin and then tried a harmony but had mixed feelings until we had so many problems it sat in the closet. When it worked it was good but the sleeves kept puncturing. I had to pull the sleeve down and up since I sat a lot at work. So I had to keep pulling my pants down at my cubicle LOL. I then tried a Seal-In® X5. I was good. I still get sores. Bad blisters. Does everyone go through this? Hematomas. Anyway, the Otoobock clinic near me recommended the harmony system and triton foot or a new Seal-In® X5. I am on the fence. The Seal-In X5 pops on and off easy though lacks the true snugness of the harmony but its more dependable... I hate these decisions.
  16. Prevention of Phantom Pain

    I notice for myself I get phantom pain if my limb gets very cold.
  17. Scuba Trip

    Hi to you all, I am a recent BKA based in the beautiful isles of scilly in the UK. Off on holiday to Mauritius next week and hope to have a couple of dives. I am a very experienced diver / instructor but would be grateful for any tips. Do you carry offset weights??? Do you dive with your prosthetic?? Clive
  18. http://www.heathermills.org/latest-news/2017/10/20/personal-truths-rehabilitation-and-support
  19. Shower leg?

    Hi looking for a bit of advice from anyone. Although I've no complaints ay all as to my NHS provision - I've been lucky and incredibly well supported by my DSC team .....but I have one bugbear. I don't have a spare limb of any descript , unlike the majority of others I speak to. Whilst I don't necessarily have the need for a specific activity type of spare, I really could do with a shower leg - basic stuff non bending just a prop up and wash job! It would save so much effort and aggro - esp as my bath lift handset has just done a poor impersonation of a grenade! That's gonna take sooooooo long to be sorted 😴. Best ive been given is a leaflet for a big sealing bag to put on my own leg. But it's near on £50 I don't have and given my MPCK cost so much the risk of complete immersion just isn't one I'm prepared to take. NHS would soon point the finger at something I bought and used if I destroyed that! So is it something I can press for or should I ask they supply the bag given the risk? Thanks
  20. Ouch ! Please help !

    Hi everyone - I wonder if anyone can offer any advice or share a similar issue? Im a TF of 7 years. With an underlying history of severe Rheumatoid arthritis. I have recently been lucky enough to benefit from the welcome change in NHS provision of MPCK. Having been plagued with injuries from bad falls, my prosthetic team made my application from the prevention of injury perspective. It was successful and I got my trial favourite, the Ossur Rheo 3. But I am struggling still. The knee is great, but it's my stump. I have developed an odd distal pressure wound right on corner of my stump incision. It is an odd circular raised lump of narly subcutaneous hard tissue and the open sore in its middle. Initially, I believed it had formed as a result of my suction sockets (iceross x5 liner) air release button being at this exact point and seemed to match exactly the circle shape and diameter. Now I'm not so sure. With a view to helping this , I have been made a new socket, with cut outs on the back and front. It isn't a carbon one it's the resin type ( don't know if that makes any difference at all though and defer to better informed on that ) The cut outs are On the thigh (for grandchildren and resting things more securely) and one at the rear of the thigh for more comfortable sitting and toilet sitting. Thing is my problem has worsened and now I get the most horrific cramp imaginable. It starts in my thigh then develops into phantom limb Pain as it turns into cramp resembling a pain I can only describe as my lower leg and ankle exploding. If I take the leg off it instantly stops. The distal pressure sore has worsened and I now have a permanent 2/3 cm long wound that is around 3/4 mm deep - the lower tissue is visible and the upper dermis seems detached somewhat. It is mainly dry, though now and then exudes clear fluid and less still a drop of blood. No sign of infection (yet). Worth noting is I wore the limb to a GP appointment the other day, whilst using 2 gutter crutches - where almost all weight is transferred through the flat lower arm. I got home and due to cramp the entire time, took it off I had to take my gel liner off too due to pain from the sore and it had bled a little but was very angry and has since stayed the same pretty much - every step is excruciating as the sore feels to be tearing. The GP to be fair isn't a prosthetist so offered few ideas I feel awful moaning to my prosthetist after all the trouble people have gone to extra help and expense offered up to get me the best equipment most suited and available to me. I feel like I owe it to them to explore other ideas before going and saying I'm in a considerably worse position than before 😞 If anyone can offer any advice I'd be so grateful as currently I can barely manage the odd step with it on within the confines of my home. Thanks in advance from a desperate man!
  21. Help and advice please

    I recommend you see a local physiatrist- a doctor of physical medicine. The are heavaly trained in amputee care. If surgery is a realistic option the physiatrist will refer you to the proper surgeon and consult with them. Stay strong!
  22. Help and advice please

    Hi all, Can anyone on this forum offer advice, help and suggestions on how to treat a slipped myodesis. It causes me no end of pain and discomfort, to the point I struggle to walk and when I do walk I look like an OAP and cannot walk great distances. Is it at all possible to have surgery so the muscle is reattached back into the bone? Mine is torn away and is unstable, as a result the stump bends forward and rotates out to the side. I have already seen one surgeon who dismissed intervening with surgery and basically told me to reduce the amount of time I wear my leg or don't wear it at all. That to me is so wrong for so many reasons. Any help or advice would be fantastic, thank you in advance.
  23. Looking for an AKA amputee to have a chat with

    Hi Icarus, I have read your listing. I live in the UK, Sutton Coldfield. I am an above knee amputee left leg since 16 Jan 1012. Before having the leg amputated I had undergone 16 lots of surgery on the knee joint from 1991 to 2012. I basically dislocated my left patella whilst on a shooting range during my military career. In the march 2011 I had a total knee replacement which failed, left me dependent on morphine, the knee was locked straight and caused excruciating pain, to the level of torture. It was my complete choice to have the leg amputated, this was carried out at the QE hospital Birmingham. Without going into all the history of the leg amputation itself, I basically was pain free. Rehab is still ongoing to this day. I have had major problems with one thing and another. The most important was fracturing the left neck of femur. This happened as a result of a fall. This took eight months to heal but a side issue to this was a slipped myodesis. This has caused me major problems, stump is now in constant pain when wearing my Genium X3 leg. The leg itself is not all it is made out as, if anything it is bloody heavy and has lots of glitches, I hate it. I am happy as an amputee but not at all happy with the rehab and services offered with rehab. Within six months of having my leg amputated to rehab stopped and it became extremely difficult to get help and support. In the end I got my GP to refer me to a different rehab centre at Wolverhampton. I know this sounds like doom and gloom but it is a story of two halfs. First half is fantastic, to be pain free and free of morphine. Second half is negative, prosthetic failures and extremely poor rehab. If you would like to meet up for a drink and chat then I would be prepared to travel half way. Just let me know?
  24. Slipped Myodesis

    Can any above knee amputee tell me where I can get my torn myodesis reattached back to my femur in the UK? I have been to the QE in Birmingham but my consultant there has informed me he will not reattach my myodesis, that I just have to live with it and if I don't like the pain then reduce the amount of time I wear my prosthesis. This I find totally unacceptable and left me extremely angry. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Ottobock Genium X3

    My current prosthesis is the Ottobock Genium X3, personally I find this leg to be completely useless and all the hype about it is full of lies and rubbish, it has been a massive failure and let down ever since it was supplied to me three years ago. Does anyone else out there find the same with the X3?
  26. Can any above knee amputee tell me where  I can get my torn myodesis reattached back to my femur in the UK? I have been to the QE in Birmingham but my consultant there has informed me he will not reattach my myodesis, that I just have to live with it and if I don't like the pain then reduce the amount of time I wear my prosthesis. This I find totally unacceptable and left me extremely angry. My current prosthesis is the Ottobock Genium X3, personally I find this leg to be completely useless and all the hype about it is full of lies and rubbish, it has been a massive failure and let down ever since it was supplied to me three years ago.

  27. Best prosthetist in Orlando??

    I'm almost ready to take a trip there from ny
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