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  2. Hi everyone new to forum but been an amputee for 61 years. Never been in the sea on holiday and very frustrated about that. Im looking for advice to source a product that is waterproof and can be pulled over my full length limb. Like a rubber / latex stocking! Please note not those horrible inflatable covers or the elasticated shower bag. I hope you understand what I mean . Searched everywhere without success. Any help welcome. Best wishes Michael
  3. Peter Read

    ankle fushion v amputation

    Hi all newbie to this forum had an fushion of left ankle October last year atRnoh Stanmore the pain of got now is worste the before the opp. After a life time of sporting abuse mainley running paying for it now both knees replaced double wrist fushion now the ankle got osteoarthritis. So what are the options long term should i wait longer than the 7 months to see if the pain dies down,ie what stories have people got of there path to amputation ie ankle of as bk seem bit drastic or is that the norm... Im a gardener by trade pro ann cons of amputation driving after opp manual van clutch ect recovery as i said new to this but like others not the constant pain and pain relief at 53 just wanted to know if they remove ankle or bk thanks...
  4. Please help me i need a prosthetic above knee leg so that I can drive a car please help i do not have money or a job but if I get a decent prosthetic leg then I can walk better and drive a car and work i stay in south africa my name is Claudio Ali and my e mail address is aliclaude351@gmail.com thanking u kindly tel 0826814040
  5. HarrysDad

    In/out the bath

    Dear All first time poster, so I hope I’ve posted this in the right place. My son, Harry, has a lower right leg amputation and wears a prosthetic. He’s now nearly 7 years old and as he’s getting bigger we’re having trouble getting him in/out of the bath. Up until now we’ve been able to lift him as he obviously doesn’t wear his prosthetic in the bath. The bigger he gets the more troublesome this is, so I was wondering if you could offer me some advice - what is your personal routine for getting in & out of the bath? very many thanks in advance Chris
  6. Kathycmc

    New to forum

    Almost any other system will cause less skin problems than a pin lock if you are active. The pin holds the bottom of the liner in one place so any leg movement will cause pulling and rubbing of the liner on the front end of your tibia as you describe. Try a suction elevated vacuum system.
  7. DaveBeaudry

    Pin lock pain issue

    How are you doing with this problem, I am using same system but am having problems.
  8. DaveBeaudry

    Suspension Sleeve problem

    Hi Scotskate, I am a Right side bka and have the same problem as you are describing. I am even having major callousing on the tip of tibia which bleeds and causes major pain. I have heard about a vac system that is suppose to be better but I am in the early research point of this system. Let me know how you are doing and if you have heard about it. Dave
  9. DaveBeaudry

    New to forum

    My name is David Beaudry, I am presently 58 years old living in Northwestern Ontario Canada. I was in a motorcycle accident caused by a distracted driver who was on a laptop who pulled across the highway I was driving on and blocked my travel. There was a skid mark of 6’ before I collided with the pickup. The engine guard crushed my right foot againsted the bike and held me as momentum sent me over the truck. The bottom of my boot finally ripped off allowing me to fly over the vehicle but not before it wishbones my hips and broke my pelvic in five places. After pinning my pelvic and a plate and screws put my foot together and months of hospital I was released. My right foots toes were hammered and would not touch floor and could not walk on flat with foot. After 3 years of agony the doctors informed my that there was no help for my foot and said it will eventually have to be removed and told me it will be easier to deal with the amputation now rather than later. So off with the foot. It was a huge relief to be rid of all the pain the foot caused. That was November 4, 2014. i have done really well living with prosthetics but I am running into problems with more activity. I am presently have a liner with a pin lock system. I am constantly adding or removing socks and have a lot of days where I can not use leg due to skin irritations to the bottom of tibia bone where I get most of rubbing. I am looking for any help from folks on what is out there the is better than this system. I hate crutches and wheelchair and like today I can not wear my leg so it is all I have. Thank you for any comments you post. Dave
  10. About Me I have been an amputee for 20 months. AKA and AEA, left side, luckily right handed. After 10 months of taking Lyrica and Cymbalta (I used the Fentanyl patches and Oxy too while in the Hospital), having normal Phantom Pain that “comes and goes”, my PP started to get worse. The doctors gave me higher doses, but didn’t worked as expected. Tried Oxy again, but nothing happened. Just the side effects started to really affecting me. I have tried mirror therapy, tens machine, using a shrinker, essential oils, massage, mindfulness meditation, with no success. Time is passing by, but it’s not getting better as I read. I stopped all medications because of the side effects and the phantom pain is still the same. So, I didn’t went back to taking the drugs. That’s good for me. I feel like I’m seating on my leg and foot all day and night, numb, cramped, tingling, all together. My arm feels like it’s being pressed in a wrong position and if I try to move my fingers, it’s insupportable. Sometimes I feel the stabbing, burning and the electrical shocks too. But feeling my arm and leg just wrong 24/7 makes me tired. The only thing that works a little, is distracting my mind. Reading, cooking, cleaning. Using the prosthetist leg just focusing my mind on balancing and not falling, helps, but the painful feeling it’s still there, although not so intense. I’m learning how to live with it, which is good. I’m just getting used to it. I love being alive, watching my kids grow! I’m so thankful for that, than the pain seems a good price to pay for being here. But it’s not easy. I’m still waiting that with time, it’s starting to feel better. I don’t have sensible spots on my stumps. I can touch them. Is somebody feeling the PP like me? Do you have something that worked for you , which I can try?
  11. Hello to all of you, I've been amputated for 23 years. Major amputation at three quarters of the left thigh, so clearly above the knee. This amputation was made necessary due to a devastating cancer diagnosed in 1995 as follows: Chondrosarcoma mésantichameux bi-phasic of the left knee. In spite of a very short stump, after my recovery and the numerous anti-cancer treatment sessions, I had to wear a prosthesis and start walking again. Unfortunately, the cancer continued its work and a year later I had to be operated in the small left basin to extract a large metastasis. It was a unique tumor. During this surgery, the entire anatomical structure of my small pelvis on the left side had to be sacrificed. Before the operation I insisted on a bypass if the blood vessels were affected. Unfortunately it was not done, so that I can no longer wear a prosthesis since this time since my stump has no more heat and muscle tone. Crutches and scooters are, since that time, my best friends. Then followed a thoracotomy to excise another large méthastase to the right lung. Finally we had to do another surgery to the lung for what seemed a multitude of small metastases nascent in 2002 may fortunately this was a negative result. Since then nothing else has appeared despite a tight medical follow-up. I welcome, of course, this positive evolution but as nothing is ever perfect, I inherited multiple chronic pains in the amputated leg but also at the level of the stump itself. I am strongly medicated for this purpose but the pains, often intense are still there. I even think they increase over time. Note that they were quite bearable before the intervention in the small basin. For all these years during which I am amputated, I ask myself the following question: the fact that I was not bypassed during this intervention in the groin on the side of my amputation can be partly responsible for these intense pains?or I would have had the same with bypass. I have asked this question to several doctors since but none have given me a frank answer. You will tell me that knowing will not change my situation but I am obsessed with this question, especially in the severe crises that require me to isolate myself. As my wife says, it sounds like real torture sessions. To close the situation, my organic system does not tolerate any opiates even its derivatives. My text looks a little like a complaint. If that's the case, I m sorry. But if someone among you lived like this, what do you think?


  13. allen-uk

    Half socks

    Hello Kate, and thank you. The only ones I can find there are BOTTOM half socks - the sort I was after were the TOP half, i.e. the ones you position just below your knee. But I will pursue it. Allen.
  14. Kathycmc

    Half socks

    They sell half socks on amputeestore.com. Find them under prosthetic textiles. Kate
  15. Ben

    Hi, I'm Ben......

    Hi All, I'm not sure how much this will help me, so consequently, I'm unsure how much help I'll be in return, But I think I need to reach out a little. My name is Ben, I just turned 50 last October. On April 6th 2002 at 13:40, I was sat astride my Kawasaki 650, that I was driving home after buying it around 13:00 feeling really elated. I waited in a line of stationary traffic right behind my girlfriends car, as she had dropped me off to buy it. To my left was a small road leading to a park, I was watching the traffic flowing freely on my right, and saw a woman talking to her passenger with her indicators blinking, showing that she was wanting to turn to her right. I assumed she could see me, before I could blink, I felt the impact. my left foot was on the road holding the bike up as I waited. I heard the noise and saw my leg pointing the wrong way. I felt a hard push as the lady, in panic I assume, put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake. The right leg was a mess. As I zoned in and out laying in the road. I could hear crying, shouting and screaming. the next two weeks are completely missing. I am trying to keep this short but I need to explain the nightmare. If its too long you can skip to the last three lines. My right leg was broken in multiple places, ditto the foot and ankle. it was nailed and had two halo x-fix holding the bones in line. I'd had compartmental syndrome in the first few days, so had a large open wound. The left leg was supposed to be a straight forward compound fracture that ended up having pieces of my hip inserted, it got infected. So the piece was removed. Large dose of antibiotics and a piece from the other hip was removed and tried again. failed again! this time it was MRSA. The thing would heal partially then break down again and again. I had really strong antibiotics again and again with no success. Two years of enduring terrible nerve pains, it was decided removal of the leg was best. they unwrapped it after 7 days to see...…. the infection was still there. I was devastated, I felt so ill. I had further surgeries to try to "cure" it. All this time the bone pieces had been shifting in the right leg, enough to say it would need the nail removing and bones realigned. Eventually I sought out a plastic surgeon based in Oxford, the plan was to take a piece from my lateral muscle on my back, connect it so blood flowed freely and increasing my hopes of getting a prosthetic leg. At the same time the nail removal and realignment would take place. I came round and was mentally feeling hopeful. The surgeons came to see me telling me first that the nail couldn't be removed as the head on one of the bolts holding it had sheared. meaning I couldn't weight bear on it. the stump operation seemed ok at first. Then the piece of muscle was losing its blood supply due to another infection. The upshot of this has left me with a pretty useless right leg, an ugly stump and confined to a wheelchair. I had dark times, as I am sure most of you have. I tried to live as normal as possible, but I was a six foot 1 warehouse manager and a kickboxer that rode mountain bikes on incredible tracks and terrain. Obviously my job went as I was in hospital for just over 7 months initially. They were as good as they could be about it, and I completely understand their position. My hobbies were now completely gone, so lost touch with a lot of friends over time, as the months passed. My partner and her two sons were great I sort of house husbanded, as I got some compensation my brother talked me into a great idea for a business, that I sank a lot into it, but it failed 4 years later, with a tax bill to follow. The boys grew and the eldest now lives in Surrey and has a great job so I'm so proud of him. The youngest is at Liverpool university and is studying Mathematics, and theoretical Physics. Two clever lads, so I did a good job as a stepdad. Then 3 years ago out of the blue my partner said she didn't love me anymore and was at least honest enough to say the wheelchair was a huge deciding factor. So I feel totally emasculated, very very low at times again and feel almost unlovable. I had an infection in the leg recently that I had to have a "midline cannula", I believe its called and had worked out how I could "medicate myself" to end it all. I've re-written this whole thing several times now and think I'm going to post it as is. I'm still projecting confident, happy Ben. I tried internet dating, the ladies that did reply didn't read my full profile and contact either stopped or some were honest enough to say "thanks but..." as soon as they heard wheelchair, Its only below my knees that's useless! I feel so lonely inside, I haven't had even a hug for over a year. I'm not saying woe is me, its just I have always been a physical person. I miss contact, even just holding somebody or being held. Jeez! I really sound pathetic don't I! Well this is me, as I said I don't know if this will help me or any of you, but I'm just reaching out I guess.
  16. Donj307


    Hey all... I recently had a through knee amputation in October last year. I'd been on crutches for the last 16 years before getting to the amputation. I have an existing nerve condition complex regional pain syndrome. So I had the op and I'm struggling a little if I'm honest phantom limb pain is a problem. And me mentally getting my head around all this is hard and I feel as much as I have amazing friends and family supporting me. I don't feel like there getting it. Any advice... Information or just general guidance is Appreciated =)
  17. allen-uk

    Half socks

    Thanks monopod, all interesting and useful. There are loads of solutions which the NHS (in my case Blatchfords-NHS) keep private, I am sure. Ok, they have limited funds, and the NHS won't pay for everything, but I'm getting fed up over the years with being old and unimportant, and therefore pushed to the bottom of each pile! Sounds as if you know the score. For example, I've had an open ulcer on the point of my stump for getting on for a year, with minimal interest or support from Stanmore, while to me it is THE most important part of my physical life - if it wasn't so sore, I could 'operate' much better. Anyway, rant over for me too. My old mate Ted used to say "Don't get old, Al," and boy was he right. Allen
  18. Yvon

    Performing crutches

    Hello I am a new member of your group. Although I am amputated above my knee for 23 years, unfortunately, additional surgeries after my amputation deprive me of all prostheses. I am therefore only travelling in crutches or scooters. I tried about all the classic markings crutches up to now. I'm looking now for more expensive crutches, but probably more comfortable and more reliable. (I change the classic one about every two monts ). Is there anyone among you who would have useful suggestions for making me the best marks? I am a active male measuring 5 feet 10 inches and weighing about 190 pounds.
  19. monopod

    Half socks

    Hello, I'm new back here with 26 years hard experience. Wish I had any guidance on many of the problems that I've faced. I had your dilemma when my ALAC informed me that they "supplied no socks with holes in." I've been on Iceross system many years, and had to use my modest inventiveness to get me round the "can't supply it " problems. I have a thin nylon sheath which apparently isn't Kosher for my system. I took an idea from ladies' "hold-ups" with the band of silicone around the top which keeps them from turning into "Nora Batties". ( See Last of the Summer Wine.) I appropriated a no longer needed foam liner from my old leg system. ..... this may or may not be within your experience, but there is a lot of use of silicone rubber in the prosthetics trade. I put my stocking on the liner with the inside facing out, which was the side that I wanted to render "non-slip." Then took my tube of silicone-rubber bathroom sealer, either white or clear is OK...... then I massaged it well into the textile , ( in your case terry fabric or some stretchy cotton weave ?) ... forming a band of about 25 to 35 mm width in the fabric. The idea is to make it stretch enough to hold up, but not too tight. When it's set, you should have a non-fraying , hold up sock which will have enough inherent tackiness to grip the surface which it is put on. For my Iceross I have to do similar with the hole which I have to cut in the bottom for the retaining-pin system. This approach has met with some raised eyebrows from various prosthetists, some suggest that I should patent it, but the fact is that the "System" can, or will not supply widgets that can make an amps life more tolerable. This approach is symptomatic of how I view Mohammad and The mountain. Okay, I'll do the bloody thing myself. At my last but one visit to the Limb Centre, I met an arm amputee who had designed and made his own functioning prosthetic hand . The "system" couldn't supply one, so he had the same approach as me. This situation is deplorable, but life is for living Innit ? The politicians proudly announce that more funds are being made available for the Servicemen who suffer the IED's blowing them to bits. What they don't say is that they're robbing the money from the older people, and providing less than the gear we need .... such as water-activity legs, and spare legs. Who needs two ? well my new leg fell to bits half a mile from home with my dogs in the middle of a field. My "shower" leg was constructed from various bits saved from the dustbin at the ALAC. That's my rant finished. Hope it may do you some good.
  20. MaggieH

    Ertl in the uk

    Thanks, Johnny - I've already visited the site, but there's nothing about UK surgeons. I've sent a query in, hopefully I'll get a reply.
  21. JohnnyV

    Ertl in the uk

    Hello Maggie, Here is the website. Should give you everything you need to get you heading in the right direction. http://www.ertlreconstruction.com/ Best wishes on your journey ahead !!
  22. Does anyone know who does Ertl amputation/reconstruction in the UK? Preferably in the Midlands, but anywhere is ok. Thanks, Maggie.
  23. Its been a while since Ive been here. To get to the point I slipped and fell badly on my prosthetic. The fall resulted in a crushed and sheared tibia plateau fracture. I had to have surgery which required two bone graphs, a bone cement repair on the 7cm vertical fracture and a complete repair of the meniscus. Also plates and screws were required. I wont be able to weight bare for 4 months. Have any here dealt with such as this? I am worried about how I may or not healmor walk. Thank You Derrick
  24. lisa

    Neuromas are a pain!

    Hi Sue I know you had your surgery 6 years ago, but I wondered whether this surgery helped you with your pain? Lisa
  25. lisa

    Do I have a neuroma?

    Thank you everyone for responding. For some reason I haven't received any notifications, so didn't realise anyone had replied. I definitely have a neuroma and from what the Doctor has said, it's a big one. Stupid thing is, if you read my posts on here, I have thought this for a while and I did go to my GP and she brushed off my concerns and prescribed tramadol. I am being referred to a specialist and will definitely base my decision on everything but I am going to go through all the posts on here first.
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