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  1. carpet lady

    Partial right amputee with severe skin irritation.

    mary you can get tests to see wat you are allergic to. if you had no problems before maybe they changed wat they make you leg from. Also how do you maintain you stump. do you cream it regularly and if so wat do you use. maybe they have changed how they make the cream/soap etc. pressure sores are the norm for most of us with prosthetic legs that dont fit properly but cracked skin is usually down to dry and irritated areas. I have a rubber allergy and use a sleeve that has no ruber. this means that it also has less cushioning andtherefore i get pressure sores. One issue can lead to another. Go see a doctor cos if it is an allergy thing they can find out. Rachel
  2. carpet lady

    DLA (question for Brits)

    Thanks folks for all the information. I have passed it on but they already knew most of it. Very clued up people. An amazing couple. They are going on a saga cruise this week as they won a little lottery money and are gonna blow it on a holiday. Rachel
  3. carpet lady

    Conscious about body "image"

    Well done sparky I agree Neal it is still about 'image' whether you are covered or not. When I got my first leg I wanted it to look as 'normal' as possible cos i did not wanna be different. I have now walked for over a year with crutches and a limp in constant pain. Now i wanna be able to stand up right and look 'a different normal'. Is that not body image. cover or no cover. pretty leg or wooden leg. Rachel Hi Tamara I hope society is changing cos the world would be a better place with a little tolerance.
  4. carpet lady

    DLA (question for Brits)

    I know this is an old topic but recently i was chatting to an67 year old gentleman who had become a double amputee skiing of all things. He is not entitled to apply for dla as he is too old to work. There is no alternative for the elderly so he now has to rely on public transport to get to hospital. They have cut the budget for free transport so he is even more broke. I felt so sorry for him. His wife is still working as they cannot make ends meet unles she does. If she can work and he was working up until the accident surely surely he should be entitled Rachel
  5. carpet lady

    Preparing for amputation

    Hi Dude I was in your place about 5 years ago. Ok this may sound really really weird. but i had a lot of 'itchy' leg syndrome and the best way to stop it was to go to the loo. Told you it was odd but it helped. Rachel also i had less phantom pains than i expected as my doc believed in pre op pain control. I had a epidural 12 hours before the operation and they kept it in for about 2 days. By the time the phantoms really kicked in i had gotten over the worst of the op. I just felt relieved I was reasonably pain free
  6. carpet lady

    Conscious about body "image"

    cover no cover. hey i just want one that fits and is comfortable and i dont have to spend hours and hours getting it sorted. I did have mine covered but life is too short. it takes them like 5 hours to cover it each time. I get out the door and it hurts again and I go through the whole thing all over again. I JUST WANT TO WALK PAIN FREE I dont care wat it looks like lol
  7. carpet lady


    thanxs everyone good to finally get back. my own stupidity really am NOT computer literate and kept trying to re register lol Life is a little hard at the moment but am gonna keep fighting it. Rachel Ann I think my Quacks decision to have further surgery was a mistake big time. I almost decided to hang it all and get a wheelchair LOL They had a really pretty one in pink with flowers on it. (Joke) I sorta lost the 'fighting' spirit. I believe I have it back now. Just need to lose the few pounds i put on and am sure i will pick up and walk the dogs again.
  8. carpet lady

    Water/beach activity leg

    There is one for below knee amps as I met a guy on holiday who used to work the oil rigs. he uses his for everything including scuba diving lol Sorry I dont know the name but I know he has his paid for due to an accident at work. Rachel
  9. carpet lady

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    This is a very controversial subject isnt it lol
  10. carpet lady

    your input needed

    Another thing is for easy access to find this information out. Not all of us are as computer literate as others. I have spent hours in tourist places to find I am no further forward. I live in Milton Keynes at the present and know that there is almost nowhere i cannot go. However, others who arrive in the city have no idea how easy accessible everything is. Where do they look and who do they talk. Sorry
  11. carpet lady

    amputee centres

    Many thanks l Looks like a satellite one in the general hospital. At least i know where the nearest one is now. If any one goes there please let me know rachel
  12. carpet lady


    Hope you faired ok with those fires cat not nice. I had to evacuate my boy back to the UK.
  13. carpet lady


    compared to you lynne i am ok. I have had more surgery and am back at square one ish. i can at least wear my leg all day just cant walk in it lol How are you all
  14. carpet lady


    I have been gone but nt realy lost my password etc but i have been reading and learning thanx Rachel
  15. carpet lady

    Choosing a Limb centre in the Midlands

    Hi I have ben asking the same question. if yu have had any replies any chane i can see thm 2 thanks