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  1. Walking Again

    Women, shoes and shopping!

    I USUALLY JUST SAY "I'M JUST SO HAPPY THAT I CAN WALK....' Shoes have become secondary for me ------ it took almost 20 yrs to get a socket to fit to finally be able to walk (thus my name, WA)......... sneakers are my "shoe of choice" mostly. Did anyone read IN MOTION -- a company sells an adjustable height foot?
  2. Walking Again

    Attitude is everything. Prosthetic legs as art

    I haven't posted in such a long time..... Had to THANK YOU for Aimee's link. How awesome...
  3. Walking Again

    Happy Birthday JohnnyV

    Hey JV, Time does march on... A belated Happy Birthday... Too bad your life is so boring and quiet :P God Bless and happy, happy! Brenda
  4. Walking Again

    Wife of AKA has question

    I live in CT and I swear by Hanger!! Please tell Mary that I have always had a problem w/fit -- my residual is so short, etc that I kept coming out of the socket. After about 15 years without a leg I found Hanger and have been walking ever since. My prosthetist wouldn't stop until we figured it out. Would be happy to chat w/Mary if she is interested. I am a 50 something woman who is also very thin, gained over 40 pounds, then lost weight again. I wish her husband the best. Please just hang in there and if you go to Hanger, you will be walking. I know they won't let you down. Brenda
  5. Walking Again

    ACA Conference 2004 Review

    Terrific picture, Brenda. Was this Saturday night? Really enjoyed seeing both of you. Brenda
  6. Walking Again

    ACA Conference 2004 Review

    Hi, Welcome back from the convention. Hope you all got a chance to meet each other. Am eager to hear how it was. Do we have some new Certified PV's? How was the turn out? Know it takes a while to recuperate after the conference, but let us know when you catch your breath! :D
  7. To all who are going to the conference in Nashville this week, have a great time! I will be with you in spirit thinking of my memories of last year's conference. Who all is going? Make sure you catch up with each other. Great way to meet others from this board. Take care and be careful! Walking again :D
  8. Walking Again


    :D Happy birthday to Johnnyvisinthehouse - our administrator of this wonderful site. Johnny, you do a great job here and we all wish you the happiest and healthiest of birthdays. We are truly lucky to have you in charge of this site. Make lots of memories today - as I say - Life begins again at 50!! Brenda
  9. Walking Again

    Summer/Travel Tips with Prosthesis...

    Pam, Hi - I'm an AK and the xerosock is great in a pinch -- like traveling and wanting to take a quick shower. I don't use it everyday -- I prefer a shower bench and can thus wash my residual well -- I perspire so much in the summer. It does not cover all the way up to the socket, therefore you will be dealing with water in the socket and rust developing on the screw, etc. As I said, in a pinch and if you don't want to cart a shower bench to some cottages, etc use a plastic trash bag and secure it well OVER the socket. Hope that helps and have a fun summer. I find baby powder or cornstarch works well in the socket and on my leg keeping the perspiring to a minimum Walking Again :P
  10. Walking Again

    March of Dimes WalkAmerica 25Apr2004

    :D Hi Johnny, A blast from the past (Walking Again!) is proud to sponsor you and I encourage all that read this post to do what you can. What a great opportunity for us to give back to those little ones less fortunate. Those of us who have challenges in our lives know better than most how important support from others can lift our spirits to soar high above what we even imagine! Please link to the site and give what you can. I'm sure every sponsor that Johnny sees from this site will make him walk with a "high step" and a big smile knowing he's appreciated for the work he does on this site as well as to what he does for the March of Dimes. Maybe some of you would be able to join him?? I would like to be able to join you next year as my goal for 2005 -- anyone else? Way to go Johnny!! I'm very proud to know you. You are an inspiration to us all. :D
  11. Walking Again

    Turntables (AK)

    Hi, When I go my new socket 6 months ago I also requested "something so I don't have to take my leg off when changing clothes, or to tie my sneaker laces, etc." My Prosthetist called it a "rotater". Life is much easier - also my back is better when I can sit in a chair at home and at the push of a button cross my leg getting better balance for my back. I have been in physical therapy recently and we are finding a lot of exercises I am now able to do because of the rotater. Also am able to do more Yoga poses when sitting on the floor. Sometimes the hassle of taking my leg on and off just to change pants or shoes has resulted in not putting my leg back on when I am home (during times when the depression hits - something we all experience periodically). Please note: When I first got the rotator I wanted a one-piece cover (skin/cosmesis) but it did not work out, so I eventually went back to the 2-piece and chose function over appearance. That is a choice to be made. Also it will add a little bit of weight to your leg (not significant for me). I agree that anything that can make life a little easier..... WA
  12. Walking Again

    ACA Legislative Action Alert

    Thanks for posting this. I hope all who read this will contact their representatives. We have to speak up for ourselves. I will be passing this information on to all members of my ACCESS Support Group, and encourage all who read it to also pass the info on to your fellow peers. WA
  13. Walking Again

    Support group

    My CT Group seems to be on vacation, too, but I will still have my meeting in August (see listing) even if only 2 people come. I think the consistency and keeping the momentum going is important. Getting members is primary, so a lot has to go into getting the word out, newspapers, public access stations, P&O offices, rehabs, etc. I find networking with other group leaders helps with resources, ideas, etc., but also helps during those times of feeling "overwhelmed/stuck..." I, too am a Certified Peer Trainer and plan to mention my group when I'm in-servicing at hospitals, etc. Again, be glad to help in any way I can. Brenda
  14. Walking Again

    Support group

    Hi Vince, Glad you found us. Congratulations on starting a Support Group. I have just started a Support Group in Connecticut and we have already had several successful meetings. First meeting was in May. The ACA is a fantastic help and you have already contacted the NLLIC. It is a lot of work, but for me I have found my calling. My group is ACCESS and our email is AKActive@aol.com. Anything I can do to help let me know. Sharing our resources benefits us all. Good luck. WA
  15. Walking Again

    Neurontin for Pain

    Thanks Johnny for the great info links. My plp has decreased markedly since I have been walking, and exercising while wearing my prosthesis. For years I had been told not to exercise w/leg on, but I find the exercises specific to amputees has helped enormously. Also helpful to me has been Yoga and proper breathing/relaxation techniques. Stress definitely triggers it. We are all individual as are our solutions. I am a firm believer in the Mind/Body connection. Keeping a journal to isolate what event/emotions/activities result in plp can empower us with self-awareness to lifestyle changes we can make to at least alleviate the intensity. Thanks to everyones comments - for me (18yrs post surgery) this is an on-going problem, but getting better. WA :D