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  1. Gaza

    Cost of the C-Leg in the UK in 2011

    sorry grum, i did not make myself clear with the term ongoing costs. what i ment by ongoing costs it that in most cases a leg is for life and not just 5 years so the cost is ongoing, i have little doubt that when the 5 years are up the c-leg unit will be a little worse for its 5 years and a new purchase would probably be a better option than near future hefty repair costs. one point grum are you saying the service agreement is a £100 a week or the whole package i.e. purchase of the c-leg and the service package equates to £100 per week over the 5 years? But i am with you on this one grum, if i could afford a c-leg i would have one, i have read the hype (sorry for keep calling it hype) and my life as an amputee feels short changed without one, but for me the choice is do i have a c-leg or do i pay my mortgage, if what you say is true, the one would make me moble in superior fashion and the other keeps me from being homeless. as for the NHS not funding the 3r80, well, and i know the process is fustrating, thats down to demonstrating the need as most PCT will at least consider the 3r80 with Doctor support?
  2. Gaza

    Cost of the C-Leg in the UK in 2011

    hi grum, well what can i say!! except the post is about funding a c-leg out of ones own pocket!! and not many people can afford the high cost of buying and maintaining one, and as an extreme user like yourself perhaps the cost could be even more??, i hope you did not feel i was saying the c-leg is not that good and all hype!! i have seen it in opperation, i was just stating the high cost, and more so the continued ongoing cost, is far too high for most, and how we are made to feel we are missing something we all should have. as far as the 3r80 goes was yours the old one?? as i have seen the new 3r80 perform against the c-leg - as in, ramps, stairs, walking, different walking speeds, stance, stability, sitting, standing, stumble control, rough ground, obsticals, change of direction speed - can't think what else!! and did not see the c-leg out perform the 3r80, except one costs the earth and out of the reach of most but a must have, and one is funded by the NHS - do you see my point now??
  3. Gaza

    Cost of the C-Leg in the UK in 2011

    oneblueleg is right, and you need to question why you feel a c-leg is right for you, just because its a £24K computer leg does not mean its the best leg for you, and a good reason why the NHS does not always fund the leg. (why do we always believe higher the price higher the quality, and the more ££££ the better it must be, - maybe its called promotional brain washing!!!) a strong person with a good sound remaining leg in my opinion may make better use of other hydraulic types of units anyway, and one the NHS does fund, take a look at ottobocks new 3R80, its funded by the NHS and one of the best units on the market today. £24K, sorry but anybody who pays £24K out of own pocket, and all the add-on later costs, when the NHS, bless them, will fully fund all their needs has, in my opinion, been well and truely taken in by the hype
  4. hi ann, could it be that you are having to control the arcticulation movement you are now getting from the new foot, which your old foot didn't have, and are using muscle you have not used in a long time, if this is the case then as the muscle builds strenght it may become easier?
  5. Gaza

    New Foot, adjusting ...

    the renegade is like the vari-flex in that it does store energy and release it at toe-off, but with the vari-flex you don't feel the energy release as you say you do with the renegade, can't help but feel that its either a design feature of this foot or the toe is in some way under too much flex through fault, and/ or wrong weight calculation?
  6. Gaza

    help with new foot

    Hi tim, great to have ya input from a tech point of view - keep up the gud work
  7. Gaza

    help with new foot

    if its too soft then you have been given the wrong set up for your weight, not the foots fault just wrong calculations, correct fit, set up, and alignment, as always is king
  8. Gaza

    help with new foot

    the vari-flex will do what you ask, the heel can be adjusted to various angles and if its fitted with a male pyramid that too will allow for further adjustment, as i have said i have used the vari-flex for 8yrs with no maintanance needed or faults, if you go to the ossur website, who supply the foot, you will find lots of information to allow for an informed choice. it would be wrong for one to assume that because its not as expensive as some, its in some way lacking.
  9. Gaza

    help with new foot

    hi ya, i have used a vari-flex for the last 7yrs and have just gone through an exorcise to find a 'better' foot and can't, its light, dynamic and because it has a good 'sole-arch' rather than a 'flat-plate' it has the smoothest roll-over of all the feet i have tried, my only problem was lack of torsion control, so i am having fitted a delta-twist unit to combat this. if you choose this foot make sure you have the one fitted with a male pyramid as this offers better adjustment for angle control.
  10. Gaza


    Hi stubby, funny you should ask that, i have used a vari-flex for the last 7yrs, and its a fab foot, but has no built-in torsion control, which is what i am after, but after looking at all the feet available i have concluded that the vari-flex fitted with male pyramid followed by a Delta-Twist torsion unit will offer me the best result at the lowest weight, which is so important for AKA's, the total weight at the knee connection will be under 800g, which would be almost 400g lighter than my next short-listed foot a renegade-sx unit. Gaza
  11. Gaza


    Hi all, I have a chace to trial ottobock's Advantage DP2 foot system, before i decide i would welcome any feedback from any uses out there. kind regards, Gaza
  12. Gaza

    new leg

    hi, i have the same socket and although each person i suppose is different i thought you are supposed to have most of your weight on the bone with firm but light weight applied to all other parts, maybe you should investigate why you are not able to apply weight to your bone rather that bypass it and apply weight to area's that are least able to take it? How are you finding the knee now, i read you use to have a mauch type unit, as i did, if you still find the knee poor after you have sorted your socket, ask to trial the new 3R80 from otto bock.
  13. Gaza

    vari-flex foot

    i have been an amputee for close on 10yrs and in that time tried many carbon profile feet, articulation at the ankle for me is a restriction and not a function, stiffness at the ankle feels more sucure and for some activities a must, the split-toe allows the foot to adjust more independant when on uneven ground and the rollover of the vari-flex foot for me is the best i have tried. i have tried many feet that have promissed better feel and function than the vari-flex only to be dissapointed in use, everyone likes to feel that they will move on to "better products" but sometimes your "old" and "trusted" stuff will work best. as you say the kia is a good car but was quoted against a superior model giving the impression the feet quoted were superior to the vari-flex and this simply is not the case. the vari-flex weight is less than 500g yet its function is still regarded as amongst the best - don't be fooled just because it has a simple looking design when compared to some complex looking types, its a great functioning hard to better foot, which is why its also distributed by one of the worlds leading companies
  14. Gaza

    vari-flex foot

    in my opinion the vari-flex foot has the lowest weight to high function ratio of any foot, it has a high active K4 rating and has the all important split-toe function which works well on unven ground. in my opinion to say the vari-flex is liken to a kia while others stated are lexus is very missleading, after all the endolite mentioned has a lower active k3 foot . who ever designed the vari-flex got it spot on and in my opinion many have tried to better its function only to add complexity and weight. if you are after a high active k4 low weight carbon fibre foot with excellent function then the vari-flex should be on anyones short list - kia my a**
  15. Gaza

    ottobock 3r60

    Hi ya, don't know about the 3r60 but i do know the new 3r80 will take some beating, even in the best company of knee units