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    Hi Cheryl, Sorry to read that you have had some bother, three months without a leg would drive me mad as it is my mood go’s from good too bad the moment I have to take my leg off and try to do anything, so going three months would really make me moody to say the least, but I’m pleased you are back in your old socket and back to normal (whatever that is) My socket used to fit that well, I actually resisted the limb centres planes to change it years ago, my motto is if it’s not broken why chance things anyway, it started to get uncomfortable about a year ago and like a fool I thought it’s just temporary I live with it, then of course it got worse and again I thought that I’ve been overdoing things if I take it easy it will settle down and things will sort there self out …..well as you know things don’t work like that , so by the time I swallowed my pride and asked my centre for a new socket the damage was done , at the moment I can only wear it for about 40 minutes before it becomes to painful and has to come off for a few hours but the good news is my new socket should be ready later this week (fingers crossed that it fits well when I actually wear / walk in it) I must admit it’s been a bit of a wakeup call for me …….you think that after 12 years as an amputee you know it all but in reality your still learning lessons (some the hard way) Take care
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    Hi, Renee, and welcome to our little "family." I'm sorry I've been so late in getting back to you...but when you first posted here, I was stuck in the hospital myself, going through my own little adventure in living with a badly swollen stump. Have all the incisions from your last amputation surgery now healed? Is there swelling on your stump itself, or just on the side with the broken knee? (I'm assuming here that your amputation is on your left side, and that you might have put an unusual amount of stress and strain on your right leg, leading to the broken right knee...does that sound possible to you, or am I mistaken?) Swelling can be such a frustrating problem, in part because it is so hard to diagnose and just seems to take its own darn time to resolve itself. I know that my swollen stump drove me crazy! Try to keep yourself occupied as much as possible...if you're not wearing an elastic bandage on your knee, ask your doctor about doing so and have someone show you how to properly wrap it. Elevate your knee as much as possible, too...keeping it above the level of your heart can help with swelling. So can ice. I know that doesn't sound all that exciting...but getting you healthy enough to start "rehabbing" is a good goal. And speaking of Physio...at the very least they should be working with you to keep the rest of your muscles and joint strong enough to help you during your recovery. You may have to be very assertive about your needs through all of this...amputees in general are not particularly common, and amps with complications sometimes just leave health care workers "flummoxed." Do all you can to advocate for yourself........I'm pulling for you!