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  1. biguncleted

    Your opinions please

    Welcome back Falstaff, I believe that in the end, you handled that very well. A lot better than the Ex Royal Navy Guy you mentioned on your other posts. I agree with Mick in that I do not believe that any of us ever noticed before that not all restaurants, bathrooms, pubs, and / or "loos" were handicapped accessible or not. I knew that they were supposed to be, but I thought that a railing on the wall next to the toilet was enough to help some elderly person get close enough to use it! I had no idea what a properly handicapped equipped establishment would consist of, nor do most people. Until they become one! But I do believe that here in the States, they are far ahead of others on getting their establishments up to Code. All of the newer buildings have to be accessible, but if the buildings were constructed prior to the accessibility codes going into effect, or "Grand Fathered" as they call it, they can avoid many of the requirements. Ted
  2. biguncleted


    You have got me beat Judy, As I said, I take the brand name Neurontin. But only 600mg, three times a day. The Gabapentin just didn't do as well as the Neurontin. My amputee Doctor says that I am on a low dose, and they sometimes are not quite enough to stop the phantoms at night laying in bed. That is when I whip out my Lidoderm (lidocaine) Patches. I stick one on the back of each leg right near the end of the stump, and that will usually calm them down.
  3. biguncleted


    Gabapentin is the generic equivalent of Neurontin. I have taken both. Neurontin is an anticonvulsant, it affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain. The exact way that it works is unknown. Neurontin is used with other drugs in the treatment of some types of seizures and for the management of Postherpetic Neuralgia (continuing nerve pain). The Gabapentin did not releave my phantom pains as well as the Neorontin, nor did I like the way it made me feel. Have never had the problems with mood swings like Chris, but like he said, everyone is different. Also, my amputation was due to trauma, so there was no taking the medication prior to my amputations to help with phantom limb pain.
  4. biguncleted

    Hi, all. Time to introduce myself.

    Hello Cassie, Welcome to the forum. Nice of you to come out of the shadows, and thanks for leading Shane this way also.
  5. biguncleted

    I met this amputee the other day

    In this part of the world, the drink is called a "Cuba Libre." Bacardi rum and Coca-Cola on ice, with a wedge of lime. Very Tasty! Very popular!
  6. biguncleted

    Skully is almost done, I am afraid!

    Skully Cat, What can I say that has not already been said by so many articulate writers here on the board. Some people seem to have the nack for saying just the right thing, at just the right time. You are going through the same feelings that we all have been through. Wanting you life back, getting back to work, being "normal" again. I will never be "normal" again, none of us will. For myself, I feel above "normal." And there are so many other amputees who are above "normal," after all that we go through, we would have to be. I do not think that a "normal" person has any idea what it takes to be an amputee. But Skully Cat, you will see. When you do get back on your Fat Boy, and you will, it will be better than it was before. Because you will have conquered your fears and setbacks. And by the way.....................You were lucky! Next time, Wear your Helmet!
  7. biguncleted

    I met this amputee the other day

    Hey, I just noticed.......................... That was my 100th post on this board! I think I will have myself a Wild Turkey and Water to celebrate. I'm always lookimng for some excuse to celebrate!
  8. biguncleted

    I met this amputee the other day

    Falstaff, I don't believe that anyone on this board called you a jerk. Nor do I believe that anyone here wants you to leave the board. There are not many good amputee boards around, perhaps we just all got off on the wrong "foot." Please, do not leave, your input here is welcomed and appreciated. We may not all share the same views, but we all have something to contribute to this board and to the world of amputees. But you do have to be "thick skinned" to hang with some of these people here. Many members of this board have been amputees way before there were such a thing as Amputee Rights!
  9. biguncleted

    I met this amputee the other day

    Hey Falstaff, Calm down fella! You have only had your Prosthesis for three weeks, give it time, things will get better. Saying that you will never really walk again, despite any expertise with prosthetic legs sounds a bit hopeless. And you will find out that one's view of "adequate access and provision for disabled people" differs from one's disability to another. Not all Accessibility Guidelines are the same.
  10. biguncleted

    Pain meds

    Hey Lizzie, I take Neurontin, 600mg, three times daily for my PLP's. Neurontin affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain. The exact way that it works is unknown. Neurontin is used with other drugs in the treatment of some types of seizures and for the management of postherpetic neuralgia (nerve pain). At one time the insurance had the pharmacy change my medications to the generic Gabapentin, but it did not have the same effect on the PLP. I had my Doctor rewrite the prescription stating "Name Brand Only." and have since been getting the Neurontin, not the Gabapentin. I do not believee that anything stops them completely, but I am well able to manage with the Neurontin. Ted
  11. biguncleted

    Me and my Jeep

    You are loking good Vince, I haven't heard from you in a while. Ted
  12. biguncleted

    drip dry?

    After I get home from work, then do a few things around the house, I am ready to get my legs off and take a shower (7 - 8 PM). While showering, I wash my liners first, and then myself. Let the liners air dry until morning. After the shower & towel dried, I will run around the house in my wheel chair until bedtime (10 - 11 PM), and let my stumps air out and relax. In the mornings, I will get up (5:30 AM), wheel in to the bathroom, take a shower , towel dry my legs, don the now dry liners, legs, get dressed and off to work. So to answer your question; "do I dry my stump off after showering and put my leg on immediately" Yes! I use the "Ossur" Iceross Transfemoral Seal-In liners.
  13. biguncleted

    Does anyone here class themselves as Disabled?

    Good question Lisa........................................ Here are a few definitions that I could find for Disabled; disabled - impaired, as in physical functioning disabled - incapacitated by injury or illness disabled - to be so badly injured as to be unable to continue disabled - physically impaired people considered as a group And I guess that I would fit into the first category there as impaired. For as much as I hate to admit it, I am impaired, as in physical functioning. Perhaps it is not the word disabled itself that tastes so bad, but being grouped together with others who are. For we all know that there are others out there who take being disabled to a much higher level!
  14. biguncleted

    What you look like?

    Let me try this again!
  15. biguncleted

    What you look like?

    Here is a picture from a 2004 West Texas hunting trip. I still had my Trache in this photo.