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    In the middle of New York State
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    I am a metal artist, have a studio where I work. I also love to garden. I take care of 3 dogs, boston terrier, boxer, and a bassett hound. I also take care of 2 mules.<br>I like to bicycle, camp, and am very active.

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  1. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    Ally, is your prosthetics guy in Chicago or New York? Ask him if he has met or heard of Bill Sampson?
  2. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    Thanks Ally. There are so many variables to narrow down-but I should still have no pain to walk. It is happening when I first put it on now, and I have been putting it on 3 to 4 times to see if I can get it right....so it is back to the prosthetics department. I am sure they will figure it out. When things like this happen it is not our fault. I'll let you know more as to what they do. They are good.
  3. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    Ally, I am having good and bad days. It seems weird that the prosthetic guy will fix the problem, I walk out of there and then I have the same problem a few days later-GO FIGURE? I don't know if it is the heat, maybe I am putting it on wrong, or have lost some weight....This is so new to me that it is getting rather confusing, AND I am sitting here a bit tryed and a bit sad-NEEDING SOME ANSWERS. Sorry I don't have any good news right now. I hope that the G-8 summit helps the world. What I didn't like is Bush did not address global warming as a problem. He said it will hurt the economy-but what about the ice caps, the world, the people and the animals?
  4. Heather Mills was on the today show this morning and will be on Days of Our Lives promoting No Land MInes. she will be on the 4th of July. One of the actors is portaying a soldier that lost his leg, and Heather is giving him the confidence to go on. She is so articulate and full of compassion. Very focused on the cause.
  5. mulerider

    pressure wound - socket

    I always believed that there were exceptional doctors in the northern part of the continent-Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. It always seemed like they are very progessive with prosthetics. I sympathize with you because I have some bony contact with my socket. You can ask around but I think that a prothetisis can make this area more comfortable with a good fitting socket. There are so many space age materials that could be used-such as foam, like the swedish bed? I can't say for sure though, not knowing enough-I am not an expert.
  6. mulerider

    Leg Removal Etiquette

    I am glad I came to this board-he,he. An AKA has a much harder time poping the leg off. I did have a boy friend that once said "throw that chunk of wood off and get into bed." I did love his raw humor. Well, I do prefere more refined qualities in a man, but you pay the price of someone being a bit put off. I am a modest person. when I went to Iceland, to the blue lagoon, I was so emabarassed about taking my leg off and showering that one icelandic women came over and helped me. She was so kind! I was comfortable after that. After so many years of being an AKA I don't care about who I am. That sounded funny-It doesn't bother me any more and I figure if it bothers someone else it is something they must think about-not me, I am done thinking or worring about it.
  7. mulerider

    fast up walking again

    Yes, my first stump (ihate that word) I use "nubby" my nubby shrunk quite a bit. They kept putting bondo inside to keep up with the increasing space. Then came the new socket. I do remember wearing an ace bandage at night to keep the shape into a roll of salami. GOOD LUCK and let us know what combination they are going to give you.
  8. mulerider

    blisters-soft water

    We have heavy iron in our water, and my husband boosted the salt in our water. Well the next day I had blisters. To make both of us happy I rince with distilled water. If anybody has blisters on hot days, it might not be you, it might be the added salt in the water. Many water treatment plants put additives that may cause irritations.
  9. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    Wow Ally, It sounds awsome. I grew up in New York City and it was different; safe and personal. You could go anywhere and not worry, but not now. I don't live there any more, but I visit to get my fill of culture. And there is crime, and you have to be careful. Well, my flexible socket has been giving me some problems. There is a rough spot on the bottom that might be the culprit. My legman has gone on vacation-probably with the money I just paid him for my leg. He won't be able to see me until the 28th...nice vacation! So, I am using old faithful.
  10. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    Ally, what is it like living in South Africa?
  11. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    My test socket was made of a different material than the new socket, and it took a little while for me to put a human patina on this sticky surface. I have found to go light on powder and I use a jel to reduce friction. I have gone all day on this leg and I am starting to really like it. My,my all of you have done your homework-and so smart as to knowing everything. I must say, that sort of energy has gone by the way side-and over time, because up until a year ago I was fine with what I had (good for 12 years) but now there are so many choices! I can see that it requires an education. I am so glad that WE are asking our prosthetic doctors to get things right. Mine works best in finding and solving the problem. At first I didn't think he was that patient, but now I know he is very good. Ally, I think that you will like this socket. It gives you some added flexibility, and freeness. I will keep you updated. :)
  12. mulerider

    what is wrong with prosthesisists

    paul, is that a toilet plunger at the end of your long john silvers leg? he,he.
  13. mulerider

    socket discomfort

    I recently got a new socket, and have used aquaphor. It doesn't dry out like petroleum jelly. Adding powder however, ;) has a cement effect-and this has lead to irritations, so I go light on the powder. And Krazy is right-use it in the groin area. I have had some nasty things happen here-not to write home about. Lately life has been a B..ch for me....one day is good, one day is not so good. I remember when I was a kid we didn't wear shoes all summer, my feet were so tough I could walk on glass, but then school started and we got new buster brown shoes; I'd walk on them the first day of school and have blisters so bad I had to double up on sox the next day! This is the only consoling fact I have for what I am going through now. ;)
  14. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    Well, not that fast. I wore it today, all day, and the same spot is giving me a problem. My thought is to break it in slowly. I feel a little down in the dumps at the moment. I haven't had a socket change in 30 years. But I remember when I first started out they told me to wear the leg for a few hours at a time. I don't know. This socket is so different from my old one.
  15. mulerider

    Flexible socket

    The flexible MAS socket, is great for me and the prostetisis. I needed to have some adjustments and they were easy to narrow down and fix. My sore spot caused by rubing on the sticky surface was cured with a glob of aqua-jell. I am finally giving this baby a test drive. Anybody watching the Indy today?