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  1. Cheri

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you my dear ones.... I had a fabulous birthday- we went up to our cabin, on the lake... doesn't get much better than that for this 'ol gal! I missed seeing all of you this summer, but loved viewing the photos!! Everyone looks great!! Love, Cheri
  2. I miss everyone- wish I was there! I would say to have a drink on me, but I'm sure there's enough of that going on already- you don't need another excuse!!!
  3. Cheri

    Fashion statements

    The comments below the photo were pretty entertaining to read!
  4. Cheri

    Oops, forgot love and hugs!!

  5. Cheri

    Thank you for keeping my profile active! : )

  6. WOW! Very interesting indeed, thanks Johnny! I like this better than the idea of transplants. I'll try a little pig bladder powder any day! Can't believe that man's fingertip grew back in 4 WEEKS!!!
  7. Cat

    What?...nothing recent?........now there is :D

  8. Cheri

    Happy Birthday Cat

    Happy Belated Birthay, Cat!! Sorry I'm late, but sounds like you had a great day, even without my good wishes! Love, Cheri
  9. Cheri

    a good day went bad

    Hi Mick, No matter what the outcome, you did the right thing and that's what's important! I'm thinking that the woman projected her anger at herself for being so foolish to be so far away from their car, and lost, and having their grandchild (?) with them. I bet she was really upset with herself and just took it out on you! Because, imagine if she's telling someone else the story and saying how foolish you were to be up there with only one leg, etc... The first thing anyone would tell her is that she is DARN LUCKY you were up there! Doesn't matter how many legs you do or don't have, they would most likely have been in a heap of trouble had they not run into you! Oh- and I'd be irritated about the mud too!!!
  10. Just popping in to say hi and give your profile a visit! : ) XO

  11. good grief- this is supposed to say, "I think you have a great TEAM working with you!" Hopefully you have a great time with your great team!
  12. Looks like you needed a recent comment- so here I am!! : )


  13. Cheri

    Hi Flip, nice to "meet" you! I see you are in IL, I'm originally from WI. I love the midwest!!!

  14. Hi Susan- I'm still doing well with the vacuum system, no complaints! Well, that's not true, I can always find something to complain about- just ask my hubby! No, seriously, it's been great for me. I love not having to worry about suction issues. I totally understand where you're at right now and I think you have a great time working with you- so you'll do fine. I remember being impressed at how closely they worked with you and their willingness to learn, etc... So, hey, if your current socket is allowing you to lead a normal life that's great! I walked for many years in an ischial containment socket that was very comfortable, it's just with my residual limb being so short, it was hard to avoid the suction issues. Hence, the reason I love the vacuum. Anyway, it's great to get caught up with you and to hear that all is well! Except those crunching noises- let us know what you find out on that. Take good care!!
  15. Cheri


    Nope, that was my mistake Flip! Read too fast, sorry about that! Sounds like we all agree here, we don't mind the security checks and we understand the reason behind them- we just don't like being singled out, being treated rudely, and the extra time that it takes! Maybe if the CastScope proves to be successful, they'll eventually use JUST that method for screening us- ? Who knows, but we can always hope... BethMarie- congratulations on your 2 years also and glad to hear you are doing well!