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    What are you doing

    Nutcracker on Saturday Family dinner on Sunday This is the first Christmas my boyfriend will be sharing in our apartment so we're planning on keeping things pretty quiet. Christmas eve will probably be spent home. Then Christmas we're off to his mom's place that morning then My house that evening. Very fun. Already done Christmas shopping.
  2. Hey even though left foot accelerators require a little maintenance ( Honestly what part of a car doesn’t) I think the benefit outweighs the problems. And really how much damage does two small screws do to the car? Although granted when I look at a car I look for something practical rather then something pretty. I’m also an AKA and even though I can handle my prosthetic rather well I wouldn’t trust it to properly operate a car. I’ve tried the whole “ cross legged” driving but found it cumbersome and awkward. The left foot pedal is as safe as anything else in a car. As long as you take care of it, it will perform up to standard. I much rather drive left foot pedal then risk getting blamed for any accidents or loosing insurance for non-adaptive driving. Although if you haven’t already please make sure garages and repair shops know before hand that you have a left pedal. One guy fixing the tires on my car almost had to give me a complimentary paint job when he accidentally thought the left pedal was the break. He thankfully stopped before hitting anything.
  3. make sure to keep it well oiled. Mine last winter with all the salt and grime started to stick causing the gass to be jammed down. And naturally my friends in their wisdom say " well why didn't you just unstick it with you foot." I only have one foot sillies. Other then that I love it.
  4. Pixy

    Revision woes

    Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts.
  5. Pixy

    Revision woes

    I must have been truly evil in a past life or something. I'm sorry for all my posts being rants but it has been a lousy few months. So I've had lots of problems with breakdown and nerve damage and lack of function of the stump. So I go to the meeting with my Doctor and talk about all the problems I've been having. He says the skin looks fine and surgery should not be needed. it is too invasive. Even though I tell him I can't take weight on the stump unless it is confined in the socket. I can't kneel unless I'm wearing my leg I can't crawl with out my leg on I can take no weight on the end of my stump. I told him all this but he only wants to presue pain medication. After I presisted he sent me to see another doctor but they didn't give me an appointment till the winter. I'm starting to think I'm the only one who notices that the whole thing is getting worse and worse. In the past five years I've gone from a healthy but oddly shaped stup. Then I lost sensation then I slowly lost the ability to take weight. Then the heel pad started to move back when ever I put on my leg forcing weight to be placed where it can't be taken. Thus lots of breakdown. Then in the last few years the pain has been so bad I can't sit still for an entire class. I can't focus because of the pain. I can't get a good fitting because of the shape and the weight issues. I'm waiting for one of the breakdowns to become horribly infected which is bound to happen next. And I feel like i'm the only person who notices any of this. Shouldn't all these problems warrent some sort of revision. All these doctors don't want to touch it because it is " complicated." because it isn't " clean cut." Why it isn't clean cut is beyond me. I lost my leg to cancer they surgically removed there is no reason it shouldn't be clean cut. I'mjust fed up with all this nonesence. To the point I really wish I could just take a fall and break something so they would have to at least hear me out.
  6. Pixy

    Revision woes

    I went to see the Doctor my prostitist recommended. And he is willing to look into a revision. If possible he wants to remove all the remaining Van ness so I would just have my femur. he's going to ask the girl who does my legs how long it should be and do it based on that. But most importantly he's willing to do something if he can. he's going to talk with other doctors first...but yay.
  7. Pixy

    Revision woes

    I've been getting blood work every month for the thyroid busness. And I had a blood count not long ago. There has been no testing yet for anything soft tissue related. I don't know if the issues are nerve related. That seems to be the likely cause for the pain and the numbness. The first problem has something to do with the main artery or something along those lines. then the limb being left open for a long time. Frankly I want everything that had something to do with the van ness removed. The only part not hurting and not appearing to be damaged is the femur.
  8. Pixy

    Revision woes

    Hey Just to update. I went to my family doctor on Thursday as a follow up. I had settled down considerably since Monday not to sound melodramatic but Tuesday and Wednesday I was an absolute mess. having rethought things I realized why the first Doctor didn't want to jump into surgery. Lots of stuff can go wrong and cutting open with out all the information is bad news. Particularly when my father mentioned the slight possibility of stroke I smartened up. I still want a revision however and my Family doctor agrees something has to be done. THe swelling and redness is not cool. As I was waiting to see my Family Doctor the girl who does my legs called and mannaged to arrange a meeting with the doctor who works with the rehab centre. So I saw him today and it went well. He squeezed my stump which I nearly killed him for. Last time anyone squeezed my stump to see who the pain situation was I punched them .( I felt terrible about it after wards because it was my dad) He was worried because the pain occures reguardless of if I'm wearing my leg or not. And my prostitist was freaking out because I came in walking with the aid of a crutch and with a nasty red mark across my stump. I tried to reassure her it wasn't a bad fitting. the redness happens because my leg twists and turns to get comfortable because it aches when it has to stay still for very long. Unfortunatly my leg is fitted to my oddly shaped stump and moving around isn't a good thing. So next week I have two more appointments one to get my leg tweaked to aleviate some of the pain and another to see a third Doctor. I should write a book.
  9. Pixy

    Prosthetic "Discomfort"

    over the past month I've been pulling a 9 and 10 at various points in the day. But under normal circumstances a bad day is a 3 or 4.
  10. Pixy

    Revision woes

    I'm going to try to get the Winter appointment moved. My appointment with the last doctor wasn't supposed to be untill March. So I'm sure I can squeeze in especially considering I nearly passed out in my Earth science lab due to pain and ended up sleeping 5 hours once returning home. sleeping is the only thing that seems to work. I have read about the ERTL proceedure but I'm not sure it would help me right now. my situation is very unique which makes it extreemly annoying. This is sort of what I had done at first. but more fibia. First the foot portion was removed so only the heel remains. Then there were five or six smaller proceedures done to deal with scar tissue, length , then clean up mistakes caused by previous revisions. somewhere in the structure is a magical mystery bundle of nerves. Why they didn't just clean cut after the van ness failed I don't know.
  11. Pixy


    I had a couple try to add me as friends on facebook it was a little scary. Now I don't add anyone unless I know them personally too many people out there pretending to be amputees. We're always told at the CHAMP seminar beware of the internet and don't send pictures to strangers particularly of your limb or stump. I love my pictures with my new leg, ( particularly the one where i open a bottle of beer with my leg) and i do have them up on facebook but in the back of my mind I'm afraid to find them on some devotee website. I don't want to be anyone's stump buddy.
  12. Pixy

    Terry Fox run

    Well Today is the Terry Fox run in my area. Usually I take part as Terry's team but this year I was not invited to speak or they just forgot. I'm 21 so it really doens't matter anymore. What does matter is going and taking part and donating. As you all know I lost my leg to the same cancer as Terry Fox so the run does have special meaning to me. I love how one of my countries greatest heros is an amputee. I think that legacy is an inspiration to not only amputees but anyone. Of course not all of us can run a marathon a day but Terry showed the world that Amputees are individuals with as much strength and courage as anyone else. As silly as it is I like to think that the knowledge gained from Terry and the reaserch the Foundation has supported helped save my life 15. So Thank you Terry Fox and all those who fight the good fight. Not to sound like a solisitor but Runs are taking place world wide over the next few days and if you can't make one I think you can donate on their website.
  13. Pixy

    Terry Fox run

    goodness I didn't mean to sound like a jerk or anything. Sorry I'll just delete it, at the time it sounded like a good thing to add but it does sound rude having re-read it.
  14. I need some information on problems that arise with having an over used heel pad and a botched vann ness. I had a vann ness 15 years ago but it failed big time. the result the foot was taken off and only the heel pad remained. The heel was kept as a "weight barring surface" but has trouble holding the weight. i was wondering if anyone has information on other failed vann Nes rotations or issues with heels on the end of stumps.
  15. Pixy

    final Revision

    Hey haven't been on in a LONG time. To recap my mildly exciting life of an amputee I was amputated at age 5 due to bone cancer. The amputation was a Van ness rotation which to make a long story short failed. The foot could no longer move and the nervs and circulation were damaged. So many revisions later I was left with a part of my tibia and heel pad on the end of my stump. Well after my bone spur was removed almost all the sensation was lost in the lower part of the stump. The heel pad has trouble taking weight and it hurts if left in the socket too long. We had asked for the lower portion to be removed in the past but the Doctor at the time didn't want to. I'm starting to think he worried more about admitting failure and dammaging his pride then taking care of me. But anyway after fifteen years of being landed with a long stump that keeps me from being able to have my knees even and often causes pain I want it gone. So I have to go talk to a doctor and find out the details but any info or advice would be great. This operation would make my stump considerably shorter so if anyone has any experience please share. I really want to get rid of the pain but I'm a bit scared too.
  16. Pixy


    15 years after being amputated I still forget some times. Usually at odd hours of the morning as I'm either going or getting out of bed. I haven't fallen but I have sat at the edge of my bed wondering why I'm not getting anywhere fast.
  17. hmmm this is a toughy A nice $2000 Cheque so I wouldn't have to worry about all the production costs of the play I'm directing. That would be a really nice gift. Or if Santa can't give me that then a good reliable musical director.
  18. Pixy

    What's your favourite Christmas song?

    This year I really love pretty well everything on the Barenaked for the holidays album by the barenaked ladies My favorite songs on it has to be Elf's Lament with Michael Buble and the mix of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen/ We three kings.
  19. Being a student I landed myself working in a small Christmas store untill the end of holidays to give me some Christmas spending money. Lately my knee hasn't been in top condition but I haven't had the chance to get it looked at. So I limp a little more then usual. There I am at work today tidying up around the Nutcrackers when this sweet English lady in her 50's trying to make small talk lightly remarks. " Oh a little crippled are we?" I laugh shake my head and reply. " Oh no, I'm just a leg amputee." I think I caught her a little off guard. Then no more then an hour later another woman has me rushing around the store trying to find prices for her. So there I am bobing and weaving trying to help her and get though the displays and people with out falling on my face. The customer came accross as the sort of person who wanted everything at once so I was doing my best. She gives me a look then in an off hand almost snobby way says " Oh did you hurt your foot?" The question was dripping with the " I don't really care " attitude. I just smile sweetly saying " No I didn't, Actually I lost my right leg to cancer when I was six." At this point the customers back is to me and she says. " Okay...would you be able to get me the candle from the top shelf." I go get the step ladder and those customers who had heard my explination for limping all glare at this woman. My goodness if looks could kill. People are so funny. Does this count as a funny story?
  20. Pixy

    Soon to be dog owner

    My family is very excited (with the exception of Isabella the cat) to be soon welcoming a new addition to the family. We're getting a female beagle puppy in four weeks from a co-worker of my fathers. I've had cats in my family for almost as long as I've been an amputee. Most of the cats I've had know that I'm an amputee and that they should avoid walking under my legs lest they get walked on or trip me up. With dogs on the other hand I have taken care of my aunt's dogs and played with neighbourhood dogs but sometimes they pull and knock me over by accidents. I even had one Jack russel puppy think it great fun to chew on my artificial foot. This beagle is of the medium dog variaty but at 115 pounds soaking wet and slightly wabbling on ice and snow I'm worried the dog will get a smell of something interesting and pull be down. Any suggestions as to how to train the pup not to trip me up of pull on the leash till I fall. I just hope she doesn't chew on the rubbery parts of my leg either or on the stump socks. Help. Also i'll be sure to post pictures of the cutie when we have her. Right now she's black, brown, and white, very tiny her mother can't even pick her up yet and her eyes are still closed. but they may be open now.
  21. Pixy

    Soon to be dog owner

    They're doing alright. I was lucky enough to be out of town during the deworming process...it wasn't pretty according to my mom. They're still working on the house training thing. Right now they're semi paper trained they're only 8 weeks old so they don't have full control over them selves yet. I took them for a little walk with their leashes on yesterday in the backyard which they loved. Then took them for a car ride to Mom's work. but I made the horrible mistake of letting them sit on the sidewalk. They were sniffing around so I hope they didn't pick up anything harmful. They get more shots in 2 weeks then they should be alright to interact with other dogs and go for walks and be properly housebroken with out fear of picking up illness from another animal. My neighbour just got a 2 month old male beagle So hopefully once mine are a little older and fixed the three of them can play together. Copper (The neighbours dog) is a very friendly fellow. But my neighbour was dreading the day the two of mine go in heat. She was very relieved when I told her ours are being fixed the moment the Vet says they're old enough. Even though both dogs would make beautiful pups there are far too many beagles and other doggies in need of homes...and I don't think I could handle any more sleepless nights with babies. Turns out Mags and Lucy were weaned way too early we got them at 5 weeks instead of the usual 8-16 but the vet says they're looking good. Besides the little worm incident they're in perfect health. But they're both teething now. They're adult teeth are going in and miss Maggy seems to think my artifical foot is a chew toy. I'm a little worried because Lucy had bloody gums yesterday where her bottom tooth came out to let the adult ones in. I couldn't find the tooth though. She must have swallowed it. I guess the tooth fairy won't be visiting her any time soon.
  22. Pixy

    If I could have a theme song...

    Right now its a toss up between two songs that are usually blaring on my IPOD when I need a boost or am walking to dreaded midterms it is either Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall Her face is a map of the world Is a map of the world You can see she's a beautiful girl She's a beautiful girl Everything around her is a silver pool of light People who surround her feel the benefit of it It makes you calm She holds you captivated in her palm Suddenly I see This is what I wanna be Suddenly I see Why the hell it means so much to me (Repeat x1) And I feel like walking the world Like walking the world And you can hear she's a beautiful girl She's a beautiful girl She fills up every corner like she's born in black and white Makes you feel warmer when you're trying to remember What you heard She likes to leave you hanging on a wire Suddenly I see This is what I wanna be Suddenly I see Why the hell it means so much to me (Repeat x1) And she's taller than most And she's looking at me I can see her eyes looking from a page in a magazine She makes me feel like I could be a tower Big strong tower She got the power to be The power to give The power to see yeah yeah Suddenly I see She got the power to be The power to give The power to see yeah yeah (x3) Suddenly I see This is what I wanna be Suddenly I see Why the hell it means so much to me (Repeat x1) Suddenly I see Why the hell it means so much to me (x2) Or Maneater by Nelly Furtado Everybody look at me, me I walk in the door you start screaming Come on everybody what chu here for? Move your body around like a nympho Everybody get your necks to crack around All you crazy people come on jump around I want to see you all on your knees, knees You either want to be with me, or be me! Maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard Make you want all, of her love She's a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords make you fall, real hard in love She's a Maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard Make you want all, of her love She's a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords Wish you never ever met her at all! And when she walks she walks with passion when she talks, she talks like she can handle it when she asks for something boy she means it even if you never ever seen it everybody get your necks to crack around all you crazy people come on jump around you doing anything to keep her by your side because, she said she love you, love you long time! Maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard Make you want all, of her love She's a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords make you fall, real hard in love She's a Maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard Make you want all, of her love She's a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords Wish you never ever met her at all! Maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard Make you want all, of her love She's a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords make you fall, real hard in love She's a Maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard Make you want all, of her love She's a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords Wish you never ever met her at all! Never ever met her at all! you wish you never ever met her at all! you wish you never ever met her at all! you wish you never ever met her at all! you wish you never ever met her at all!
  23. Pixy

    Pimp My Leg

    I want my I pod put into my leg. i want some one to pimp my leg.
  24. Pixy


    Halloween is fast approaching and for the first time in years i don't know what I want to be. I was hoping to do something that might encorpurate the leg into it but finding costumes for amputees isn't as easy as i thought. I've done the pirate things many times, I was going to do it this year but eveyone and their dog is going to be a pirate this year..thanks to the popularity of the movie. So what to be? What to be? any one have good costume Ideas? The only ideas I have bouncing around in my head is: A barbie doll, a Greek statue witht he leg broken off, Some one with their leg being eaten by a shark. a borg or a robot like thingy with the knee showing, and thats all I got.
  25. Pixy


    If I were to put candy in my leg and offer it to kids it would be a health violation to be sure. Pretty stinky. I'm leaning towards the stature. I'll post pics if I come up with something cool