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  1. girly_wales

    Just want to know???

    Nurse- just finished my degree!
  2. girly_wales

    Question for my lady...

    My feet often squeak and it seems to be the foot inside the shell. It used to anny me, but now more recently i tend to ignore it. Have you tried Talcum powder? Or I guess that may make it clogged up. Hmmm, I cant think of any thing else to sugget. Hope you get insurance sorted soon. xx
  3. girly_wales

    Swimming Legs

    Hi Ann, I am also a dBK, Just wondering why do you want swimming legs? To actually swim with or just get around the beaches as such. Have you been swimming since being an amp? To have NHS provision of swimming legs, I think there is a pretty strict criteria. I personally would want "my budget" (i.e. the amount that my centre spends on my legs) to go towards a pair of comfy, pliable and good everyday legs. Girly x
  4. girly_wales

    Checking in...

    Hi all, Just a little note to say hi, I've been very quiet recently, not for any particular reason. I have completed my nursing degree, just looking for a job now. Hoping to do something along the lines of respiratory/ medical rather than surgically based. Life other wise is going well, not having any major issues from my legs- trying out some new liners for my prosthetist, they are going good. I did have botox the other month... not to be done again- it hurt and I didnt notice any benefit! Hope everyone is well.. Will check back soon xxxx