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  1. phharr@earthlink.net

    Prosthesis or Crutches?

    Oneblueleg & Sheila, My sentiments exactly. Thanks for the positive encouragement. We are all at different levels, but all are remaining positive and continuing with our lives. Good luck to all Phyl
  2. phharr@earthlink.net

    Prosthesis or Crutches?

    Oneblueleg, My AKA is actually a hemipelvectomy. I don't know of any others on this board, so I just say AKA. This is the most difficult to fit and first I have to be pain free to wear a prosthesis, it is a heavy bucket and a titanium leg. It weighs about 15 lbs and is not worth the effort. Until I am pain free and can find a lighter leg, I am content with crutches. Phyl
  3. phharr@earthlink.net

    Prosthesis or Crutches?

    I use crutches exclusively, but would love to use a prosthesis, if I could find one that is comfortable and not too heavy to wear. As LauraG said it is much more difficult to fit an AK amputee, but we wait and hope for that great leg.
  4. phharr@earthlink.net

    Kids wondering about amputees

    Yes Patrick, Joking is the key. But as we all know, it takes a while to get to that point. We have to get past the embarrassment and self pity and realize that anyone who has a problem with OUR amputation-it's just that-it's their problem and not ours. Thanks again for the affirmation. :) Phyl
  5. phharr@earthlink.net

    Kids wondering about amputees

    I was in the pharmacy buying medicine and a 4 year old saw me with crutches and no prosthesis. I was wearing a skirt. I am at the point that I don't notice adults taking a 2nd look as long as they don't ask me any questions. I go to movies, church, dinner and errands. This little girl looked at my leg, then she looked at me. I smiled at her to let her know it was O.K. as I was O.K. Then the lady next to me said what is she doing? The child had gotten on the floor and was looking under my skirt to see where that leg was. I laughed and her mother was so embarrassed and told her to "get up off that floor." I said She just wants to see where my leg went and left the pharmacy. This was a breakthru for me and I knew I was over any feelings of insecurity. :D Phyl
  6. phharr@earthlink.net

    thru hip amputation

    Thanks Patrick, great info. Andshe, Your message was very helpful. Tell your son to contact me as we are few of the high amputees and have much to talk about. True, he is male and I am female, but the feelings are the same. Yes, I live in the U.S. and am not even sure about getting a second leg made and what hoops I have to jump thru, but you all have encouraged me to try again. I was content to use crutches with my long skirts and not care how it looked to others. Thanks again and to your son; See you can help others even tho you have not participated. Your thoughts and feelings are important and can help someone else. I expect to hear from you Phyl
  7. phharr@earthlink.net

    thru hip amputation

    Patrick & andshe, Since I use crutches, anyway-I am considering having a leg & bucket/socket that is soft to sit in and not made of titanium to walk on. I have been told I will still need crutches or a cane. So I wonder if a totally cosmetic leg would be worthwhile. What do you think? Phyl
  8. phharr@earthlink.net

    thru hip amputation

    She, What is a thru hip amputation? Is it also called a hip disarticulation? I had that kind first an now am a hemipelvectomy. When I got my leg finished, it weighed abt 12lbs and was very hard to even sit in as the socket covers part of the hip. Is this the kind you are referring to? I am somewhat concent to use crutches with long skirts. Which is a shock to me because I could not wait for my leg to be finished. I used to see amputees in wheelchairs and wondered why they were not using a prosthesis. I intend to try another prosthetist to see if there is a lighter leg for my type of ampuration. Good luck to your son Phyl
  9. phharr@earthlink.net

    My husband is a double amputee with an ilestomy

    Hi Fay, I am assuming that without his r/leg & arm, he cannot use any walking aid except the wheelchair-forgive me if tha sounds insensitive. I am a cancer hemi-pelvectomy & most people don't know what that is either. If so, I know there are wheelchairs that are more narrow and if that is not an option-you might have to think about having the doorways enlarged in your house to make the house easier to manuever. Best of luck Phyl
  10. phharr@earthlink.net

    Please help!!

    Welcome Chisels girl, Good advice from the others. I agree that this is a good start for him, just by reading some of the earlier posts, he will find there are others that have been where he is and have now continued their lives and done very well. While it is true that some amputees elect not to use a prosthetic leg, most on this site are doing well with their prosthesis. I also agree with the local amputee support groups. There are many helpful sites on the internet, as well. Just do a search by Google and you and he will be amazed at the information for you both. I wouldn't push him, but I would inquire if he would like to try walking again. At least you will know how he feels about it. Good Luck Phyl
  11. phharr@earthlink.net

    Introduction / My First 5K / My Best Time Ever

    Brenda & Lark, Thanks for posting those pics of Kep & Brenda's legs. I just got my 1st walking leg and am having some probs. Walking is O.K., but it is bulky and I had no idea how a hip disartic.AK leg would look and feel. After seeing the things you & Kep did and how those 2 look, I will now try harder to make sure it is used and not parked in my closet. Thanks again for the pics, they were really helpful. Phyl
  12. phharr@earthlink.net

    What do you do in the shower??

    Thanks Johnny V for the tips on traveling. I am venturing out on my 1st cruise with my sister and found those tips very helpful. Phyl
  13. phharr@earthlink.net

    Qualities of a prothesis

    Thanks Mandy, When I go to my next visit w/my prostheticist, I will be an informed customer. I will know which questions to ask, because of your post. Thanks again Phyl
  14. phharr@earthlink.net

    Thinking Positive

    Nicole, That was so great to read. I printed it out to read when I am not feeling so positive. It should help me get back on track. Thanks for the message Phyl
  15. phharr@earthlink.net


    Hi h1Shahar, I agree w/Brenda, she is always on point. Also, I just had my car converted to a Left foot pedal. I too was driving w/my left foot, but decided to have it converted. The left foot pedal is removable and you take it out whenever someone else is driving your car. (Car wash or parking attendant) The car dealers will reimburse you for the cost of converting as well. Just call the car manufacturer for your car and ask if they reimburse for Disable conversions. You asked if there was one that you could use in other cars-I have not heard of that kind. This system converts your car and can be removed, but only for your own car. Do a Google search and type in Amputation Adaptive Device and many will come up, by area. It's a little tricky, because we drive by instinct and are used to the gas pedal to the right of the brake and when you jam on your brakes, you still think right to left instead of left to right. Hope this helps Phyl