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    blood clot
  1. rayb777

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    Don't feel bad Amy. Apparently I ate brunch at the next table and didn't find them. Brenda's the only one from this list I had met in the past so I wasn't sure who I was looking for. I finally ran into Johnny in the lobby. rayb
  2. Johnny - I'll be there Wednesday afternoon. Linda: 2007- ACA Annual Educational Conference & Exposition June 15-17, 2007 Renaissance Waverly Hotel Atlanta, Georgia ray
  3. rayb777

    Where Are You From?

    Back in October I hiked Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave. That is beautiful country down there. rayb
  4. rayb777

    Cutting down pin system liners

    As a test patient I get my liners directly from Ohio Willow Wood. It is their recommendation to leave them long. That means I have 10 inches above the socket. I was used to a shorter cut, and it did feel a little strange at first. I am used to it now. I suppose they know what they're talking about. rayb
  5. The info has been on their website all week: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/annual_meeting_future.html rayb
  6. rayb777

    Question Re: Hangar

    I have heard rumours that next year is either Atlanta or St Louis. Supposedly they couldn't find a place out west that would handle us. rayb
  7. rayb777

    NEW DOG !!!!!!!!!!!

    Did sombody say new pupppy? We have a 5 month old Beagle named Lucy. We got her in January to be a little sister to our 8 year old Beagle. rayb
  8. rayb777

    Hullo, Newbie from Cincinnati

    And welcome from another Buckeye. I'm Ray from Columbus, although I grew up in Cincinnati. I'm a lbk from a blood clot. I've met several other amps from the cincy area, and I know there are some good support groups. I can connect you if you're interested. rayb
  9. Johnny - I will be there. We never made a connection last year. Hopefully we do this year. I'm still shopping for air fare. Looks like it will be 250. rayb - Ray, Columbus Ohio - 3rd time
  10. rayb777

    How to Bowl

    Neal, I'm also a LBK. I've bowled several times since my amputation ('98). The most recent was just a couple of weeks ago. Three games and I averaged 125 (I don't know what that is in metric for those outside the US :) ) I found the key is forget about how you used to do it. I just walk up to the line and roll. A couple of years ago I broke 200 - so it does work. Good luck and have fun, and yes you'll be sore the next day. rayb
  11. My current leg is a test leg from Ohio Willow Wood. Before that I too was going to Hanger on Dublin Rd which is only 10 minutes from my house. My first shop was American - until they were dropped by my insurance. rayb
  12. Welcome from a fellow Buckeye (Columbus). I'm an LBK from an arterial clot in my leg. ('98) I don't post very often to the forum but I do check in a lot in case I have something to say. rayb
  13. rayb777

    New to all of this

    Hello Mike, my LBK also sounds like yours (and like Sheila, without the infection). I had a popliteal clot due to peripheral arterial disease. Clot busting drugs and surgery couldn't save the foot. I just passed seven year anniversary last week. Welcome rayb columbus ohio
  14. rayb777

    ACA Conference 2005 Review

    Johnny, I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet. I was pulled to another table at Thursday's lunch and our paths never crossed. I will find you next year. Brenda, it was good to talk with you again. You're right Johnny, it was a great conference. rayb
  15. Yes, I'll be there. Last year was my first, and I hope an annual vacation. rayb