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  1. nika i ve been visiting the site quite often and completely agree with you....seems that people have forgotten how much good Heather has done....she s been an inspiration to many people and I think she is great too...wish more people would send support notes to her.... Is that you Heather? No can't be. Could It? Dont think it would be. Would she really be member number 66? Also has she not posted before? Maybe the mods could confirm??
  2. Nestudas

    Where R All the old member's?.

    Does that include criticism of people that no longer have the right of reply? I thought you said it was petty and selfish to deprive others of their knowledge, now you seem to think its fine. I dont tend to post on here anymore as I was disappointed with the manner in which the atmosphere changed particularly following the way in which a respected professional in the industry was treated. I still lurk to found out any news/tips. If I'm being selfish then fine, I can live with that. The site will obviously change with new people joining and others leaving, that is only natural, but to criticise others from staying away for reasons that you, nor I for that matter, have detailed knowledge of is wrong in my opinion.
  3. Hi, I wear mine on average 16 hours a day (you have to sleep some time)
  4. Nestudas

    The journey has now begun

    Maryl, Your words are just perfect.
  5. Nestudas

    What Is Your Occupation?

    I am a loss adjuster. My time is generally mixed between being on site, behind the wheel or behind a desk. With reference to you "domestic engineers" I continue to be in awe of my Lucy looking after the house and our three young daughters. I have had to trade places on the odd day she is away or ill and believe me it is the hardest job in the world.
  6. Nestudas

    The journey has now begun

    I've been thinking of your family today, and will continue to do so in the days ahead. Please stop by when you can to update us. Love to you all.
  7. Nestudas

    The World Cup

    Hi Pat Sorry about that, I was referring to the guys comments not yours. I am very much looking forward to Kenilworth Road this season as its my closest away game (30mins). However, we have a very poor record against your lot.
  8. Nestudas

    The World Cup

    aarrrrr, a nice warm feeling has just come over me.
  9. Nestudas

    An amputees mum

    It doesn't sound silly at all. When I went into hospital the night before my amp I was accompanied by my Dad and one of my brothers. I was fine until my Dad left my brother and I alone whereby I completely lost it and burst into tears insisting that he take me home. After some calming words I regained my composure and focus. The following morning my Mum sat with me prior to going to theatre and it was her that needed the calming words from me. Fear is a completely natural feeling for you all right now but you know that a correct decision has been reached. This is the start of a new life for you all and from your posts I am certain that you shall all be fine. Best wishes to all of your family.
  10. Nestudas

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Kimbo, Glad you found the site and chose to join us.
  11. Thanks for your responses guys.
  12. Afet, Sorry but you know what I am like expressing myself on here. I meant the sleeve rather than the prosthesis. I am going on holiday in August and dont have a swim leg like some of you posh people on here ;) so I intend to use a cosmesis cover that is waterproof. However, the one I have purchased is huge because it needs to be high enough to cover the whole set up (limb and sleeve). I was wondering whether it might be possible to use a smaller one but together with one of the sleeves you use.
  13. Afet, this may sound like a completely daft question but are they waterproof for your water activity legs, ie could you swim/dive in them or is it only splash resistant for showering and the like.
  14. Nestudas

    Happy Birthday Paul

    Paul, hope you had a great day.
  15. Nestudas

    The World Cup

    I've heard that due to German complaints they are now allowed to have one of their local beers served BUT they cannot have their advertisements on the glasses