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  1. Karen

    Happy B-Day mmarie

    Happy Birthday dear girlfriend!!!! Love, Karen
  2. Karen

    New Prosthetic design

    Oh my gosh, Bearlover, you are such a PARTY POOPER!!!! Obviously, you don't get (or want to get) what everyone else has said. And Marsha explained it so clearly! The fact that her husband pays tribute to Garth with his prosthetic leg design is a unique and cool thing that Garth would probably love to know about. Sam's not holding his hat out for donations on a street corner or asking for pity from anyone. Hey, Sam/Marsha -- have you mentioned your "wish" to the Sabolichs? They may have some personal contacts in the area who could help. XO Karen AKA Orlando, Florida
  3. Karen

    Message by George Carlin

    I love reading "reminders" like this. Thanks for helping me put things in perspective today! XO Karen AKA Orlando, FL
  4. Karen

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes, my sweet forum friends! My 7 year old daughter tapped me on the shoulder that morning and I smiled to myself, thinking "she just can't wait to wish her mommy a happy birthday!" :) ....then she threw up on me! :o So we had a rather low key celebration, but the good news is, Sammy was feeling much better by that evening - the best birthday gift I could have. XO Karen
  5. Karen

    Our Marcia

    Ouch! :( Hope you won't need to have THAT done for much longer! Wish I could just pop over with a bottle of wine to help take the sting away! :) XO Karen
  6. Karen

    Our Marcia

    I'm so glad you are home and healing! :) :) :) Love ya, Karen
  7. Karen

    Amputee Soldiers

    The soldiers at Walter Reed have a great support group program; in fact, of all the programs created for the amputees, the soldiers have said the support groups have made the biggest difference in their recovery. Don't think for a minute that they don't ever complain, have a bad day, or get depressed! Everyone needs to "whine" from time to time, and having support available to them at that time is invaluable. I would hate to think that anyone would be afraid to look for support on this forum for fear that it would be considered whining. Karen AKA Orlando, Florida
  8. Karen

    Our Marcia

    A little update.... I spoke with Marcia an hour ago. She was waiting for the doctor to come in and "unpack" her wound and let her know when she could leave the hospital. Hopefully, she'll be able to write her own updates from home pretty soon. If not, I'll keep you all informed. Marcia says thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers..... so far, so good! XO Karen
  9. Karen

    Our Marcia

    Actually, the GOOD news is that her new leg was finished and fit great! The staf infection was located on the inner thigh above the knee, so didn't affect the casting/fitting process. Once the infection clears up, she is ready to roll! XO Karen
  10. Karen

    Time for a Game!

    The POLICEMAN cited the POLAR BEAR for playing his JAZZ music too loud. TAMALE HAT SWIMMING POOL
  11. Karen

    Here's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Hi, Ally Actually, I don't don my socket with cream. I use a little Adaptskin and sesame oil in higher friction areas and then roll my liner on, insert in socket (first inner and then outer) and use the vacuum pump. No slippng and sliding involved! Hmmmmmmmm.... Might Marco may have just told you that to keep you from complaining? Have we caught him in a little fib? :o Just kidding. I'm sure he just did not understand my "gear" as it's unique to my CP. But be sure to tell him that line will not work anymore! :) And thank you for your compliment on my "walk". I've been working really hard on improving my gait since surgery last summer. XO Karen AKA Orlando, Florida
  12. Karen

    Mauch Knee SNS

    FYI... I've never worn had a Mauch knee, but thought this might be of interest of those of you who have, or are thinking about it. There was an ad in this month's O&P Edge (US magazine) for "The New Mauch Knee. Because Great Wasn't Good Enough." Things it says are different are: The new cylinder attachment eliminates torsional and lateral loads on the cylinder; state-of-the-art bearings contribute to smoother motion and increased durability; protected by rubber covers, front and back, the aluminum frame combines strength with a sleek new design; extension stops added to the frame prevent hyperextension and increase the cylinder's lifetime. Ad says that with improved stability, new materials and a sleek new look, it's outperforming its predecessor. Karen :-) AKA Orlando, Florida
  13. Karen

    Here's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Hi, Hopalong! I agree with the others.... you are no old fart! 50 is the new 40 you know! :) I lost my leg to osteosarcoma at age 13. At that time, chemo wasn't heavily used, and I didn't get it. Obviously it worked out OK as I have been cancer free since then. I was told that one "good" thing about some osteosarcomas is that they stay localized to the bone for some time before spreading into the blood stream. By any chance is the guy you will be seeing in Florida named Stan Patterson? I live in Orlando and he is my prosthetist. He is doing awesome things with hip-disarticulates. One of the guys I know walks as well as, if not better than I do (I'm AK). Welcome to the HMM board! You've come to the right place. These people have held my head above water during some tough times. A very compassionate and knowledgeable bunch they are! Karen :-) AK Orlando, Florida
  14. Karen

    AK Silicone Liner Issue?

    Hi, Mike Yes, it's pretty hot in Orlando, we were at 98 degrees yesterday, with a 110 heat index. Wilting!!!! If you will PM me with your email address, I'll send you a few pics of my socket system (I have no clue as to how to do it on the forum....my computer-ese is pretty bad), and tell you how it works. Karen
  15. Karen

    AK Silicone Liner Issue?

    Hi, I wear a silicone liner (but with a vacuum system) and find that when the liner is new I need to use a good lubricant in the high friction areas. After a while, some of the lubricant absorbs into the silicone, and it's no longer necessary. There is a product that works very well called Adaptskin. It eliminates the friction and doesn't cause slippage. They have had a booth at the ACA convention the last couple of years. You need to order it, though. Web site is http://www.adaptlabs.com, or you can call 1-888-842-2040. An over the counter product I've used is Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. (Sorry, it's another "feminine product" , but it does the job!) You shouldn't have to use either one of these products more than once in the morning. I hope I've been of some help. I'm very familiar with the heat and humidity of Florida.... B) Karen AKA Orlando, FL
  16. Karen

    Jan Ertl contact info?

    Sorry, I don't have contact info for you, but I do know one of his past patients, and she mentioned to me that he had left Kaiser late last year and was going to work with another hospital in the same area AFTER he took some time off. He may not be practicing yet. You might want to contact the office of some of the other Ertl surgeons in the area and see if they have any info on his whereabouts. Good luck! Karen AKA Orlando, FL
  17. Hi, Dave I've been wearing the socket you are inquiring about, made by POA in Orlando, for 3 years now. Please PM me and I'll answer any questions you might have. Karen AKA Orlando, Florida
  18. Karen

    Time for new leg

    Hi, everyone I was going to PM Neal privately, but since others have asked some questions I'll respond here :) I think it is great, Neal, that your prosthetist is willing to try to make a socket like Stan's, but if you encounter any problems please ask him to contact Stan for assistance. He's always willing to help! And I want to make sure that you get fit right, because I know that you will absolutely love it! You also might suggest that he (your CP) sign up for one of the classes Stan is scheduling. One of the options includes bringing your own patient and taking home a test socket which can be billed to insurance....not a bad deal. As for the question re losing vacuum during the day, I can only speak from my own experience as an AK, but I use the hand pump once in the morning and only need to use it again if I do vigorous exercise (like one hour in a Spin class...whew!). Otherwise, there is enough vacuum to take me from the time I put it on (approx. 7am) to the time I go to bed (appox. 11pm....except when I am attending the ACA conference ). I will give it an extra "dose" if I'm going out for the evening. I hope this helps!!! Let me know how it's going, Neal! XO Karen
  19. I just read that Heather Mills will be competing on the ABC show "Dancing with the Stars" this season. Go Heather!!!!! Karen AKA Orlando, FL
  20. Karen

    Happy Belated Birthday Nann!

    Hi, Miss Nann! :) I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and look forward to seeing you next week!!!! XO Karen AKA Orlando, Florida
  21. Karen

    Happy Birthday

    Happy belated birthday, dear Ruth!!! I hope it was wonderful. You and Cat will be seriously missed at the ACA conference next week. :( XO Karen
  22. I'll be there!!! :) Karen AKA Orlando, Florida
  23. Karen

    Osseointegration Part One

    Hi, Paul You are truly an inspiration to me, and I'll continue to cheer you on. I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers on the 9th, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Karen AKA Orlando, Florida
  24. Not me! I'm way too wobbly. I didn't know they were offering classes. I'll go if you'll go. I bet you and Cheri could do a mean tango :P Marcia, the ACA listed the agenda for the conference on their website....check it out! I don't think I'd be any good at those classes - thinking a knee would be necessary? But who knows, I might give it a go if you do! ) Cheri will be going to the conference "sans leg" so she will probably be the most graceful dancer of us all.... she is an expert on crutches!!!! XO Karen AKA Orlando, FL
  25. Why not? I'm with you, Marcia! I beam with pride every time I watch her! That'll be YOU at the ACA this June....you know they are offering ballroom dancing classes! :) XO Karen AKA Orlando, FL