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  1. hiya dont post much , but been casted for new socket and picked the leg up , its quite comfy ish well i feel all through me stump which makes it numb when walking , anyone ever had this ?
  2. paul

    feeling everystep through me stump

    hiya thanks for the replys, im going in limb c next week, it happens more when im walking and there is a thud with knee and heel strike, so i hope it gets sorted for me . Paul
  3. paul

    feeling everystep through me stump

    Hiya i wouldnt say pin & needles but there is a sensation in me socket , but i have lost alot of weight and was casted for that reason being my old iceross was a size 34 and now im in a 26.5 size soo the old leg there was alot of movement going on even with socks , and now im wondering its becoz im that snug now with it being suction socket . and i need time get into it .
  4. paul

    feeling everystep through me stump

    Hiya Ann yes very weird feeling the numbness, Ive never had this before they have swapped me foot to a softer heel from me old one soo i thought overall it would be alot better walking through and all but i dont feel it , When i start out to walk its fine and as times goes on then the numbness starts there is no red spots when i remove me iceross so cant be pushing on one spot but when i take me leg of at night now it aches like mad . Im going to phone My Limb centre to make appointment go in. Paul
  5. A New Socket and sore stump ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. What's on your mind?

  7. paul

    Another newbie

    Hello Heather welcome to the Forum, I hope you get plenty of suport here and advice. things at first will seem strange ignore the stares the time will come when u wear the leg all day and they will be none the wiser lol. keep plodding away it will all come together in the end x Im not far from you Im Middlewich small world eh, nice to meet you . paul
  8. paul

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everybody and happy New year Paul
  9. paul

    Itchy rash

    hi. try some vaseline will stop the rubbing not alot tho
  10. paul

    Lapse of concentration

    Hiya , I think we all get a dent in are pride when we fall over and most or sum have got up and forgot there leg is missing, i fall alot after lager lol paul
  11. paul

    Suction Socket

    Hiya all, I am getting to think the suction is good just by the overall feel, the leg doesnt seem to hang of the stump like it does with the pin that heavy feel u get after having it on for so long, I ony have one ring onmine and i use hand cream to put mine on lynne .By the way u all talking there not good for the sitting part then... Ive had it on for the last 2 days anyway soo ill keep giving it ago, it feels lighter to when i lift me leg to get in the car. tc alll Paul
  12. paul

    Suction Socket

    Hello Just started reading this on suction sockets, i was always been in the iceross and pin system but got lots of movement in there elg moving around sores and that, so they have casted me and put me with one of these sction sockets http://www.ossur.co.uk/prosthetics/liners/...s-Seal-In-(HSM), can any body else say anything about this type of socket. I keep trying it but im not to sure about it. dont no if the link as worked im not to sure what to do... Paul
  13. paul

    Hazel Glad to see u bck on here hope all ok

  14. Hi , I do the exercise bike but being above knee how do u sit comfy in the saddle i move around like i dont no what the socket catches on seat
  15. paul

    Where in the UK?

    Hey up Im in Cheshire , How you doing Pam, and steve how things steve with you im still up at The Hospital alot lol
  16. paul

    sitting down

    Hiya all hope evryone is well. I started back work early this year in a office job and my hips and bottom of me back are so sore , i went to the doctors they did some tests and it looks like i could have the start of Osteoporosis, So im waiting now to go for a scan , as anyone else ever sat back a wondered why we have to suffer so much in life , and to top it all since Ive been back in work i have nevre felt so Ill in myself if it chest infections or colds and all. anyway that me rant over take care alll bye Paul
  17. paul

    Happy Birthday Hazel

    Happy Birthday Hazel Hope you have a good one getting on now girl hehe :P Paul
  18. paul

    Happy Birthday Hazel

    Glad u had lovely day you deserve it, let us know how the falconery goes wow i have pic some where of my wife with a big owl on her arm good , paul
  19. paul


    Goon on ya Lisa if people want stare let them go for it girl, I swim every week some stare some dont thats there doing, But its a brill feeling in the water isnt it keep it up. paul
  20. paul

    Happy Birthday Hazel

    Me cake didnt work sorry have to go back college lol
  21. paul

    Busy week

    Hi all are we all well,, Well i went for me sixmonth check up on monday and me Lungs are all clear again no tumours yippeee, but ive had a few lumps coming on me arm and chest soo i had to go back again for a ultrasound scan on wed and the radiology lady seems to think like me consultant thay they are fat deposits which i hope they are i dont think i have the energy for any more treatment,, and today been up at me limb c for four hours sat putting the leg on then off ajust it and still not brought it home with me. Life can be hard going i think its time for a beer :P paul
  22. paul

    Busy week

    Hiya All Im ok my results are back they are lipoma a fat deposit which are benign im soo happy my fear of going through chemo another 3rd time was worrying im ok im soo happyyyy :D . thxs all bye paulxxx
  23. paul

    LBK, July 19th, 2007

    Hi Joe welcome
  24. paul

    Busy week

    Hiya thxs for the posts ive had no news yet from my scan soo im still hoping its going be good news. thxs paul
  25. paul

    AK Silicone Liner Issue?

    Hiya, I use the iceross pin system i loose mine now and again if im active or its hot its a case of taking of and wiping the sweat off , only at the weekend i at to go and clean off, have you ever just wiped the inside of the liner with a little talc powder, and any sore bits put vaseline on them stop the friction.. not much help sorry bye paul