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  1. girly_wales

    Thought For The Day

    i loved this link, it gave me real inspiration. dont you find that when you see summink like that it gives you the feeling of "get up and go"??
  2. girly_wales

    Stress and Phantom Pain

    after all my moaning about my phantom pain i am havign accupuncture next week and im gonna see how i get on wiht thta, the physio reckons it will relieve stress aswell.... unlikely cos im doing my A levels... ha ha
  3. girly_wales

    new here

    Hi kath, welcome, im Andrea im 19 and from the UK. I ahve been a bilateral below knee amp for 2 years now... (doesnt time fly when your having fun!) Hope you find this place useful and of good support. Keep Smiling Take Care Love Andrea x x x
  4. girly_wales

    Stress and Phantom Pain

    lol MUZ!!! :P :D :P
  5. girly_wales

    Stress and Phantom Pain

    pete is pretty decent, he would bend over back wards to ensure that it fits correctly.
  6. girly_wales

    Stress and Phantom Pain

    Nah i see Pete, who has a heart of gold and a memory, made also out of gold, but in a seive shape..... I have got an appointment booked for the week teh 13th. I just hope it is enough time to give my legs a good running before i depart.... YEY!! 30 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Andrea x x x
  7. girly_wales

    First steps

    Thats great news Rachel, no wonder you are so happy. I usually find that when im nervous i giggle also, so its great. Keep on at it. Love andrea x x
  8. girly_wales

    Stress and Phantom Pain

    i never suffer with phantom pain, but yesterday, whilst i was rather stressed out (still am) i had it painful I couldnt sleep last nite, i think i had about 5 hours in total. I was supposed 2 be gettin my legs yesterday.. well what i thoguht and obviously my prosthetist didnt have that in mind.. so ive had 2 come away with no new legs, meanin that i have 2 wear my old legs for a further 2 weeks. these legs cause me pain. so that just means bad moods for yet another 2 weeks. As i am not gettin my legs until then I will only have 2 weeks to test them, cos then it will sort of be... if they dont fit tuff luck cos nothing will be able 2 be done about them cos i will be away.
  9. girly_wales

    new kid in the block

    Welcome and good luck Sergio. Love Andrea x x x
  10. girly_wales

    Brand New BK ERTL Amputee

    Welcome Kristi. Hope you find the site useful, and i'm sure you'll make a lot of friends. Keep smiling :D Love Andrea x x x
  11. Happy Birthday to all those who I have missed their Birthdays. I hope you all had a great day/ and got up to some thing fun. Love Andrea
  12. girly_wales

    Guess the Google!

    I couldnt do it... I dont do losing so i ghave up. I will try later though!!!!
  13. girly_wales

    Welcome to all who i have missed

    Welcome to all you newbies who i seem to have missed. I've been away for the weekend and having a lot of school work to do. Keep your chins up and Welcome Love Andrea
  14. girly_wales

    email addresses

    Hi all one of the options on here is to share your email address/ msn addres or what ever. So being trusting and wanting to get in contact with people I displayed mine, as i find I hjave met a few ppl on here. and most of them genuine. But more recently I have had 2 ppl add me, who are not amputees, and I find this rather wierd. One guy just added me and I asked was he an amp... blah blah blah and he sed, no BUT he wonders what it is like to be an amputee. He likes to check in to see what is going on. Am I silly 4 displayin my email address? Can we not trust ppl, even in our own little "community" Hmmmm Andrea
  15. girly_wales

    Have been sick

    Glad they nipped it in the bud, could have been worse. Glad you are home and feelign a bit better Take care Love Andrea
  16. girly_wales

    Home after surgery

    Really pleased all went well. hope you feel better soon, remember we are all here 4 support. Love Andrea
  17. girly_wales

    Birthday time again

    Happy Birthday. Hope you both have a great day, and a prosperus year ahead of you. Love Andrea
  18. girly_wales

    A family matter......

    Thinking of you. Sorry to hear your sad news. God Bless Andrea
  19. girly_wales

    I found my little sister

    thats great Pat REally pleased for you. Love Andrea
  20. girly_wales

    Happy Birthday to:

    Thanks all I had a great weekend, went out on friday night clubibng, saturday night down my local pub n for an indian, sunday i had a nice fmaily meal. Lvoe Andrea
  21. girly_wales

    Organ donation

    I know this doesnt have much to do with this forum but I am just wondering, do any of you carry donor cards? Are any of you on the donor list? Ive signed up to the donor list, as I know what a difference an organ can make to some bodies life. It has turned my life around!! You can donate, Kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, small bowel, corneas, heart valves and bone can all be transplanted. Skin can be used to treat patients with severe burns. As a kidney patient who in the future will probably need another transplant , I'm all for Organ donation and Signing up.
  22. girly_wales

    Slushy gurl hhas a questtion to evveryonmes..

    I think its a pin, I wear a liner n then there is is a ratchet pin that sgoes in.. so im guessin it is a pin....
  23. girly_wales

    Slushy gurl hhas a questtion to evveryonmes..

    what do u mean which system. the lump at the end of my leg, i dunno wot it is, its not pus n i dobut whether its water, im not drinking eunf 4 it 2 be that. Im not sure how i got the cut, i know my liner is 2 big. the cut is right on my scar line tho... ive been dressin it though.
  24. girly_wales

    Needeeding to takking soome tiime off

    Hi MJ I hope you sort stuff out soon. Kepp your chin up chicken... It will get better. Love Andrea
  25. girly_wales

    Slushy gurl hhas a questtion to evveryonmes..

    Both my legs are sore:( It really hurts to wear my legs, let alone walk on them and drive to school. I suppose if it still hurting in hte morning i will just bear the pain, jst so i can get my coursework in. Ive got a cut on the one, which i've been dressing, but just to wlak on it really hurts. Ive also got a swelling at the end of teh same stump, that is about the size of a tennis ball. If you cut a tennis ball in half... well thats the size of the end of my stump. the other leg isnt too bad... May have to results to my cruthches me thinks...... Love andrea