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    A few of the things I like to do are fishing, shopping, reading. I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 kids. My husband and I bought a 2003 Harley Davidson and we spend lots of time riding when it's nice outside. I hope within a year I can have my own bike. <br><br>I love running and run competitevly distances that I have run are 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles), 15K (9.3 miles), Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and a Marathon (26.2 Miles). I started my training in March of 2003 and since my training has started my times have dropped. I am going to continue to train and compete and hopefully I will be able to make it to the 2008 Paralympic games.

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  1. Welcome back, Brenda! :-)

  2. Brenda

    Hello :D

    Alex, I've been wearing a prosthesis for 41 years in April and I've tried everything and to be honest haven't found anything that really works that well. My only issue with using deodorants is that I have sensitive skin and I don't want to get a rash on my leg because then I would be itchy all day. Hope someone can give you some kind of advice that will work for you. For me it's part of the territory. Welcome aboard.
  3. Brenda


    Hi Cat, Yup you dragged me in... I couldn't stay away any longer I missed you all. Again thank you for dragging me in... LOL Hi Ally, Glad to be back in the family again... Johnny V, Sorry for your luck on being lactose intolerant... I'm going to get me a bowl of ice cream... LOL Love ya...
  4. Brenda


    Hi Neal and Cheryl it's good to be back...
  5. Brenda

    Water/beach activity leg

    I always used one that I had expired when I got a new one they usually worked well unless I had really out grown it. The cost of the water ones just to much when I can use what I already have if it works. Good luck with your search. Let us know how it works out for you.
  6. Brenda

    vari-flex foot

    JL, I haven't posted on here in a long time so you don't know me. I wish t first welcome you to this forum with many wonderful people with lots of knowledge and just the wealth of information. This is my two cents worth. If I were you I would go with the Renegade this is a wonderful foot will give you lots of flexibility on uneven terraine etc. I wear this foot and love it. I have done everything from running to surfing with it and it has not failed me. Remember most feet come with a 30 day trial so if you don't like it you can give it back and get another one. You might want your prosthetist to order you one one of each of your top picks so you can try them out before your final decision. If he is worth any weight in GOLD he will accommodate you. Trust me with years of experience in this (41) don't let your prosthetist even if he is an amputee make your decision for you based on his knowledge because I've been to prosthetist that were amputees and it didn't make them any better than prosthetist without an amputation. Go with your gut and make the best decision that will benefit your life you will not regret it. Hope this helps you in your decision. Good LUCK!
  7. Brenda


    Hi Higgy and JohnnyV. I'm glad to be back and NO I will only go by Grandma nothing else. Yes time does fly when we are having fun. I promise pictures of my Granddaughter once she arrives. I am going to buy a digital camera soon.
  8. Brenda


    Ann, Kep and Ann nice to see you guys again glad you're here to welcome me back. I do plan on staying awhile since you all are my true friends. Trailmaster Toby thanks for welcoming me back. Welcome to the forum I used to come here all the time but like I said my life had so many bumps and hiccups now I'm doing ok. I should have never left because there is so much support here from friends and I always enjoyed helping others with issues or just trying to encourage others. Life has it's challenges and we need each other to help us through them. So here I am again HOME!!! And yes it's nice to see other floridians on the forum.
  9. Brenda

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    Tamara, I have been parking in Hadicapped spots for years and I still get the occasional look or the handicapped police person whomever it is that day asking me if I have a placard etc. I got asked that the other night when I parked, my vehicle license plate is a wheelchair I did this because my blue placard kept breaking on me anyway I'm always quesstioned and I always park in the handicapped spot if available. I look at it this way anything can happen when in a store or resturant and I could feel perfectly fine right now and be hurting in 5 mins (not that I hurt that much) but you just never know what situation can arise. So continue to park in the Handicapped parking and when questioned tell them to mind their own business and that you are legally able to park if they have a problem that is their problem. I will continue to park where I feel necessary and as one other poster said sometimes you just can't get out of your car in a normal spot anyway. That would be my two cents.
  10. Brenda


    Hi Everyone! I've been gone for a long time. I had issues with my computer for awhile, I've had issues with a spouse he's gone, I've had issues with perspective relationships they are gone, I've moved again I now live in Ocala (in the forest) and love it, my oldest daughter moved out and is now expecting my first grandbaby (It's a GIRL!). So it's just me and Marie now and right now I am unemployed (got laid off) but it's all good. My leg is doing great have had some success with cycling, and of course there is still my running but not competing like I did before (not because I don't want to but because I can't afford to). Anyway sorry for my long absents but had to deal with life and things and time is always a factor. I'll be around to hopefully help anyway I can. I've missed you all (especially you JohnnyV ) Huggs and Kisses.
  11. Brenda

    The first time since the chop

    Neal, Good for you! I drove a stick for years (RBK) and loved it. I haven't driven a stick in about 4 yrs and sometimes I miss it. I will have to borrow one so I can keep the practice. LOL
  12. Brenda

    Can I be a 'Half-Nutter'?

    Well done! Hey I'm not that young but I do love to surf and run! My yard shows for it to because I'm never around to do anything. I need a yard boy! Any takers. LOL
  13. Brenda

    Just Lookin' for Friends!

    Hi Stumped, Sorry I'm late welcoming you to the forum family my computer at home keeps shutting off for no reason so off (finally) to the shop she goes tomorrow. I hope it's an easy fix! Anyway I've been at this for a long time (birth defect) and honestly it's had some trials and tribulations but for the most part I've lived life to the fullest. So pull up your chair get comfortable and join in on the fun! (I see you've been doing just that). Look forward to getting to know you. Good luck with the check socket tomorrow!
  14. Brenda


    Here's the article http://www.floridatoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/.../605140332/1002 Here's some photos http://www.floridatoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/...ry=photogallery