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  1. Hi Ann,

    I am also a dBK,

    Just wondering why do you want swimming legs? To actually swim with or just get around the beaches as such.

    Have you been swimming since being an amp?

    To have NHS provision of swimming legs, I think there is a pretty strict criteria. I personally would want "my budget" (i.e. the amount that my centre spends on my legs) to go towards a pair of comfy, pliable and good everyday legs.

    Girly x

  2. Hi all,

    Just a little note to say hi, I've been very quiet recently, not for any particular reason.

    I have completed my nursing degree, just looking for a job now. Hoping to do something along the lines of respiratory/ medical rather than surgically based.

    Life other wise is going well, not having any major issues from my legs- trying out some new liners for my prosthetist, they are going good.

    I did have botox the other month... not to be done again- it hurt and I didnt notice any benefit!

    Hope everyone is well..

    Will check back soon xxxx

  3. Hey guys,

    For fear of being big headed I wasn't going to say this, but then I thoguht what the hell.

    I am in Chat Magazine this week- hoping to raise awareness of Organ Donation! If you fancy having a look, then do, and please consider joining the OD register- it will save lives.

    Live Life Then Give Life!!

    Andy xxx

  4. Hey Guys,

    Some of you may or may not be aware, but 5 years ago I recieved a Kidney transplant, if it wasn't for this then there are som many things in my life that I would not have been able to do!

    So I am asking for your help.

    Basically Channel 4 (in the UK) are helping youngsters campaign against some thing that they feel passionate about.

    My friend Holly is, as I am very passionate about organ donation, and for this reason, this is her campaign.

    I am asking you all please to click on the link below and vote (by clicking on the green bit of the left).


    This is for such a good cause.



    Life Life then Give Life!

  5. Hey guys,

    A little tip/ trick for you....

    When washing your legs make sure you only use a downward movement, especially if you suffer from ingrowing hairs. (We use this method when washing patients legs that suffer from leg ulcers and if you want I can get some research to support this).

    I have also been using epaderm/ hydromol to wash my legs with, and is working wonders!

    girly x

  6. hey guys,

    my stumps are genreally in pretty good condition, but since i have been back on the wards, my stumps obviously get a bt of abuse from all the walking.

    However, just wodnering what do you do to wash them- i use a body wash/ shower gel that has little particles in it, but sometimes i wish i could give them a better scrub...

    so how do you wash them?

  7. hey all,

    Just thought I would post to say hi, it's been a long long time since I have been here, but nice to see lots of old faces, and many new ones.

    I've been keeping quite well, just over half way through my nursing training, currently on a surgical ward, dealing with amputees.... (haven't quite worked out if this is the best place for me at the moment).

    I've been to New Zealand, for my boyfriends brothers wedding.- Got to meet Mark Inglis again, who is just such an inspiration (google him).

    Living in a flat near Cardiff Bay with my boyfriend. Still doing St John Ambulance, rowing has taken a back seat, but I really really want to do another sport, again just haven't decided which sport.

    Hope everyone is well.

    Andy x

  8. Hey,

    I have been trying to rest my legs, but i can only do so much because of being in uni. I've also been trying to soak them twice a day aswell cleaning my liners twice a day.

    on a different note, ive just had two new liners, iceros orgininal, they are white and thinner than my old ones, but these arent causing the problems as i have only worn them about 3/4 days this week.

    Thanks for your suggestions,

    Lizzie,- yeah it is me that is doing nursing, it is going really well and im enjoying it. currently in my second year and in the theory side of it. going out on the wards in november- cant wait.


    Andy x

  9. Hey everyone, its been ages since i posted here but ive come into some trouble with my legs recently.

    ive had 4 years of nice and easy life, with no trouble with my legs (well only minor that is usually sorted out)

    Recently i have however been gettin sore bits in a ring under my knee, pretty much going right around the stump itself.

    Last week i had an awesome spot, so i had to burst it (well actually i got my boyfriend to do it) (it was VERY mucky) it did hurt a little but nothig like the pain that i was already experiencing because of this spot.

    So now over the past two weeks the pain has been quite unbearable. I just dont know what to do, ive been washing them, cleaning my liners, moisturising them, trying to stay off them, crawling aroudn which just results in my knees becoming sore also. this past week it has really got me down as ihavent been able to do my usual things. i.e running rainbows, actively doing cadets.

    Any way has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? Did it work?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciacted.

    if you could email them to me as i cannot remember my password to this site (im currently on my [parents computer which has the password automatically installed.)

    Cheers for reading a listening to me moan

    Andy xxx

  10. Did you know that this Saturday (7th July) marks the beginning of National Transplant Week, run by the charity Transplants in Mind?

    Here at Live Life Then Give Life, we are begging everyone to take the opportunity in the coming week to think and talk about the subject of organ donation. Be brave, broach the subject with friends or family, National Transplant Week is there for a reason, to raise awareness and save lives.

    Want to help raise awareness but don't know how to start? Here are some ideas....

    Did you know you can sign up to the organ donor register online?


    Dont forget to tell your next of kin as they may try to override your consent.

    Tell 10. Forward this email on to 10 of your contacts, who knows how many of them might have been meaning to register for years, and this just spurs them on...

    UK Transplant offers a variety of awareness raising materials, absolutely FREE. For more info visit the following link: http://www.uktransplant.org.uk/ukt/campaig...alogue.jsp?id=5

    Ask your workplace if you can leave donorcards (see above kit) in the foyer.

    UK Transplant provides rolls of stickers. Get them to send you some (Free of charge) and every time you post a letter, stick one on...hey presto! A free, mobile, awareness raising advert!

    Pay a visit to your local chemist or GP surgery armed with posters from your free UK Transplant kit and ask them to display some.

    Check out http://www.transplantsinmind.org.uk/3/365/ for more details on National Transplant Week and how you can help.

    Take a look at our website (http://www.livelifethengivelife.co.uk) and copy and paste one of the real life stories into a bulletin to send to all your friends urging them to consider signing the organ donor register.

    And of course, there is always our T-shirts, available at http://www.livelifethengivelife.co.uk/buy.php all proceeds of which go to Transplants in Mind.

    My life was saved by a stranger, perhaps someone who took or was inspired by one of these simple steps listed above. By helping us raise awareness, who knows whose life you might save....

    Andy x

  11. althoguh I am moving out you wouldnt believe but uni is onyl about 10 miles away from home. I am doing my nursing, and the hospitals where I can be based are a bit farther out than the uni. I will be living on hospital site though.

    I did a foundation year in university of Glamorgan last year, which enabled me to get onto the nurisng degree.

    i cannot wait to start, but even more so I cannot wait to move out. Yippee.... I think my dad and my boy friend will be fed up of me on saturday as.. i have lots of stuff. My best mate has asked them to help her.. altought I know what their answer is goign to be. LOL

    I should have the internet up and runnin soon, so i shall keep you updated.

    Take Care


  12. Hey everyone, just wondering if there are any other amputees going off to uni this month, i move out on saturday and cannot wait. Course starts on monday, and freshers week.....


    good luck to any one else who is going off to uni.