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  1. I should have mentioned, I don't have use of my right hand (congenital), so wouldn't be able to use any sort of ski stick (sorry, don't know the correct terminology!!)
  2. Hi there, I wondered if anyone could give me some advice as to wheather snow boarding would be a better introduction to the world of snow than skiing???!!! Skiing/snowboarding is something I've wanted to do for a while and I'm going to venture to an indoor snow dome next week. I am RBK (congenital) and have a pretty weak and small knee (if that makes sense!!) and wanted some advie from those of you that have tried... Look forward to hearing from someone, jules
  3. Hi Rikk I could see what the rotor was doing straight way, and it shows exactly the problem I face when trying to get out of the saddle - not being able to get a full rotation of the pedal (sorry, I'm not up on the technical jargon!!!) Thanks all for the advice. I'm determined to get back into it and have found a bike I felt really comfortable on yesterday, ladies Giant flat handle road bike. Not expensive in bike terms, but I think confidence building will be my first challenge...then I'll look at investing in some gear to help me progress e.g. rotar!!!! I have never really had a problem with my foot coming off the pedal...but no dobt I'll fall off at least once. I've given myself the challenge of the London-Brighton charity ride next June....plenty of time! My hubby is really into his cycling and I'm hoping this is something we'll be able to do together! Thanks again, Jules
  4. I'm just getting back into cycling after many years (I'm a BKA (congenital)). As a child I was never able to cycle 'out of the saddle'....which can make hills a bit awkward, even with lots of gears! I just wondered whether anyone had any tips regarding this or any general tips for someone getting back on their bike!!!??? I think my biggest hurdle is getting my confidence back....roads petrify me, and it's road cycling I want to get in to....!!!
  5. Jules

    Friction Sores/Hard Skin/Corns?

    Hi Lizzie Thanks for your message...I'm going to ring the hospital first thing and get my leg checked, it's getting me down so much now... Only 6 weeks to go...! So much to do before then! Julia x
  6. Blimey I haven't been on here for ages...sorry folks I'm depserately hoping someone can help. I've been really suffering with what appear to be corns/hard skin where my stump gets the most impact - knee and behind my knee where my socket sits. I wear a thick sock and juzo to keep my leg on, my stump sweats too much for iceross, although I have one for running. Does anyone else suffer with anything similar? I'm going away in 6 weeks to get married and want to be able to enjoy day trips rather than avoid them for fear of my leg getting so sore I have to rest for two days after! Thanks Julia x
  7. Jules

    Flip Flops

    Thanks all, I think I'll try velcro next. I've tried pritt pads, but they didn't work that well! Will let you know how I get on!
  8. Jules

    Flip Flops

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering whether there is anyone out there who has succeeded in wearing flip flops.... I've gone past wanting to wear heels and am resigned to the fact that I'll wear no more than 21/4 inch heels. But I long to wear little thong flip flops, all help greatly appreciated!
  9. Jules

    My first message

    Welcome to the site, I'm new as well, and am also gutted that I didn't find it sooner! Hope you find it as useful (and motivating) as I have in the short time I have been on here...
  10. Jules

    Hello - I'm new

    Thanks Brenda, the link worked and the leg looks great, I am so excited and extremely annoyed with myself for not looking into it before! Judy, well done on the skiing, I am hoping that we can book a ski trip for nxt winter, we've already got 4 trips planned for this year! Plus we get married next summer so things are pretty hectic! Did you have a special foot? The skiing doesn't frighten me, but the lifts do! ;)
  11. Jules

    Hello - I'm new

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Brenda, can you tell me how to see the photo of your running leg, I looked in intros, but am still navigating my way around the site! I'm not sure what type of foot I'll be having, I'm not very technical at all, but I was asked whether cosmesis was an issue, which it isn't, and also whether I wanted to sprint, which I'd love to but think I'd better learn how to run properly first! I'll find out more at my next appointment, probably next week! I've got an iceross leg (among others) in my wardrobe, but have never really taken to it for long periods. I still wear a juzo knee support to hold it on! (which is better that a full thigh length of tubi-grip I had to put up with when growing up!!!) I used to go to Rookwood in Cardiff, but I live in Neath now, so attend Morriston, John is my fitter too, and he's great! I am so gutted that I didn't find this site before, I've already got loads of useful information and am feeling re-motivated and totally inspired - once I get me running sorted I'm planning on skiing....any tips on whether I need a special leg to do this, greatly received! lol julia
  12. Jules

    Hello - I'm new

    Thanks for all your messages, I'll let you know how I get on with my new leg. I'm going for a first fitting next week, I'll be having an iceross socket (which I don't normally use), so fingers crossed all will go well! Speak soon
  13. Jules

    Hello - I'm new

    Thanks Catherine, how do you manage running without any spring in your foot? I've tried and tried and end up in a lot of pain for days! I'm hoping this might be a solution! :) The forum seems really good, I'm looking forward to getting loads of tips from everyone!
  14. Jules

    Hello - I'm new

    Hi everyone, I just thought I would say hello as I'm new to this forum. I only wish I had found it before. I'm not an amputee, I was born without my limb, but am very fortunate in that I have my knee...so I don't experience a lot of the difficulties that many of you go through. I had my first leg when I was 20 months old (I'm 24 now) and was fitted at Roehampton. I now attend Morriston Hospital in Swansea and the staff are fab...I attended clinic last week, and asked for something that had been at the back of my mind for a long time - one of those 'running legs', I'm not very technical, but they are the type worn by athletes, I am a very active person but have never really been able to run due to the pressure on my knee (which is very small, in comparison to my 'good leg') and my hip....does anyone have experience of these legs? Anyway, this message was only supposed to be a 'hello' so sorry for waffling I look forward to chatting to you all Julia, Wales, UK