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    Celebrating 10 years survivorship of cancer and Limb Loss today. It's great to be here with all of my friends and family. What an awsome journey that has been created with so many new opportunities, causes, friends and associates. Thank you God.
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    yeah I celebrated my 30th anniversary in March..
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    He will be seeing many new challenges over the next few months. Like Cheryl said, it's best that he learns to do them himself. We are here to help steer him in the right direction as we have learned ourselves. There will be ups and downs. Let him know that it's ok to let his emotions out. It can be very frustrating trying to learn to do things again. It can get overwhelming for some.
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    It sounds like he has the right attitude...and it's good for you to stand back and let him have at it! One of the least-helpful things a family member can do is to "try to make life easier" for an amputee. It's not an easy sprt of life, but it is absolutely "do-able" with some effort and imagination. Letting him figure that out for himself is just what he needs! So just hang around, let him "vent" when he gets frustrated, and show him that you know he can do it. In other words, treat him just like your brother...'cause that's who he is! The best to both of you.........