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    Currently in Amherst, MA for school. Sometimes go back to Worcester, MA to see friends and family

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  1. jjg

    Cutting down pin system liners

    i was born missing my left leg below the knee, I turn 22 may 21
  2. jjg

    Cutting down pin system liners

    my liners are cut 6 inches above the kneecap. when i sit down it becomes very painful. At first i thought the back of my prosthesis was cutting into the back of me knee everytime i bent, but it seems as if the liner itself is pulling my skin apart. Its becoming quite a hassle. It looks and feels like someone is taking a pair of scissors and cutting my leg right behind the knee everytime i take a step of go threw the bending motion. Sitting down for long periods of times, like watching a movie or being in a car or something, hurts a lot. And if i do a lot of activity in one day, when i take my liner off i have little cuts around the knee. It looks as if one were to take a razor and make clean cuts on my leg. does anyone else have this problem? i'm tempted to cut the liner down more, but im not sure if theres a limit to how far down i should go. if anyone has any good solutions, please post or email me.
  3. jjg

    What is your hobbie?

    lets see.. I do Americn jiujitsu and i started lifting a lil while ago i like to eat a lot! i should be fat but im not, at least not yet, it will catch up to me soon though:) i like watching movies too cant think of anything else right now
  4. jjg

    this is cool

    not sure if anyone has heard of this guy or if this has been posted before just watch:) Ronald Mann TruStep
  5. jjg


    im gonna be a senior this fall at the university of MA - amherst. I lived on campus for two years and didnt have any problems iwth dorms or getting around or anything. feel free to IM me if you have any questions:)
  6. jjg

    any filipno amputees here?

    sorry, im korean..
  7. jjg


    When I was in high school about five years ago i dislocated my knee playing soccer with my friends. Since then it has beeen dislocating pretty badly, i havent been able to run or do anything for about five years now. I lost count of how many times its come out. My doctor insisted it should be fine, but gave me a referral to see a knee specialist because i kept complaining. I had surgery two summers ago, but it didnt seem to help any. They were originally going to do soft tissue reconstruction, which i was told was a common procedure, however when the cut me open the found i had broken my knee cap so badley that they had to remove part of it. (They couldnt tell that it was broken from the xrays i guess, im not gonna get into that. my doctor still insists it should be fine.) I have recently seen a different doctor, (my insurance changes when i turn 21 next month:( i wont get into details about that right now either), and I am going for my first MRI tomorrow. I dunt have any good advice for you, but i have an idea of how frusterating it can be. I wish you the best of luck!
  8. jjg

    desperately seeking.......

    I saw an asian girl in worcester MA at the greendale mall last christmas. it seemed like she was missing her leg above the knee as i watched her walk down the stairs. She seemed about my age. I tried to go say hi, but by the time i made it down the stairs she was long gone. I had never really put much thought into trying to meet other amuptees until then. I kinda started lookin at forums like this one to see if i could by chance find her. she was cute:) also, has anyone ever hear dof camp ecko? i was really young when i went so i dunt remember much, but it was a camp in new hampshire, i believe, that was meant for children with disabilities. We got to do a lot of water activities and stuff, not sure if anyone here had heard of it.
  9. jjg

    Where Are You From?

    I'm from Worcester, Massachussets in the US right now i am attending the University of MA - Amherst
  10. jjg


    I'm a bk amputee. I wear a lockin liner, and when it gets warm out it gets soooo itchy it drives me crazy. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, and what can be done to stop this?
  11. jjg


    hello I was born missing my left leg below the knee. I am currently a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I will be turning 21 in may. I think it would be kind of cool to be able to meet some other amputees around my age. Anyone in the area?