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    june 2004
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  1. ian1

    Hello you beautiful people.

    Hi John is that snake pass near Sheffield ? I too was hit by someone doing a u turn type manover, I was also on a VFR800,great bikes and unless hit by another vehicle, pretty indistructable,unlike us.My knee was also pretty messed up but after 8 months the surgeons had to admit defeat so I am now the proud owner of an above knee prosthesis , which although has quite a bit of carbon fibre isn't as good looking as my electric blue VFR regards Ian
  2. ian1

    bicycle riding

    I am aka and started back on the bike a month ago.I found that using toe clips was a bit awkward because there is no real ankle joint the back of the foot kept hitting the frame,so I have wrapped valcro around the peddle and use a valcro strap around the training shoe and this allows the foot to be placed where ever it is most comfy. Ian
  3. ian1

    Uk Limb centres

    I attent the clinic in Brighton ,the prosthetist and technicans are great...not sure about the attitude of the consultant though
  4. ian1

    Extreeme sporrts

    I used to do a lot of rock climbing untill work got in the way ,now that I have more free time I fully intend to go climbing again.I am laka ,I have spoken to my prosthesis and he has said he would make me a climbing leg.I don't need a leg with a knee for climbing there's no point as I won't be able to power my self up with the left leg,all i would need is a socket a shin bar and any old foot they have lying about in their stores. Whats the point in being alive if your not going to live a little ?? I have thought about getting another bike but I am still a bit paranoid about meeting another white van driver who wants my other leg. Have just got back on my mountain bike after 2 years , can only manage the flat roads on the seafront at the moment though but its a great feeling to be able to propell yourself along at speed
  5. ian1

    New toy!

    wow that was some shirt,I must warn anyone else to wear sunglasses before checking this out Ian
  6. ian1

    info on cornwall

    thanks for the info guys don't worry Muz i saw Jethro in Hastings last year so I know what to expect !! Ian
  7. ian1

    info on cornwall

    hi all we are going to Cornwall at the end of August and need info on any must see places My son also needs locations of bmx and skate parks down there.We are staying near Par so any recommended pubs or resturaunts would be appriciated. While I'm actually tapping these keys ( I'm more of a reader than poster) I'd like to thank you hardcore members, you know who you are.No matter who posts what or how many newcommers there are you guys always seem to be there for us.So a big thanks from me and probably hundreds like me who feel ,..maybe inexperienced or unconfident enough to post our views or advice Ian
  8. ian1

    Can you find him?

    I'd like to know where coffee beans grow that big or was he one of the Borrowers Ian
  9. ian1

    Re-sizing photo's for the forum

    thanks Marianne I've been struggling to change the image sizes for months,you've made me a happy man Ian :D
  10. ian1

    Casting call

    hey slushy girl,we think you are already a star
  11. ian1

    Goodbyye to a great champion

    I am ashamed to say that I do not live my life to a totally enviromental way,like the majority i am wrapped up in my own problems when I guess I should be looking at the 'big picture' although i do find myself quoting some of the things you say to my two teenage kids.I am embarresed to admid that i have never heard of Bob Hunter untill today but if you Marianne are sad that he has left us then i will give thanks to the fact that he devoted his life for our future generations. I'm sure he is looking down now and smiling at the fact that he has a wonderful advocate ( yes you Marianne) to keep spreading the word Ian
  12. ian1

    You are not your problems

    Lynne I really don't think you could have possibly angered anyone by your posting I'm a fairly new amp,22/06/04, I dont post very often but read the posts as often as I can ,If this is the first time you've 'blown a valve' here don't leave it so long next time.I get great strength from this site and if you can't blow a gasket among your friends, which I feel we all are, then were can you do it. I really hope things start to get better for you Ian
  13. hi Karen ,sorry to hear of your hassle. my prosthesis is also trying to make a mas type socket for me,although it is taking time ,as he is lowering the sides gradually,I think he is probably getting better results,maybe its because he is doing it because he wants to learn how to do it for our benifit.I'm lucky as I'm in the uk and it isn't costing me anything,but if it was I don't think I could handle what you have gone through.Are the prosthetists over there licenced or registered in anyway, if they are is there a governing body that keeps a lookout for 'bad workmanship ? I hope you get things sorted soon,things are hard enough in life without this sort of hassle. check out this email,it may give you some info,you may even be able to contact these people as it is from an online journal about prosthesists written by prosthetists (I think) Ian
  14. ian1

    need help with spanish

    I hear what your saying lesley but I will learn it for fun anyway and also out of respect for the Spanish,we love Spain and prefer the more rural areas .But this time we are doing the tourist bit in Tenerife with some friends for a laugh. This last 12 months has been 'one of those years' that I know we have all suffered sometime in our lives...desparately need sun , fun and friends( plus lots of alcohol) Ian
  15. ian1

    need help with spanish

    thanks all Ive got all the important words especially the ones that get poured into a long cool glass.........can't wait ! Ian