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  1. Agnes

    Air Travel

    Hi Guys! It had been such a long while since I last posted anything. I love travelling and after my amputation, one concern is, how will it affect travelling? Had been following this thread for quite some time, but do not really understand what's a bulk head seating? Can someone explain to me?? Thanks folks!:) Agnes
  2. Agnes


    Hey Janey-ney, U mean u have got aesthetically appealing coverings?? :o Tell me more about it! :D I am going crazy trying to find an affordable yet appealing covering for my next leg! :P My prosthetist is actually working on it and he told me that with my new leg, I will be able to do most of the activities (not sports though) that I used to do like dancing, blah blah blah. :P So now, I need a nice looking leg that looks as good as real! He recommended Skinergy, but then, it only comes in 12 shades and may not be as customised as I would like it to be, but I guess, this might be the best that I can get given that this is a readymade covering. Hmmmmm, so what do you use and how much does it cost? I will be getting a new foot as well, the elation flex foot which is heel height adjustable. My prosthetist says this is one of the best "innovation" and it would solve my problems of wearing shoes with different heel heights! :) I am ELATED! :P Nicole, if i were to wear jeans that were one size up, will it be too loose at the waist? Won't it look big then?Hmmmmmm, right now I am trying to fit into my old jeans. You know, over at my part of the world, the weather is getting hotter n hotter. My favorite used to be short shorts and now I can't even wear them.:( And I have to cover myself with such long pants. It feel sooooooooo hot. Physio was great! For the 1st time since my accident, I get to finally experience a strain in my good leg!:P Haha, I had overstretched it while doing the exercises!:P Right now, I wasn't really doing any aerobic exercises. Think my fats are piling up! Any idea how I can lose some of them? :P Going to build up my confidence all over again n start dating!:P Gee, ain't that fun? And i am certainly looking forward to going back to the beach!Can't wait to feel the sea water splashing onto my foot again. I LOVE THE SUN! Brenda, congrats on breaking your own record again! When I get my sports leg, I shall challenge you! :P (Though I am not really a runner , wonders how I am going to beat you) :P Life is great and bobbyboo, I am glad you are leading a very satisfying life! Gives us a boost in the morale! Thumbs up for everyone of us here! Yippee! Agnes
  3. Agnes


    Hi Jarney-ney, Hi Nicole, I am going 24 this year, and I just lost my leg in Jan 03. Like you Nicole, I really feel pretty before my accident. After my accident, I still thought I look pretty, but somehow, I know that I am different... I am on my 1st protheses and learning how to walk currently with a walking stick. Tried walking without the stick and I seem to be limping. Hopefully, this can be corrected. The person who knocks me down did not once bother to visit me in the hospital too, and most importantly, she was not even charge in court at all. I was a pillion rider of the motorbike and apparently, my driver was charged and had pled guilty though I am certain that the other driver is almost as guilty. *Sigh*, thought that was some injustice going on. But then again, life goes on. Currently, I am trying to get on with my life. Sometimes, I look back, and hope that everything is just a dream, that all these never happened to me, but again, it is a reality and no matter how harsh reality is, I would have to face it. Nicole, like you, I feel that the rest of the people who are "normal" don't really understand how we really feel. Find it difficult to really confide in them too.Have a couple of great friends who is always there to listen, but well, I know that they are really concern, but they would never fully understand. Hmmm,enough of such pessimistic stuffs! :P Hey, I used to like wearing those fitting jeans, but now, with the prostheses "protruding" out at my knee cap, it doesn't really look good! :P Other than wearing baggy jeans, is there any other jeans that you girls wear to complement your shape? :P Right now, I am only wearing track pants and 1 pair of pants that is pretty baggy. What sort of dressing do you girls usually don on? :P I am always frustrated with the limited choice of clothings that is available to me now. :P Going for my physiotheraphy session later on! So happy and looking forward to it! :) Have a WONDERFUL day girls!:) LOVe, Agnes
  4. Agnes

    My 1st prostheses

    Hi Brenda! Was walking with my leg today for 15 minutes and when took it off, I could see some red patches and a blister. Do you think it is a big issue? Advisable to continue walking with the leg or should I rest for a few days and see how things go?? Is this caused by a bad fitting of the leg?? :( Advise needed desperately... Agnes :(
  5. Agnes


    Hi Phyl, I got my prosthesis yesterday! :) It feels so good to be able to stand on both feet again! :) I share your joy! :) Keep us posted on all your developments okie! I am sure I will be your avid fan! :P Luv, Agnes
  6. Hi Folks! Alas! The wait is over! :lol: I had brought my leg back from the limb centre! What a long long wait! The leg is not really 100% completed though, coz my prosthetist had not attach the skin covering to it yet, but he told me that i can bring it home for practice til next week when I turn up for my next appointment. What a great feeling it is to walk again! Before I got my leg, i was still hopping around on 1 leg with my crutches. But today, when I got my leg, I was actually WALKING! Really couldn't believe it! :P But my prosthetist had instructed that I can only wear my leg for 15 minutes, 3 times a day for 2-3 days and subsequently increase it to 30minutes each time. hmmmmmmm, how long will it take for me to be able to don on my leg for the whole entire leg?? I will going back to work come 2nd May 2003 and I can't wait to go back with 2 legs! Do you all think I will be able to wear it for the whole day by then?? I am sooooooooooooooo excited!
  7. Agnes

    Phantom Pain

    Hi all, thank you for sharing your experiences with me. It certainly feels good to know that I am not alone in this world and have the support of everyone in this forum. Currently, the phantom pain is not bothering me anymore. My doctor prescribed me with tramadol and I used to take one pill in the morning, one in the afternoon, and two at night. Noticed that the pain is more intense at night though. But now, I am proud and happy to say that I am off tramadol right now and I no longer need to consume any other medicines! :) Also, I have had my measurements taken for my 1st prosthesis and this coming Monday, i will be going for my 1st fitting session. Really very excited and looking forward to it all. I know that the road ahead will be tough, but knowing that there are people who has been there and done it, I know I will be able to face whatever that will be coming my way. May god bless all of us and keep us going strong. Luv, Agnes
  8. Agnes

    New Amputee

    Hi Kristina, I am Agnes, 24, from Singapore. Involved in a motorbike accident in Jan 2003 and currently a BKA since then... Had not even had my 1st prostheses yet, but is really looking forward to the day that I can walk again. :) Hopefully in another 2 months time, I would be able to stand on my own without the help of any crutches. :) Was very sad initially due to the lost of my foot, but what has happened had happened and I can only make the best out of what I still have. I always believe that life is all about choices coz you choose what you want to make out of it. I have chosen not to let my disability get in my way in whatever I do, and similarly, I believe everyone here might share the same sentiments. I believe there will be certain adjustments that we will have to make, but let this be just a minor inconvenience that will not distract us from achieving the greater things in life. :) Take care and God bless. :) Agnes
  9. Hi Brenda!:) Congratulations! :D You r really doing very well! :) And I'm really proud of you! :P Really looking forward to jogging around my area once I get my leg! :P Getting very impaitent now as I wait for another 1.5 weeks more when I can look forward to having my measurements taken for my 1st prostheses ever! :) Can't wait to feel the wind brushing against me as I jog or cycle! :) You take good care and keep us updated on all your race results! :) Cheers, Agnes
  10. Agnes


    HI Niki :) Just happen to come across a new product out in the Flex-Foot range, called Elation™. :) It happens to offer what we are looking for, and yes, i.e. heel hight adjustability!:) Thinking of getting it for my 1st protheses, but my prosthetist and doctor had advised me not to get such a good and expensive one for my very 1st leg, reason being I would not know the difference between a good and a poor quality leg since this is my 1st trial. :( What do you all advise??I was thinking I should get a good one that caters to the activities and my life-style, ignoring the doctor's advise, but I am not sure if this is a wise move. How was your 1st prostheses like?? Anything I should look out for?? Looking forward to all suggestions and advices.:) Thanks in advance!:p Luv, Agnes
  11. Agnes

    Knee Bending

    Hi Niki, Thanks for your encouragement, but is 90 degrees really the limit? :o I used to do cycling and if my leg can't bend as before, I might have to give up cycling for good. I can't let that happen, can I?? Is there any form of exercise that I can do to help my knee bend further?? Really hope to let it go back to normal... Luv, Agnes
  12. Hi Brenda! I am sure you can do it. Believe in yourself. I have yet to get my 1st prothesis, but once I get it, I am determined to get myself up and running too, just like you!Just do your best. You have all our support! :) All the best to you! :) Agnes
  13. Agnes


    Hi Johnny, Hi Iris, and HI NIKI! had checked out the endolite website, and saw the aqualimb. Are you all referring to that?? that seems like a leg that you can bring to showers, but not so sure for swimming though. Found from the Dorset Orthopaedic website that they have limbs cater for water activities, maybe Niki, you may like to take a look at that too? Was thinking of getting one from Dorset..they really make very nice legs... hehehe. And Johnny V, you are right. This group here indeed consists of a group of real nice people around, helping each other to go through the toughest period, encouraging each other along the way. Really need to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone of you here. We may have lost a minor part of our physical body, but let it not deter us from giving the best shot in life! Life is all about making choices. You choose what you wanna make of it. Best wishes, Agnes
  14. Agnes


    Hi Niki! :) Hehehe, I am 24 this year, so I figure i should be someone around your age group.:P I'm a BKA, lost my foot in a motorbike accident this Jan'03. Have not even had my 1st prostheses made yet. However, I have been trying to gather more information on protheses, phantom pain,and anything to do with amputees. Really very new in this aspect and life is definitely changed. But I do believe that strong people will just take this as a minor set back and will not let it deters us from doing big things.:) Like you, I am very concern with appearance,hehehe. thinking of saving up to make a good and functional leg in a yr's time or 2. I would like a leg that can do all those things that you had mentioned, and best of all, can fit into shoes with different heel height! I believe minor details can be worked out. Located in Singapore, the providers for protheses are very limited, let alone comestic covers.We don't even have good physiotherapist here...:( Guess I don't have much of a choice but to seek you guys help to recommend some good places, preferably somewhere near Singapore for me to make a real nice and functional prostheses. Guess Sydney sounds the nearest to me currently, so probably Niki, I might be able to see you in Sydney once I had saved up enough for the "leg".:) Very few people understands the frustration that I sometimes face inside. When I tell people that I want to make a good leg probably somewhere in UK or the States, people laugh it off and say, "Why, yours is made in China?" and feel that I am silly to waste money on a stupid leg. Most people i would say, do not understand... Really glad that this forum exist. At least we can relate to each other's problems and hopefully, provide some solution. Hehe, what I have written may be off the intended topic, hope you guys dun mind.:P Would really like to befriend you guys out there, so if anyone feels frustrated or whatsoever, I would be glad to offer a listening ear. so do email me at yenyen@singnet.com.sg :)
  15. Agnes

    Knee Bending

    Hi all, I am now into the 3rd month of my BKA, had noticed that I have much difficulty bending my knee. Til now, my knee can only bend 90 degrees and no more. Is this common and will my knee be able to bend as much as before?? How long will it take? The tingling sensation in my stump is making me crazy at night. Sometimes the sensation is so strong that I have difficylty sleeping. Also, because of a fracture in my femur, there is a bearable pain on my thigh. Will all these pain go away with time? Will the leg ever feel normal again?And if so, how long will it take approximately??Please advise...