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  1. Hi all it's a while since I have been on here and I need some help once again. I have been using a suction fit for the last 6 months but I had to go back to the clinic because it seemed to be loose i.e. as I lifted my leg I could feel it drop just a little. Anyway they are going to try a different type of fitting and have given me an Iceross liner which has a plastic female screw socket on the bottom, instructions were to fit liner for about 10 mins a day until I go back in a couple of weeks. Can someone explain to me how this one is going to fit? Yes I know I should of asked at the time but I didn't. Thanks Pete
  2. Kia Sedona CRDi Auto Flip up/down accelarator (I'm sure that's spelt wrong) Question: To those who have the flip up/down pedal, do you ever get your prosthesis stuck on the mounting of the pedal not in use? I have at times found myself trying to slow just by lifting of the gas and the car just keeps going cause the other leg is pressing on the mounting of the other pedal. Pete
  3. Pete

    Ossur reflex foot

    Thank you for your replies. This came about because I asked what else was available because I felt that what I have been given so far is quite basic and I have problems walking on up/down slopes and uneven surfaces. Afet it is this foot that I was refering to http://www.ossur.com/template1.asp?PageID=92 As to having to pay on the NHS, well I have always believed that what you get with the NHS is the least that they think they can get away with. I have noted your points and will do further investigation. Pete
  4. Hi all it's me again, and apologies if this has been asked before. I tried a search but did not find anything. This is aimed more at UK NHS people but if you have any comments please chip in. I have had my first leg for 4 months now and have just been back to the clinic to have another cast taken for a new leg. My prosthesist is advising I try a suction leg and when I asked about different feet he said that they recommend the Ossur reflex. BUT they do not provide this within the NHS and I will have to pay about £1000 for it. I am being told that if I do it through my prosthesist they will aquire and fit and maintain within this price. Has anyone else had this experience? They tell me it is guaranteed for 2 years and with my expected use should last quite a long time. Have you got one and how long have you had it? Finally to those who do or have had this foot, what were your experiences is it any better than the bog standard NHS job? My normal use is walking and a little golf so no high impact sports as the other leg is not a lot of good. Thank you for reading and any comments. Pete
  5. Wildlife Photography, Bird watching, Golf and when I can find time for it I go to work. lol Pete
  6. Pete


    Thanks guys well at least I know I am not alone. I will try some of your suggestions, especially the baby wipe's see if that helps. No I do not scratch as I have PVD so any cuts abrasions either take ages to heal or reult in leg ulcers. Once again many thanks for your replies. Pete
  7. Pete

    I passed my driving test

    WELL done Girly now you can learn to drive for real. Pete
  8. Pete


    hi all I am BKA and on my first leg with a Neoprene sock liner then the normal cotton socks to get a fit. I find that when I take everything off at night my leg itches like **** anybody got/had the same and what did you do about it apart from scratch. This has been going on for a couple of months now, thought at first it would go away on it's own. Any help appreciated. Pete
  9. Pete

    First Leg

    Hi Pam and well done. I have had my first leg now for 3 months and have just got my appointment for a second fitting now that all the swelling has gone down. My experience was similar to yourself in that the leg was too long, and was adjusted after 2 weeks. Boy was that so much better. I can only re-iterate what has been said above, take it steady. We are all different i know and it took me about 4 weeks to start to walk without sticks. I think I have a bit of a gait now but get around ok on normal surfaces, went down to our local beach today which is a mixture of sand and stones and really struggled. I also had my car converted to left accelerator (it's an auto) and was amazed at how natural it seemed to drive that way, hope you get on ok with yours. Best of luck Pete
  10. Pete

    What do we all do?

    For most of my working life I have driven for a living. My last job before my RBK amp was as a PCV (buses) driver. Had they taken my left leg I would probably have been able to carry on although on automatic's only. The small company that I worked for have now found me a job in the bus station travel office which I have been doing since I was in my wheelchair and now with my prosthesis. It can be boring but at least I am still working. Pete
  11. Hi all I am RBK and on my first leg no idea what it is and was not aware that various models were available until I found this site. My swelling has now gone down and expect in the near future to be measured for a new leg. I used to play a lot of golf before my amp and hope to again, I have been upto the driving range and found I can still hit the ball quite reasonable although lacking distance. I found that everything was ok until the through swing and had problems getting my right leg to go through onto my toes. To those that still play what kind of leg/foot do you have and any problems with it? I am not sure as to how much say I will have in what I get but would at least like some info to discuss when I go for a new fitting. Thanks for reading and any input. Pete (14) Handicap
  12. Pete

    Where Are You From?

    Originally from Leeds Yorkshire, then 30 years in Bedford now in North west Norfolk near Hunstanton where I can follow my hobbies of birding and photography. Hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy new year to all. Pete
  13. Pete

    Hi and what a great site

    Thank you one and all for the great welcome. I am sure I will find it very therapeutic to be able to share one's problems and to get help from those that know what you are talking about and have gone through it themselves. Many thanks for the Golf links, I will check them out in the coming weeks. Hope you are all well. Pete
  14. Hi and thank you for reading this. I am new to having a prosthetic limb, this is my first which I have had for 5 weeks. As to what type it is I have no idea but it is NHS. My question is why is it so heavy? Is it that this is a training limb and when the swelling in my stump goes down and I am fitted with one that should last longer they will make it lighter? I do have many questions but will search the site to try and get answers but this one is nagging me. Many thanks Pete
  15. Hi all I found this site by accident while trying to find out about the prosthesis that I have just aquired. I do have many questions which I will post in the appropiate forums, but first a brief outline of myself. I am 53 years old and had a RBK (learning the jargon already) March 29 last. This was because of Peripheral Vascular Disease (clogged arteries). I think I coped quite well, probably because I knew 2 months before that it would probably happen. I only got my first leg 5 weeks ago due to having various infections in the wound inc MRSA. I am down to one stick and getting around ok. The only prob now is the other leg which also has PVD so distance is a problem. My hobbies are Golf, Birdwatching and Photography, which I have carried on doing even been up the driving range and managed to hit a few balls. I will not be able to get back on the golf course until next spring due to needing a buggy to get around the course. Well that's me so a big HELLO to you all, and please watch out for my post in another forum. Pete