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  1. LeanneBK

    Question re Sweat Rash on stump

    Sorry peeps if I've confused you all!!!!! The wording in the article says :- "Colin's leg has now settled down and had got used to the heat. He never had any stump irritation or pain and the only aid he used was to put alcohol gel on his stump at night. He found that this dried the stump and stopped any irritation" - sounds like it worked in Iraq but maybe his skin is not as sensitive as mine! <_< Awesome Blue - I get all kinds of problems with the skin on my stump. It goes from being fine one min and terrible the next. My average wearing time is from when I get up in the morning (5.30am) to when I go to bed (about 11pm) and thats how its been since I had my amputation almost 24 years ago. Lizzie2 - I'm worried that my skin will react badly too, hence the reason I was asking about it. My stump can be quite reactive at the best of times and I certainly would not want to put anything to kick off the problem! :( I've used Anhydrol Forte, Drieclor and other such products to no avail. I've had legs with air holes punched into them, which made the most attractive, erm how can I put this, whooshing sound - and at 14 years old it was pretty embarrasing trying to explain to the boys at school that it was my leg making that noise and not me - needless to say I got them covered over. I've had patch testing done to see if I am allergic to any of the components that make up my leg - unfortunatley I'm not. I'm just going to have to live with the fact that for some reason I sweat (sorry mmarie, glisten!!! :) )more in that particular area. Its a weird one I know. I can be a bit like that at times. Whats a girl to do eh???? :lol:
  2. Hi Everyone, Not sure if anyone will have read the Step Forward magazine for Spring? Anyway, there is an article in there about Colin Hamilton who they think maybe the 1st active serving soldier with an A/K amputation in the British Forces. He's out in Iraq at the moment and it mentions the fact that he uses alcohol gel to prevent stump irritation. I was wondering if anyone else had tried this? I suffer quite badly in the summer months and was thinking of giving this a go. Or does anyone else have any ideas that I could try?? All help would be much appreciated :) Leanne
  3. LeanneBK


    Hi Toni :D
  4. LeanneBK

    Advice needed

    :lol: that explains quite a lot! Same kind of thing goes for this website and others like it. My parents didnt have any kind of support other than my family and my Dr's. I was having this exact convo with my Mum tonight. Its really good that the net enables people in similar circumstances, no matter where they are geographically to share their thoughts, concerns and amusing stories! I've got a load of those!!! :P
  5. LeanneBK

    Advice needed

    Hi Smarie, I had my right leg amputated below knee at 2 1/2 years old. I think you are going to be surprised at how resiliant your little girl will be. There is no way of knowing how she is going to react but like the others have said, as long as you and the rest of her family are supporting her she'll get through it. I remember 2 days after my op climbing into the bed of a little girl in the next to me because she was crying for her mum (she had her tonsils out!). The next day the ward sister shouted at my Mum and asked her to have a word with me, saying I should not be out of the bed, let alone climbing over the furniture into someone elses bed. I was only a toddler though!! I'll be thinking of you all. Let us know how you and your daughter are getting on :) Leanne PS Lizzie2, those dolls sound like a great idea. I wish they were around when I was little :)
  6. LeanneBK

    New to all of this

    You have come to the right place Mike. Everyone knows something that is of use to someone else, its lovely and everyone is so friendly. What the people on here dont know, isnt worth knowing!!!! Leanne
  7. LeanneBK

    Unexpected Delivery...

    Well that has really cracked me up! :lol:
  8. LeanneBK

    Uk Limb centres

    When I was living in London (for the past 7 years) I went to Queen Mary's - Roehampton. Now I am back at my old faithful - the newly named and relocated Prosthetic and Wheelchair centre (used to be Donald Tod Rehab Centre) at University Hospital Aintree (Liverpool). They have seen me there pretty much since I was little, so it feels like home (even though its in a new buliding and has a new name! :) )
  9. LeanneBK

    Happy Birthday JohnnyV and Brenda

    Hope it was a wicked one guys! Leanne :)
  10. LeanneBK

    Happy Birthday Ann and LeanneBK

    Thanks, I did :lol: . Shame the weather was horrible though! And now the PC is fixed after almost a month without it, everything is fine! Leanne
  11. LeanneBK

    Minor surgery

    Hope your feeling better soon Brenda :) Leanne
  12. LeanneBK

    Home and Happy

    OMG that is awful Rachel . I suppose the only good thing is that you didnt get hurt!!!!!! Good news with your first steps though. You are right to be proud of yourself :) long may the progress continue. Leanne
  13. LeanneBK

    Back after op!

    Hi FMC Glad that your back and that everything went well :D Take it easy Leanne
  14. LeanneBK

    Home after surgery

    Welcome Home Lynne Glad that everything went according to plan :) Hope the spots sort themselves out! Leanne
  15. LeanneBK

    A family matter......

    Sheila, I'm thinking of you and your family at this difficult time Leanne x x x