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    The McCartneys Versus the Fur Trade

    http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/video.asp?vi...&speed=_med I threw up watching this. It's so sick. :o
  2. NoMoreLandmines

    I'm sure things will work out

    I agree with Clare and Bearlover. Paul's no fool; he wouldn't have married you if you were anything like the papers are making out. I've met you and I like you and admire all you do for others. It's good you are putting yourself first for once and taking some time out to really get yourself back to full health.
  3. NoMoreLandmines

    The McCartneys Versus the Fur Trade

    I saw the programme and it was so refreshing and inspiring to see celebrities who are extremely busy and also who don't have to do anything ever again if they don't want to, working so tirelessly to defend those without a voice. I am so grateful to Heather and Paul for all they've done.
  4. Following your recent revision amputation. wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. B) Oh, and I'll see you next month at the White Lies event. :D
  5. NoMoreLandmines

    vegetarian benefits

    Going veggie and then vegan is the best thing I've done, healthwise. B)
  6. NoMoreLandmines

    Thank you Heather!!

    Thanks for that. B)
  7. NoMoreLandmines

    Thank you Heather!!

    Today, Heather was in Trafalgar Square to launch the drive for more blood donation (please see www.blood.co.uk for more info) and I got to meet her briefly and she was lovely. So thanks for being so nice to me, and you looked sensational; love the shoes!! :D www.isifa.com has some nice images of today, everyone. B)
  8. NoMoreLandmines

    Out on a Limb

    I have read Out On A Limb but have not yet read A Single Step (I want to though). :D
  9. NoMoreLandmines

    Thank you Heather!!

    I missed that show too, sadly. :(
  10. NoMoreLandmines

    WOW check this out

    I missed it last night. :(
  11. NoMoreLandmines

    sad news

    Agreed. :(
  12. NoMoreLandmines

    Thank you Heather!!

    Yes, it was fantastic. I admire Heather more and more!! :lol:
  13. NoMoreLandmines

    Messages for Martine Wright

    Best wishes; you're a true inspiration; I was griping about stuff going on with me but it's nothing in comparison to what you have to go through; so I smile, because everyday there are people fighting a harder battle. B)
  14. NoMoreLandmines

    London Bombing Victim...

    I agree, after crying when reading this. :(
  15. NoMoreLandmines

    I've had a boy!! (well the wife helped)

    Awww, congrats!! Very cute. :D
  16. NoMoreLandmines


    Are we half-way through the year ALREADY? OMG!! :lol:
  17. NoMoreLandmines

    What goes around comes around

    SWEET!! :D B)
  18. NoMoreLandmines

    Unexpected Delivery...

    Me too!! :P
  19. NoMoreLandmines

    New Statue in Trafalgar Square

    I think it's great. SHE's great; I saw a programme about this lady. B)
  20. NoMoreLandmines

    Airline stories

    :lol: :D :P
  21. NoMoreLandmines

    Need a laugh??????????

    :D :P :lol:
  22. NoMoreLandmines

    need info

    Yes, work on your upper body strength.
  23. NoMoreLandmines

    ~Support for Heather & Paul, on Pauls site

    And we always will. :D