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    Ann, I think you're absolutely right about that! We amp women have a number of issues that non-amp ladies don't have to think about...whatever makes us feel comfortable is a good thing. I have a very good friend who has an ongoing problem with my "naked" prosthesis. She is a lovely woman and has been very supportive, but she really can't seem to figure out why I wouldn't want my leg to "look normal." If she were ever to lose a leg, I'm sure she'd want to have the best cosmesis she could afford...that would be a comfort to her, and I think anything comforting in that situation would be nice. Now on the "dress and footwear" front, I love the description of your "formal dress" outfit, Kate! And yes, I think if anyone ever comes up with "cute shoes for women with foot problems" they will become overnight millionaires...wish I could manage that one! I happen to be a fan of TV's Dancing With The Stars, and it's been fascinating watching Amy Purdy compete, both for her ability as a dancer and for the combinations of her costumes and prosthetic feet/shoes..........granted, I'm not a wonderfully young, beautiful, incredibly fit amputee woman, but it's been grand watching one in action...and she has certainly looked really, really elegant! I don't know if all of these "offshoot" topics are addressing your original situation, Jane, but I hope it's helping!
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    I think it boils down to whatever is comforting to you.