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    i wear shorts most of the time and the stares dont bother me, ive had mine sine i was 16. i know alot do stare but i really dont care occasionally if someone is staring to the point of obsessive i usually walk over by them...look at em and ask do they wana touch it lol i have found most who do stare if im close enough will go ahead and ask questions. little kids and adults between 30-40 i think are the worst ive found alot of amputees who are ashamed of there limbs i arnt one of em..........i think they freaking rock, they look cool, there sexy as hell i thing i get more grief from parking in a handicap zone then anything, people seem to think you cant have nice cars or be a young male and park in a handicap zone i cant tell you the crap i get to go thou for this but i still always wind up getting the pleasure of making them look like a ass