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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to look into this.
  2. HipHop

    Hello! I am new here. (pics inside)

    Today makes 7 years... WOW how time flies!
  3. HipHop

    C-Walk foot by Otto Bock

    I used a Cwalk for 3 years. I am now using the Trias. I found that the Cwalk was heavier and energy return was non existent compared to the Trias.
  4. HipHop

    Horse with prosthetic leg.

    Molly, a grey speckled pony, who was abandoned by her owners when Katrina hit southern Louisiana. Molly spent weeks on her own before finally being rescued and taken to a farm where abandoned animals were stockpiled. While there, she was attacked by a pit bull terrier, and almost died. Her gnawed right front leg became infected and her vet went to the Lousiana State University (LSU) for help. There her leg was removed below the knee and a temporary artificial limb was built. She now tours local schools and nursing homes showing off her new prosthetic leg. http://barrybland.typepad.com/my_weblog/20...-the-three.html -- Brook
  5. HipHop

    let's see your bikes

    2003 Big Dog Chopper, 107" S&S Drunk Driver Hit me head on on that bike.. It held up very well.. If you want to see what the bike looked like after the accident, click the link. http://www.heathermills.eu/forum/index.php...ic=1472&hl=
  6. HipHop


    Hello. I am LAK, and I use a Cleg. To me it has been a night and day difference between my confidence and activity level when using a Cleg and not using a cleg. 9-06-03 I was in a motorcycle accident that left me a LAK. My first knee was the Mercury Knee (which is sort like a Mauch) it has stance control, extension control, & flexsion control etc. I would take a fall, or come very close to falling at least once a month. A few falls can really have you second guessing the equipment. So I was always kind of apprehensive when walking with the Mercury Knee. I do recall that when I used the Mercury Knee I didn't even think about walking and holding my newborn baby, for fear that I may fall with her in my arms. I now have had a C-Leg for 2 years, and have not once fell or almost fell. I now don't think twice about walking with my 40 pound 2 years old daughter in my arms. My confidence in the cleg is very veryhigh. For us to walk as efficiently & smoothly as possible we really have to believe in the equipment we are wearing. I have a camcorder, I could shoot some video of me doing some stuff if ya like. (actually it may be easier for me to describe exactly how the Cleg works for me if I video it)
  7. HipHop

    other gay amputees

    Gay as in merry, keenly alive and exuberant, having or inducing high spirits?
  8. HipHop

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    Hello, I am a LAK with a Cleg. I think is time for me to get a new socket.. I have read some very promising post about the Elevated Suspension Socket by P&O in Orlando. Since I would have to travel from Dallas, I am interested in how the process getting fitted works. Just trying to get an ideal of how long will I be looking to have to stay in orlando, if I would have to return several times before I get the final socket?
  9. HipHop

    What you look like?

    Hello everyone.. It been a while since I posted a picture of my daughter, my wife, and I. My daughter is now 2 years old (28 months to be exact). My Wife. Me.
  10. think your photos are wonderful very talented

  11. HipHop

    Favorite Hobbies/Crafts

    Photography... Here is some of my recent work.. Let me know what you think. Any constructive criticism appreciated.
  12. Thanks! All is well with me. Maybe if the right people see this video, the kid could be booked to perform at the ACA 2009. We could maybe arrange a dance battle between him and the older amputee dancer that performed at the 07 Atlanta ACA... :) But all joking aside I would really like to know more about the kid, Maybe inmotion could interview him and do an artice about him. Do you know any staff at Inmotion you could pass this to, if so that would be great.
  13. HipHop

    You Tube

    Hello everyone.. I just posted a thread about a video thats on youtube, then I saw this thread. I will post a link to the vid here as well It is a video an AK Break Dancer vs a guy with Cerebral Palsy. Pretty Amazing how they can move.
  14. Hello everyone! I saw this video and just had to share it with you all here. It's pretty amazing how this 2 people can move. -- Brook