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    Am enquiring what peoples experiences are nine months post amp surgery. I had a revision amp approximately nine months ago. My leg is healed and no problems post op from the surgery, but the prosthetic side has been difficult and I have actually gone backwards in terms of what I can do, pain levels etc with subsequent sockets I have been given in the last four months since my walking on my first prosthesis at the end of last year (different prosthetist) and am currently walking very little and experiencing quite a lot of pain from sinking down into even new sockets which seem to need 'lining' within a day or so. My set up is a pretty basic below knee prosthesis, which is the norm for me to use. I was using a silipos sock and numerous amounts of regular socks on my previous socket, this one though I have an Alpha Liner and two thick socks, I have only had it about a week but am very deep in it. My stump doesn't look particularly swollen, is, I think a good shape, it did shrink somewhat after revision surgery, but hasn't changed much now for a few months, but I am being told the opposite and that it is the reason I am unable to get comfortable fitting sockets. I am being told this is normal for my stage post surgery, I dont think it is, but perhaps I am wrong so that is why I am trying to find out from others whether or not my expectations of walking/wearing a prosthesis without pain, walking around medium sized supermarkets etc., being to wear it most of the day etc is beyond what would be expected at this stage. Would add that am very used to walking on prosthetics, have been an amp for many years and had previous revision but never had so many difficulties as what I am encountering at the moment. Thanks, any input on peoples experiences at this stage post op, would be helpful.