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  1. bentullipan

    c leg

    Hi Akamp I am a cleg user and the cleg is the best thing i ever done the battery can not be changed and it lasts 36 hours it can be charged for a car cigarette lighter and if you can not get one it will keep working while in a safety mode while it is flat it just locks up and goes into like a lock knee mode. I have tried other legs and i would never go back if you have any questions please just ask Ben Tullipan
  2. bentullipan

    helping others

    hey guys i tried the google thing and emailed a couple of people but im getting no replies any other ideas how i can do something
  3. bentullipan

    helping others

    hey Cath Yes i am the Ben who was in the bali bomb i was give 5 % chance of life and i made it if your from Sydney you would have read some of the articles on me one of them was titled brave Ben and yes thats me I was told i would never walk again due to my injuries what are loss of both legs ak and bk ,loss of stomach muscles 63% full thinkness burns deaf in one ear and 45% hearing in the other not to metion 2 broken arms fractured skull in 2 places and in coma for 6 week. I was less than 5 meters away form the van that exploded and i am lucky to be here. As for brave well like to think that i am and i also like to think that nothing will ever stop me doing what i want to do. I still do everything i used to do i have been back to Bali 5 times since the bomb i love the place. the key is be positive and dont let anyone tell you you cant do it cause you can i might just be a different way. Live life to the fullest And yes i am walking so to the doctors that told me i will never walk your wrong. if you would like to talk to me email me komodotemple@optusnet.com.au
  4. bentullipan

    helping others

    we would be travelling from Brisbane to maybe cambodia or somehwere like that Please let me know if you can help :D
  5. bentullipan

    helping others

    does anyone have any ideas
  6. bentullipan

    C Leg

    Hi i would also like to add that the c leg is cheapest to buy in Australia i know of serveral people who have travelled from the us and uk here to buy it the price difference is heaps the c leg here is $60000 au witch is equal to 24,686.78 GBP or 46,648.24 USD so it would be worht the time to travel here to get it if you are looking for someone to get it from here the expert in australia for c legs is Barry Leech Prosthetics 7 pinter drive southport Gold coast Queensland 4215 ph 07 55320506 email BarryLeech@bigpond.com he has fitted my cleg and it is the best thing i have ever done i would recommend it to anyone If you have any question please email me at komodotemple@optusnet.com.au If you want legs in Australia Barry is the man to see
  7. bentullipan

    Any "C-walkers" here?

    Hi I am currently using a cwalk and a ceturus one of each i find the c walk more stable but the ceturus has alot more power and movement i find the ceturus a better foot to walk on myself.
  8. bentullipan

    helping others

    Hi I am just wonderin if anyone can tell me where i can start, I am looking at travelling over seas to help sum of the land mine victums i have Australias best prosthitist willing to travel with me his name is Barry Leech he has made a leg for heather before.We are wanting to know the best place to go and how we can organise it Can anyone help us thank you Ben Tullipan
  9. bentullipan

    C Leg

    H i Slim I am a ak and bk amputee i currently have a c leg and it is the best thing i have ever done it makes walking very easy and make the gate look very natual i would not use any other leg.When you buy the c leg you have the optoin to have it serviced ever year at no cost in which it will come back with any new updates to the micro processor.The c leg has 2 mode one is set for walking the other you can set for what ever you want like riding a bike or tennis or what ever. I was told that i would never walk again due to my injuries from the bali bombing,I was givin a couple of legs to try and the c leg was thee only one that gave me a natural gate patern and easy of walking i can now do what ever i want. The other benifit of the cleg is stairs it will allow you to walk down stairs one foot after the other. if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask me Ben Tullipan komodotemple@optusnet.com.au