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  1. infotech247

    2013 Forum Upgrade

    Hi Everyone, Really sorry for the long delay in getting the forum back up and running but it should be back for good now with proper monthly updates. The reason for the forum being down for so long is the constant hacking of the forum that was causing huge issues for the server. As of now, we will be doing regular security patches and updates to keep it up and running. The first proper upgrade will be on Monday but it will only be down for around 30-60 minutes. If we need to run any other updates in future that will mean down time we'll give you all a few days notice right here. We'd just like to give a quick nod to Johnny V for his constant support and passion for the forum. It wouldn't be here without him. Many thanks again and thanks for your patience.
  2. infotech247

    What has happened to board?

    Hi Lynne, I'm Jeff Newton by the way and I look after Heather's site and this forum with Johnny. It was necessary to upgrade the forum due to the old version being very open to hacking as you all found out the other month. I'm sure that you will find that once you get used to the new forum it is much improved. Johnny will be working hard this week with you all to fine tune things and I'll be checking in for the rest of this week with Johnny to make sure everything goes smoothly. Please do bear with us during the changes. Cheers, Jeff