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    make them stop

    Do not shave your groin area! The hairs that grow back are going to rub against the hard surface and cause the same problem. I smear petrolium (sp) jelly on my groin area which limits the friction. Friction is what causes hair folical irritation. If I do get a flare up I use the jelly and I take Moltrin to reduce the inflamation. You could also use tweezers on areas that start to look inflamed and put an antibiotic cream like neo-sporen (sp?) For 30 years, this has my biggest pet peeve- is to not have those nasty creatures flare up. Ask your prosthetic person if they have a solution also, there might be more pressure than you need. ALSO... I have found that controling my weight is so important to keep a good fit.
  2. mulerider

    The People Who Stare

    Well-the point I was trying to make is if you had purple hair and red shoes (I added that) no one would look at an artificial leg! Make a statement louder that what is obvious and people will only remember things that are not so obvious. I could not even spell this guys name but I will try- Sirino Debresrack (you know the guy with the huge nose?) Everyone looked at his honker. But little did they nose that he was quite a romantic (this was before feet was a good give away) The nose is a nose-oh want a beautiful nose. I say if everyone is looking down, make them look up-wear a red scarf or you're in luck if you have a big nose.
  3. mulerider

    Trip To Disney World

    I have been to Disney world several times. My first advice is to get a map and check times for shows and parades. You will and your kids will love the rides. I was able to move ahead of other people because of my handicap, so this is good if it is crowded. Get there early, as soon as the gaits open, you will feel like you have the place to yourself. There are plenty of places to eat, and the serving sizes are big, my husband and I shared food and saved money. Disney World is wheelchair friendly. And if you want to do something different, try Universal Studios-this was really fun too....more rides, shows, and good places to eat. Orlando is also a neat city to explore...The Titanic museum,Ripley's, and the Nascar restaurant. And if you like dolphins there is always Sea World....great shows, and rides. Have lots of fun!
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    During the week I drive a jeep liberty with a left foot pedal (not to be confused with the break) on week-ends I ride my mule
  5. mulerider

    The People Who Stare

    Bright Purple
  6. mulerider

    The People Who Stare

    I guess i don't know how to do the tag thing.
  7. mulerider

    The People Who Stare

    I would dye my hair bright purple and then they won't stare at you leg anymore-ha,ha.
  8. mulerider

    Flip Flops

    The best sandles that I have found so far are the fisherman type with a toe.
  9. mulerider

    Flying to the United States

    I have been to Airports many times in the US and coming back from Europe, They won't make you take your leg off, but they will do a good search. I found that the US is harder on people coming into this country, even before 9/11 than us going around the world. I felt welcomed when I went to Iceland, and then like a criminal coming back to America. Go figure-land of liberty and democracy? Bring me your tired and weak huddled masses-just let me frisk you first.
  10. mulerider


    I went to the beach and sand gets in everywhere. I left my leg home and crutched it. I am a bit modest and wore light weight cut off shorts-longer side to hide my stump. And it is best to keep your stump covered anyway because you don't want sun burn! When I went to the beach JAWS the movie just came out and I happened to be at Block Island, off of Long Island where the film was made. I was younger then, and shouted "Shark" when I got out of the water. I had someone help me with my crutches when going in and out of the water. I also went to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. At first I was shy about going there, but Icelandic people are sooooo nice and understanding. It was a once in a life time thing and we are only on this earth once (at least) It is best to go and do what you want and let other people deal with issues, after all you are brave enough.
  11. mulerider

    C Leg

    I am getting fitted for a C-leg March 8th. I am so happy to hear that this is a good leg from this web site. I have had artificial legs for 30 years and this is the first one that sounds like it has improved peoples lives considerably. The cost is $45,000 in America. I can't believe they can be so expensive! Our dollar is twice as much as the UK-It almost seems like I could fly there and get it cheaper. I really do not like America right now. It is ironic that the right wing conservatives so religious can seem not so right as Americans-but here we are. America is a greedy place. Well, sorry about the politics. Glad this site is here to talk about legs.Zip.
  12. mulerider

    Little help please

    I lwas reminded of a trick our mothers used to get boots on and off-A plastic bag over the sock makes the boot go on easier. I have mules and I need boots most of the time-LL Bean has lace up boots that are water proof, but to get them on easier, once I knew they were mine, I cut the soft side parts all the way to the leather, just so I could put them on. My husband and I have had our boot battles tough...out of breath and red in the face trying to get them on and off. The beauty with one leg is if it is some days in a row, you can leave the boot right on, and leave it in the corner when not in use.
  13. mulerider


    Some water from the tap is treated with chemicals. We have hard water and must soften it with salt-this irritated my skin. I wash with our tap water then rince with bottled water to clean my socket out. Aloe gel (not dyed) is very good for your skin. and also an oatmeal bath is good for your skin. Be careful of certain soaps.
  14. mulerider

    watch out for those crutches.

    I got rid of canadian crutches, and went back to the under arm type. I fell with the Canadian crutches and I couldn't catch myself, because I was attached to the arm bands-considered them dangerous. But yes, old tips can be slippery..like the idea that you score the bottoms of tips. And wathc out for wet floors in the bathroom.