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    Hey Everyone, It's been a number of years since I've posted; so apologies for my absence. I just wanted to alert you all to an amazing exhibition called 'Spare Parts' which is being hosted by a pretty amazing aussie amp from Brisbane in London. 'Spare Parts' LONDON opens on Saturday August 25 - 9 September @ the Rag Factory. It is an incredible exhibition of used prosthetic which have been turned into works of art - by artists from London. To give you a little background......................In 2010 Spare Parts was one of the most vibrant and exciting exhibitions held in Brisbane,Australia. It bought together a diverse range of artists all using pre-loved prosthetic limbs as their canvas. The success of the 2010 exhibition led curator Priscilla Sutton to consider taking the exhibition to London in 2012. And now – a venue has been booked just off Brick Lane, a fresh batch of prosthetics have been collected, and new artists from United Kingdom, France, Australia, America and Japan are all working away on what will become the second phase of Spare Parts. The prosthetics are donated from amputees, families of amputees and clinics from all around the world. This has proven to be a fun and therapeutic way for people to clean out their closet and get rid of old limbs. The exhibition aims to not only recycle pre-loved arms and legs into new and exciting artworks but also to create an open and positive conversation, celebrating prosthetics and how much can be achieved by using them. Priscilla has been an amputee since 2005, after having elective surgery to remove a worsening bone condition. It is the best decision she has ever made, and now leads a very active life with the use of a below knee prosthetic leg. For more information please go to: contact@priscillasutton.com | Phone +44 77 4216 2374 | www.spareparts2012.com I hope you all have time to visit and enjoy. Lots of love and best wishes. Mel xx