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    Hi old friends It's been a while since I posted here and thought I'd just check in. Life gets busy! Ruth and I both have new jobs, a new car and a new address. We were seriously trying to make it across the pond this year for the conference, but sadly that didn't happen. Would have been lovely to catch up with old friends. Maybe we can make it to the next one. It's been a wild ride these past 3 years. Some of you know what happened with our daughter so I don't need to rehash that stuff here. We have both moved on but it's been difficult. We are both in a good place now. Our youngest has moved to Perth and recently got engaged to one of the most lovely girls I have ever met. Really looking forward to the wedding next April. Hopefully picking up a new bike this week. I am totally looking forward to getting out on the roads and cycling again. Also have an appointment on Tuesday coming with my Doc to get a new leg started. The one I have has been getting uncomfortable and I suddenly realised it's over 5 years old. Time for an update! Over at Limbs4Life Mel has been working tirelessly. We have our Aussie forum up and running which keeps me busy administering it. We also have a new forum for kids and their parents to get involved. Our kids program is now a national program and has been rolling out for the last few months. It's been a testing time for all involved and I have been in the office now and then helping with mail outs and doing whatever needed done whenever time allows. We had a our first national conference 3 years ago and I had the pleasure of hosting the great Johnny V at my house. (happy birthday Johnny by the way). Enough from me just wanted to say G'day and here I am writing a novel. I shall try to poke my head in here more often.