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    :D You guys make me laugh, can't get the speedos image out of my head, think I'd prefer my limb on show! :lol: Seriously though, thanks for all the help. PAUL- The shortie looks cool but I don't think I could go in the sauna or steam room with it on.....I'd certainly lose weight! It would be great for sea swimming. Searching for lycra shorts, sounds the best option. I hope that in time I will be able to go uncoverd ( no guys....My limb uncovered!) Perhaps when I'm more comfortable with my body image. I don't have a shrinker jet but hope they give me one when I go to the limb centre for the first time on Monday. Thanks....keep smiling.........................Lynne x
  2. Lynne

    Back Home

    :D Hi everyone, Thanks for your concern and appologies for not posting earlier. The operation went well, but I came out in spots immediately after, allergy to pethadine or chicken pox! Still awaiting results of blood test. I am managing fine at home with a wheelchair and crutches but the phantom pain is pretty bad despite the gabapentin. Existing on very little sleep. I have had my stitches out but the wound is very puckered with lots of previous scar tissue. I don't have anything on my risidual leg/stump, aren't I suppossed to have some sort of shrinker or sock by now? I don't go to the limb centre until 23rd May and I am not having physio at all, is this right? I am a little concerned, I want to give this 100% but I'm not sure of the sysyem and how it works. Should I be asking for physio or a sock before I go to the limb centre? Anyone heard of a cream that reduces heavy scaring? Godd to know you lot are out there, thanks for the support ;) Love........................Lynne x
  3. Lynne

    Back Home

    Thanks Ed :) Will do some internet surfing on Scar therapy, thanks or the advice, didn't know such athing existed! Best wishes.......Lynne x
  4. Lynne

    Home after surgery

    :P Hi Guys, I came home yesterday, it's so good to be back. The surgery went very well and it was ok being awake for it. Unfortunately I came out in spots the day after surgery, all over my body, very painful. They think it may be chicken pox or a drug allergy, we are awaiting the results of blood tests! It's awful, I'm still covered in the horrible things! Thankfully my stump only has one on it! The phantom pain is the worst aspect of the whole thing, I am taking Gabbapentin for it but it is still pretty bad, especially at night. Any tips for dealing with it? I get my stitches out on 3rd May and go to the limb centre on 23rd May, so the wheels are in motion. Glad to be back on line, thanks for all the support, I definitely feel one of the gang now. Love...............Lynne ;)
  5. Lynne

    Home after surgery

    Definitely phantom pain, it feels as if my foot is hanging off! Also I get sudden surges,that make me jump, instantanious bursts, like an electric shock permeating from my foot. The foot that is no longer there! The stump pain is totally different, that is post operative. It's not too bad and will subside. The spots are getting better thank goodness. I have blurred vision and extreamly dry mouth from the Gabapentin and constipation from the pain killers. As if amputation isn't enough to deal with I am fine, feeling very possitve about the future. Plan to go out in my wheelchair tomorrow for some fresh air. Thanks guys. ...................Lynne x :D
  6. Lynne

    Date for amputation

    Hi all, Thanks for all your kind word, it does mean a lot to me. I was expecting my AKA to be done in August but the Hospital rang me this afternoon to say the want me to go in on the 17th April! Less than two weeks time. I have tried my best to prepare for it but it did come as a shock. I have been disabled for over twenty years and I'm no stranger to hospital or having surgery, but it does not help. I guess the next two weeks will be awful! I rang my partner at work to tell her and she was shocked that it was so soon but then said that we would feel the same if they had rang me in August and gave me the same short notice, she's right of coure! Any advice about how I should be using these last two weeks? I live in the uk. so please ensure any advice about practicalities are UK based. THANKS.....Lynne
  7. Lynne

    I'm New!

    Hi, I'm new to all this message board stuff. Unfortunately my names Lynne! I am about to be ak very soon, made mistake of selecting AMPUTEE in membership type. sorry if this offends anyone! Be better if there was an open field for people like me to say they are pre-amp or something. Then read LynnieB messages. oh dear.....be kind to me? Then read Lynne who's now left messages......is this site a safe environment for a newbie seeking pre-amputation support? I found the experience of reading these messages a little off putting, but where else can I go?
  8. Lynne

    I'm New!

    Lynne here, I'm in the uk, I've already visited the limb centre and met the consultant, who advised my surgeon on the best level for amputation. I was shown a prosthesis which must have been out of the ark, think he was trying to frighten me! I am feeling quite possitve about the future and feel that it's not unrealistic to think that I will be better off after amputation. This will be my 25th operation in 22 years and I've never been pain free in that time. I'm strangly looking forward to it so I can get on with the rest of my life. ;) Thanks for all the great comments.
  9. Lynne

    I'm New!

    :D Glad to hear from you all, and see that you still have a sense of humour. My comments about being called Lynne were very tongue in cheek, glad some of you understood. I have enjoyed reading the message board over the last few months and will continue to do so, I'm sure. Im in that awful waiting limbo at the moment prior to surgery. I just want it done now. I will be asking lots of questions of you, but for the moment I'm just enjoying reading about real people's experience as amputees. Thanks. ;)
  10. Lynne

    I'm New!

    Thanks, I am sure you will be hearing from me a in the near future. I have known about the amputation for some time but that does not make it any easier and the prospect scares me a lot. I have of course been researching the subject so that I feel I have made an informed choice for amputation. Sorry about posting twice, I will get the hang of it eventually. :)