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  1. I felt compelled to share this photograph with everyone. Please remember, no matter what your views on the War in Iraq, support our troops. they don't have a choice in this either........ jana
  2. jana

    Support group

    Hi Ed.... Hope things are going well for you this week. I had a thought, and I'm not sure if it is worth looking into or not. Last evening on the national news I was watching a segment about the hundreds and hundreds of men and women coming back from Iraq as amputees. They were saying that the government is actively getting into the business of developing new and better prothetics because of this. The way they were talking is that the government is actually becoming tuned into the needs of the new amputees. Many of them are being allowed to keep their jobs in the military! I think this is a terrific attitude for our government to take for a change. I was thinking that they must be needing support groups in different states for these great gals and guys. Perhaps there is some type of government funding. You might contact the VA in your area. Hope things work out for your group...keep us up to date please! jana
  3. I was reading a nice article today (while in the dentists chair) in PEOPLE mag, about Heather and Paul and it got me to thinking. What is it about them that I really like so much? I have come to the conclusion that it is because they have a conscience. Many people talk the talk...but don't walk the walk...so to speak. Paul and Heather don't just TALK No More Landmines they take action and do something about it. They don't just expect everyone to give to them , and call it THEIR charity...they actually put their cash and time into it. It means something to them. Please Heather, don't take a lower key in the landmine project. Keep pushing it as hard as you can! They don't just TALK about going Veggie. They live the life. They mean it when they say they want to protect animals from horrid lives (and deaths). Paul was among the first to jump to the defense of chickens (gee that sounds funny doesn't it?) God Bless their little beaks (I mean that sincerely. I happen to like chickens). I had a pet one when I was about 4 years old. There are so many positive things they do. They are good people with good hearts, and should be thanked, and not badgered. Why do I like them so much? Because they are the kinds of people I would choose as friends and neighbors, if I could..... :P Thank You To Heather and Paul...FOR EVERYTHYING! jana
  4. jana

    The Sunday Times

    *Jana slaps her buddy Very Scared across the face*....Wake up girl! you're having a nightmare! You must have been watching the bad acting on CSI Miami! Go get a good dose of reality and read some Harry Potter :D
  5. jana

    Happy Birthday Sheila

    Happy Birthday Girl! Hope your day was a TERRIFIC one! (Jana is singing the Paul McCartney birthday song for you....hehehehe...hope you enjoy it!) jana
  6. jana

    Who Got What for Valentines Day??

    Hi Sheila...Hi Sue!...Hugs to Murray who has to work.. Glad to hear everyone is having a good day! Sue, those are the very BEST kind of presents! I have a box full of homemade cards and sweet little notes that I have saved from my kids. whenever I get kind of down, I pull them out and read over them. Brings me right back to reality. My kids are grown now, but when they were growing up they were so thoughtful. I was always finding notes they would leave me that said "Mom you're the best" Or hope you have a really great day. They were great...still are! Take one of those flowers and press it in a book. It will bring you happy memories for years Much love to all on this Valentines Day! jana
  7. The Days isn't over yet! But tonight I get to go eat Japanese food! Yummy! (No sushi.....yuk) Anyone else going out fo dinner? Jana
  8. Cat, If you love a good mystery AND you love anatomy then you should read The Surgeon by Tess Gerretson. Her books are excellent and quite riveting. Well, My hubbys rain dance only worked over Saturday night. Sunday dawned gorgeous....and mumbling under his breath I aimed him to the "back 40". He worked on the fence all day while I did some clean up from last years garden and began getting this years garden in. The Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Lemon Balm and Cilantro all came through the winter with flying colors! I planted some early Basil, Lettuce and Spinach. About noon I let him take a break and we went to town to get something to eat and to go buy my onion sets and seed potatoes. It's funny now..but last year I had hundreds of pounds of tomatos. I couldn't get to them fast enough and I couldn't give them away fast enough! Yesterday I was thinking longingly, and wishing for a tomato fresh off the vine. How quickly we forget! All in all a pretty productive day! Jana
  9. jana

    The Adventures of ED

    LOl...Ed you are an inspiration to us all! Copius amounts of dark rum? ewwwwwwwwwww! My hubby is cajun. Born and bred South of New Orleans. I had my first taste of 151 proof rum in a Hurricane (the drink not the storm!). I'm not much of drinker to begin with...and the alternate name for a Hurricane is Fruit Punch, which it tastes just like! I had two...not large...over LOTS of ice. That is the sickest I have ever been in my entire life...to say nothing of losing two days of my life to a bed that seemed to spin contstantly! I literally don't remember a thing for two days except the bed spinning. The last conscious memory I have was standing on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. To this day...I can't even stand the smell of rum! Jana
  10. jana

    Ah Phooey!

    Hi Scared... Sniveling is OK. Gosh, who of us here have not done it at one time or another? I sometimes think I manage to do it everyday, about something! My husband is diabetic, also. We live each day knowing that one day he could lose a limb because of it (if he doesn't manage to chop something off with that damned saw of his first!) He's not much of a carpenter, but he tries! We decided when we found out that he is diabetic to just treat it as a lifestyle change...for both of us! And we have talked about the loss of a limb, should it happen. We have decided to also treat that as a lifestyle change. We will fight the uphill battles that the challenge brings with it, and beat it, just like we have beat so many other things. The loss of a limb does not mean you are less of a person. You are measured by what you are inside, not by what you are outside. You said you know that something could do awry. That could happen each day, in life. Nothing is guaranteed. Sorry I sound like I'm preaching. I don't mean to. And I certainly don't want it to sound like I don't understand what you are going through. I just want you to go into this thing with the most positive attitude you can have. Remember that every person here on this forum is rooting for you. Honest we are! Let me know how things turn out. If you would like to talk...let me know and I will send you my email address and we can correspond. I'll be thinking of you..... Jana
  11. jana

    An Amputee Bicyclist Say's Hello

    Hi Linda! I'm sorry to hear about the accident. It is a crying shame that the people who are responsible for accidents in this world do not take responsibility for their actions. I'm sorry for all of the hardships he has caused in your life. You are however very lucky. You still have your darling daughter with you. I'm happy to see you here with us, and should you ever need a friend, or someone to talk to, just whistle! I'm always glad to chat. Jana Oklahoma USA
  12. Hi Jenny! I love gardening too! It is about time to start on the veggie garden here. Actually that was on tomorrows agenda but it started raining tonight. (I think my husband was in the bedroom doing a rain dance!) Last year we had 2000 square feet planted in veggies. Yummy! Everyone in the family and in the neighborhood gets veggies and recipes. That is my donation to going Veggie in the world...supply people with them... :lol: (You just wait...if it's not raining...he's gonna take that tiller and get some work done....hehehehe) Jana USA
  13. jana

    Paul McCartney in US

    I hear Paul is planning another tour beginning in September of this year. I for one, can't wait! My husband took me to see him on the Driving Rain Tour and it was the most incredible time I have ever had in my entire life! I cna't tell you what a tremendous show he puts on. Worth every cent it costs, and more. Jana
  14. jana

    The Adventures of ED

    Ed, You are a riot and we love you dearly! Those crappy things that happen to you?....well they are just normal life sweetie! Keep the posts coming, it makes me feel like I'm not alone out here muddling through life Jana
  15. jana

    The Sunday Times

    Heather has a better chance at it than Camilla does! Doncha think?