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    Hey Marcia, I totally miss our chats on here, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day honey. I have a friend in Sydney who has the most amazing cosmesis, Have not idea where to direct you over there, but some of the best come from Germany - matched to one sixteenth of your skin colour. More than happy to send you pics, in sandals. It should never be that hard - if you want one you should have one. Mx
  2. melaussie

    Spare Parts Hits London

    Hey Everyone, It's been a number of years since I've posted; so apologies for my absence. I just wanted to alert you all to an amazing exhibition called 'Spare Parts' which is being hosted by a pretty amazing aussie amp from Brisbane in London. 'Spare Parts' LONDON opens on Saturday August 25 - 9 September @ the Rag Factory. It is an incredible exhibition of used prosthetic which have been turned into works of art - by artists from London. To give you a little background......................In 2010 Spare Parts was one of the most vibrant and exciting exhibitions held in Brisbane,Australia. It bought together a diverse range of artists all using pre-loved prosthetic limbs as their canvas. The success of the 2010 exhibition led curator Priscilla Sutton to consider taking the exhibition to London in 2012. And now – a venue has been booked just off Brick Lane, a fresh batch of prosthetics have been collected, and new artists from United Kingdom, France, Australia, America and Japan are all working away on what will become the second phase of Spare Parts. The prosthetics are donated from amputees, families of amputees and clinics from all around the world. This has proven to be a fun and therapeutic way for people to clean out their closet and get rid of old limbs. The exhibition aims to not only recycle pre-loved arms and legs into new and exciting artworks but also to create an open and positive conversation, celebrating prosthetics and how much can be achieved by using them. Priscilla has been an amputee since 2005, after having elective surgery to remove a worsening bone condition. It is the best decision she has ever made, and now leads a very active life with the use of a below knee prosthetic leg. For more information please go to: contact@priscillasutton.com | Phone +44 77 4216 2374 | www.spareparts2012.com I hope you all have time to visit and enjoy. Lots of love and best wishes. Mel xx
  3. melaussie

    C-Leg Foot

    Ok well as a c-leg user & very happy about it I use the trias foot (Bock). Have been a college park (tru step) foot lover for quite some time - I dont' doubt that this foot equals the same & happy to say so. But hell I'm lucky to be ealking what can i say? Mel x
  4. melaussie

    Happy Birthday Cat

    Oh they all so cheated Just cause you guys are wake while WE are suppose to be sleeping!!!!! Not acceptable behaviour :P Happy Birthday Dude, Play hard, live lots, give it heaps and laugh til you drop. Happy Birthday my fellow Oz Mate - have a good one Love, Lipstick & kisses Mel (the kitten) xox You'd better be vino-ing by NOW :lol: :D Damn I got access - gotta love that :D
  5. melaussie

    Happy Birthday

    Hi guys, Thanks for all your good wishes. What a nice surprise. I'm nursing a bit of a hang this morning - this afternoon!!! Hmmmm the things we do; shall we never learn. Still like everything it was good at the time!!! Cheers Mel.
  6. melaussie

    I Kneed Your Advice to Get A Foot Up!

    Hi Lorri, With respect to the c-leg because it is Otto Bock componentry it is rare that other feet will fit onto the pilon. I'm not sure how it works but most of the components are univeral & i think approx 34mm where as with the Bock products they are made at 36mm hence as stated most other components cannot fit to there units.......this is the case in the c-leg anyway. There new foot the Trias which is what I am currently using is much better than the Axion which i was originally fitted with when I trialled the knee over 12 months ago. Because I found the Axion so stiff & because I don't have the weight to put into the unit breaking the knee became difficult and i was forever putting my lower back out-i also didn't have a socket that fitted well at the time which i must say makes all the difference. The second time around trying this unit the difference is outstanding. I'm not using a walking stick for the first time in 3 years; and the result for me has been very postitive. Mel.
  7. melaussie

    I Kneed Your Advice to Get A Foot Up!

    Hi Lorri welcome to the forum. I wear a suction liner and use a c-leg. The c-leg is the knee unit, you don't get a separate knee. it's a micro compressor knee with adjustable settings. I have a Trias foot which is also made by Otto Bock. Not quite sure what you are asking Lorri but happy to help out Mel.
  8. Hi Dave, I had a auto pump fitted to my new socket earlier this year. I acutally had it removed..............sadly it got a little noisey. It was however effective. Each time I stood from a sitting position the pump would automatically engage. Suction is retained the entire time. I tend to loose a fair bit when i sit and as a result the pump would start kicking in while i was sitting down............kinda started to drive me mad. It was good to try though. and a know a couple of people who have had much better success with it than me. Different brand than you are disussing M
  9. melaussie

    Travel in developing countries

    Bear I'm not taking anything out of context.........I walk around in shorts all the time; play golf etc in shorts and as an AK heaps of people look and stare; it's a little too hard to disguise and quite frankly who can be bothered........I don't find it rude or offensive.........it just doesn't bother me. My missing bits are now metallic; and if that makes people look so be it........ :D Live & let live M
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    Hi Caveman, Welcome to the forum. Like Amy I'm not around much either. I'm an RAK with a dodgey left leg. We sound a little similar. Currently using a C-leg with a Seal in liner. I used to have the pin system that you are talking about. I know a couple of people who have tried the Rheo and some find it heavy-others who really like the mauch; I guess at the end of the day it's what works best for you. I'm shocking at remembering to put my c-leg on the charger and often have to power it up with the car attahcments........ It's also a pity that these knees don't last a lifetime as it can become an expensive exercise. I'm one of the lucky ones who is covered by insurance otherwise I imagine that I'd be on the pneumatic number I started on. Good luck with the Trial i hope it goes really well for you. I also used to Sail but have a hell of a time getting on the things now - still never say never. The guys have offered to crane me over the side but I just can't imagine doing that!!! They might just want to drop me in the drink. Cheers Mel.
  11. melaussie

    Travel in developing countries

    I haven't posted here for a while or read posts for that matter but reading this one I felt like i needed to reply. You know I remember when i when to Bali still 2 legged and the people were blown away cause i had freckles (I'm a red head) the women all spoke to each other about it.....I thought it was gorgeous.....maybe redheads don't visit Bali much but it was nice I most certainly wasn't offended and in a polite way they were simple curious........just as i would be going into another culture. When I first went to a shopping centre in a wheelchair I felt like everyone was looking at me. What a joke that was totally my stuff & not their's. Bear i think you are completely off the mark here. People are curious; children are amazing...........& more so cause they ask all the questions the rest of us are too scared too.............I so love it...........their innocence is priceless. How could anyone ever think that is rude or offensive. And I hope that the children of today grow up to be the adults of tomorrow.............way too much polictical correctness in the world.
  12. melaussie

    Trying something new

    Hi Lynne, You're right it's a huge difference going from a pin to a seal in but I actually found it wonderful once I got used to it. I felt much more connected to the ground and just better overall balance........who knows why. When I tried my new socket i initally had it without a liner but i have a heap of trouble with skin grafts and because my balance on my good leg is lousey i found it really hard to pull myself in. So I've got my new socket........which is heaven and back with the seal in liner. It's the best thing ever and the most comfortable socket I've ever had. Mel Hang in there it will be worth it
  13. melaussie

    Tiger's Debut

    Hi David & welcome, Nearly 4 years ago I lost my right leg above the knee; but my left leg posed an even greater concern which is similar to yours. I broken my tib/fib in several places did what sounds like similar nerve damage to you and also had a muscle flap operation (my lat from my back was put in the place where my calf had once been), and multiple grafts. I was in an external fixature for 4 months to hold what bones were left together. Like you i have downward movement side to side but absolutely no upward movement at all. I wear an afo (assisted foot orthosis) brace on this leg to enable me to drive (as my right leg is missing) walk and do all else I am able. To this point I am very glad that they managed to save it. As I said it has been nearly 4 years and while what i affectionally call my "good leg" isn't great I'm exremely glad to still have it. The decision of amputation is by no means an easy one and I wish you lots of luck. I'm not sure if you have spoken to a prosthesist but that may be the best course of action prior to having surgery. They will also be able to advise you on feet for high medium and or low activity; suction or pin liners and sockets; most of which are generally similar. Good luck Mel.
  14. melaussie

    Trying something new

    Hi Lynne, I've been an amp for nearly 4 years now and have just been fitted (2 weeks ago) with what is very very similar to a MAS socket. I really love it and have had no probs at all-I also use an iceross conical liner. What a huge difference that has made, no drag, very comfortable and I wish you all the best. I had a hell of a time getting used to the liner at first. No skin problems it just drove me crazy with what seemed like nerves jumping all over the place. Good luck with it I hope it all works out for you Mel
  15. melaussie

    Prosthetics, but not as we know it

    Well Ali, I've met a number of prosthetist from the land of oz who have been there and Kyrabati and who have all gained a heap of experience from the trip. It also just makes you realise how lucky we are to be able to access regular equipment/componentry. Enjoy your stay I'm sure that you'll gain heaps from the experience. Have fun Mel.
  16. melaussie

    ACA Conference 2007 Review

    Hi Ed, Just wanted to let you know that I watched your video today..............very impressive. Keep up the good work.........well done! Mel x x x
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    I do my best Shane hehehhe.....no not really. Cat's entirely responsible for my avitars!!! And I gave up trying to keep him in line.........like........forever ago..............it's a full time job you know and basically I just don't have enough spare hours in my day :D :P :D
  18. melaussie

    2007 ACA Conference

    Thanks Cheryl - will do! M
  19. melaussie

    2007 ACA Conference

    Hi guys, My Physio is coming to the conference, to add to her gait training skills. She is also hoping to go to a number of Prosthetic facilities during her stay. I wonder if anyone could help with details that I could pass onto her. Many thanks Mel.
  20. melaussie

    First leg?

    Hi Steve, well I'm going to put my bit in here. ( ummmmmarhhhhh) After learning to walk again in the early stages there's no reason why you can't go onto a progressive knee unit immediately. It seems that a while ago they seemed to like to try people out on the basic's for way too long. If your up and active then jump onto something good asap and get the most out of it! I seriously don't believe in benefits one way or another neither does the system...............so do your research and get on board. M
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    Well I even forgot what my avitar looked like !!!!!
  22. melaussie


    Hi Mike, Well I probably haven't been on here for as long as you haven't..........but you inspired me to write you a reply!!! Hope all is going well with you Mel x
  23. Hi Ann, Yes I have; still wear it and totally luv it! Bet foot ever for me! The split toe makes a huge difference. As far as weight as weight goes I'm 54 kilos' which is very light, if the socket fits properly weight will never be an issue. The feedback is excellent by the way Mel x
  24. melaussie

    We can never go back

    I have to second this-Sadly I will never be able to attend an ACA conference No Vege No Play And all over a bit of folic acid :o I have never left this country without it and I'm not starting Now!
  25. melaussie


    Thank u all for your good wishes! I have to tell you though that I cannot provide you with the wild photo's that Cat so generously submitted last year! :D :D I will however (at some point) drag my partner in crime out for a few bevvies and we could very well end up in the Yarra-or worse still some place a little less unsavory :lol: B) B) Cheers guys-thanks again M x x x x