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  1. Lynne

    Postural problems

    I agree with everything said about leg length, but also feel that sitting often causes me more problems than being upright! You need to get the leg length and the socket trim height looked at. Check out the MAS socket, (google it) which may mean your buttock is on the chair rather than your hard socket. Not everyone is suitable for this design of socket but worth asking your leg people about it. The problem with ak is that the hard socket holds you off the chair, meaning that your other side is lower, resulting in pressure on your lower back. This is often worse when sitting on a hard seat or a seat with a wooden frame. Have you considered asking your employer to provide you with a special ergonomic chair specifically for your needs? Or using a cushion of some sort, you can get memory foam or wheelchair cushions that have adjustable air pockets in, may help in the short term with your comfort at work. This type of pain is quite common with aka but you have to make things as best you can for yourself as the Knicks on effects of pain are draining. CUSHIONS Good luck.
  2. Lynne

    How to tell loved ones you know whats best!

    Hi Jenn, You obviously know what you want to do, you don't need their permission but their support would be nice. You need to involve them in your decision, I know you say they switch off but you have to try to see things from their point of view. they are never going to tell you to go for amputation, no one can, only you. If they say go for it they may feel guilty for all sorts of reasons. can you show them some positive things about amputation, forums and You Tube have some very inspiring things to look at. you also need to find a doc who is sympathetic to your situation and is will to do the surgery, take you b/f or family along with you to the appointments. You having an amputation will change their lives too, especially if things don't go as planned. As you probably know not all amputations lead to a positive outcome but that is a risk you may be willing to take, but it is YOUR decision and no one elses. Is it at all possible for you to meet up with an amputee, get them to talk to your B/F and family. The Limbless Association has a volunteer visitor system, you could give them a rind and explain your situation. They are having a few... 'problems' at the moment but they should be able to help....that is what they are their for. Good luck with everything.
  3. Lynne

    Old but worth a look

    Check out this video on YouTube: Lynne
  4. Lynne

    Make your own socket!

    Hi everyone, Came across this. Make your own socket! Can't believe it, do you think anyone buys these things? Ebay......the place to buy anything.......yes anything:blush:
  5. Lynne

    Make your own socket!

    Mick, Even I wouldn't be so stupid, even if I am desperate to be able to walk. Wouldn't waste £300 plus postage Got appointments for fitting of another socket in Dec, can't wait to see if they can get it right. Lynne
  6. Lynne

    Make your own socket!

    Would love to know if the person selling these is a prosthetist, they certainly know the terminology. Checked the seller info and they also sell other prosthetic components. If they are they should know it really is not that simple. I am still in search of a good fitting socket and have been desperate to get one but even I know it would be impossible to cast oneself. If well trained prosthetists can't fit me, thenI don't stand a chance. what next......do your own amputation. Hope the uk govement don't get wind of this, they will see it as a way of saving the NHS lots of money!
  7. Lynne

    problem with my *stump* hate that word!!!

    Hi, Maggie, I am above knee amp but reading your post made me think. Why do we always assume that the pain is from a fit problem? Of course you are an experienced amp so you will probably know if it is, so just ignore me. I just got to thinking that just because we are amps doesn't make us immune to suffering from other joint problems, knee problems or tissue problems. Often we can spend lots of time and money trying to improve the fit when fit may not be the problem. The way you describe the pain as being behind your knee, it could be a bursa problem, which can feel like cramp and be very painful. Even circulation problems can cause terrible pain, just ask someone with varicose veins I can't really help you but just wanted to share my thoughts with people. if the leg adjustments haven't helped then perhaps you need to be examined by a Dr. Hope it is sorted soon.
  8. Lynne

    Frustrated and feeling lost!I

    Hi Mary, I am frustrated for you, it is awful one one Dr is telling you one thing and your Prosthetist is telling you another! You are right they need to be working together. Is it possible for you to be seen by them both at the same time. I know it is so hard to stay positive, you have done so well so far and I know how daring it is when nothing seems to be progressing. Kelp researching and searching for answers, be kind to yourself, a little pampering goes a long way. Hope things improve for you soon. Lynne
  9. Lynne

    Bartlett Tendon

    Hi Michael, Try this link, a guy called Glen Johnston trailed the Bartlett tendon here in the uk. He's a great guy, drop him an email, I am sure he will offer you some first hand.....or leg experience. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12858174209&ref=ts Hope this is of help. Lynne
  10. Lynne

    New through knee amputee as of 8/13/2010

    Hi Jim, Not a lot to say really, check out the site, it doe help with my phantom pain, but not much with my stump pain. http://www.farabloc.com/mfara.html I had a stump cover made, the measurement has to be exact, so be careful. There is also a stretchy sock, preferred by below knees, haven't tried it myself. Lynne
  11. Lynne

    New LAK

    Hi Aknurse, I am also LAK, I am not your average amp, struggled for years to get a prosthesis to fit, still searching! The problem you face of course is that you don't really know what it supposed to feel like, and not even another amp can really explain that to you. The only thing I would say is that if it hurts, causes blisters or red sore areas, then it shouldn't . The best components (knees/feet) will be of no use to you if your socket does not fit and you are not weight bearing in the right place. However, your demanding job does in itself mean that you may benefit from a prosthesis that will enable you to carry out you duties safely, both for you and your patients. When you were fitted did your prosthetist know of your intentions of returning to work? Is this prosthesis just a first one, to enable you to learn to walk? Perhaps you need to do some research and talk to your prosthetist. Perhaps being a knee disartic means that there is a restriction on which knees you can have due to the long length of you remaining limb. I must just finish by saying that you are doing really well in such a short space of time, be kind to yourself, baby steps as they say. This is a great place to learn about all things amputee, just ask away, no matter how silly you feel your questions are. There are some really active amps on here, they are probably out hill climbing/snowboarding or something Sure they will be along soon. Just remember, everyones experience is different, no two amps are the same. Best wishes.
  12. Lynne

    New through knee amputee as of 8/13/2010

    Hi Jane, Acupuncture never worked for me, had ten sessions just to make sure! I use farobloc each night, it's a bit like a Hoover bag, but strangely does help a bit. Still using drugs five years down the line, they take the edge off it.
  13. Lynne

    Logic Vs. medicine

    Kender, I had 30 operations following a road traffic accident,including three knee replacements which failed, had knee fused, which I put up with for 7 years. Had chronic pain for many years, especially from knee replacements. I do know where you are coming from. Lynne
  14. Lynne

    Logic Vs. medicine

    I had an elective above knee amp 5 years ago and have suffered terrible pain, both phantom and stump pain. I did lots of research, had pre amp epidural and epidural during and post op, which is said to help prevent phantom pain. Like you, I thought that it was logical that if you get rid of the problem limb then you get rid of the pain.......not true. I still take lots of pain drugs, which do not take the pain away. It is still on a daily 24/7 basis. If I delay taking my drugs boy do I know about it, so god knows what it would be like without them! I think they take the edge off it. You really need to talk to the pain specialists, certainly there are lots of theories about pain and it's control, but sometimes they can't get it right either pre or post amp. There is certainly a theory that the more pain you have experience pre amp ten the more likely you are to suffer long term pain following amputation. This has somethingvto tobwithbthe brain rememberingbthe pain and not a lot to do withbthe nerves. That is whybthey prescribe gabapentin and it her anti epilepsy drugs for phantom, because they work on the pain receptors in the brain. Just giving my experience, although you seem pretty set on amputation. Lynne
  15. Lynne

    New crutch design

    Shane, Do you have a link to their website site can read about them. They are totally unique, never seen anything like them before. Look forward to hearing how you get on with them. Looks like they may hurt your arm a bit. Lynne
  16. Lynne

    Zeasorb powder

    Have you tried Driclor, a roll on, wash off next morning. It does what it says on the tin. Boots have it or you can get it on prescription.
  17. Lynne

    How many lives left

    Lucky or what? http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100625/wl_uk_afp/britainhealthcat
  18. Lynne

    Phantom limb pain

    Hi Mike, Re gabapentin, I was told that it takes three months to get into your system before it is fully able to work. it's not like taking a pain killer, it is an anti epilepsy drug that works on the brain receptors. I think you will be surprised at how much it does help, you will only know this of course when you try to lower your dose. I certainly know if I miss a dose as my phantoms go off lie an alarm....lol Of course everyone is different, there are the lucky few that don't take any drugs at all. Glad the fentanyl is working for you, I am allergic to it so can't take it. Lynne
  19. Lynne

    Happy Birthday....

    Happy birthday Flip. Sorry I'm late......been ill. Hope it was a good one. Lynne
  20. Lynne

    What is wrong with doctors.

    Hi Kender, No offence taken at all. Believe me I really do know where you are coming from. I now see that you clearly know what you want. Why does your Dr not know that you are considering amputation if the knee is infected? Perhaps if he finds it infected he could amputate it instead as that is your elective choice. Perhaps if you told him this he could fully appreciate that you have had enough of the pain and you are not willing to put yourself or your family through further unnecessary surgery. He may begin to understand that you have really thought this through and see your concerns about all the infection stuff as genuine. Drs often dismiss a patients concerns as they think it is natural for patients to be worried prior to any surgical procedure.. You have to get him to address your concerns. Good luck with it all. Keep us posted. Lynne
  21. Lynne

    What's Your Secret...

    Thanks for the well wishes, that's a good question Cherylm. I deal with everyday living by just getting on with it. I have lived most of the last five years in a wheelchair or hopping. I find it totally frustrating, like everyone else I just want to be able to put my leg on and get on with my life. I now know I can't but I will never stop trying. So I guess I am not unlike you in the sense that I still believe something will work for me.....one day! I struggle on, I try to wear my present leg for at least some of the time each day although I cannot weight bear through it without extreme pain. My present prosthetist is investigation other socket options for me, it just takes longer than I would like. There have been times when I have quite literally been suicidal, especially the first four years, when my rehab consultant was so ineffective. Fortunately I no longer have to see him and have found another prosthetist who seems to know what he is doing. I still have some hope of improving things. So either I am very strong, totally stupid or .........or both : Good thread Cherylm.
  22. Lynne

    Not going to wait after all!!

    Good luck Mary, hope they find out what is causing your problems.
  23. Lynne

    What is wrong with doctors.

    Hi Kender, Yes, they are trained to save things. Some would say that is a good thing, the problem is when they never give up trying It sounds like your Dr either isn't listening to you or isn't explaining things to you very well or allaying your fears. Why don't you ask for a second opinion, you do not have to have the operation until you are sure about it. Cement failure is quite common, it does not necessarily mean that there is an infection but understand with your history why you are worried. I had 30 surgeries prior to aka, three failed knee replacements included and a knee fusion, it was only when there were no other options that I agreed to the amputation. I know I am unique as an amputee but there are days when I wished that I had never had the amputation. I also had MRSA lots of times, it is only problematic when it gets into an open wound. Lots of people in general society carry the bug in their nose and don't even know that they have it. They operate on lots of people who carry the bug in their nose, they just have to be more careful. Guess what I am trying to say is take your time with the decision, with either opinion, get another opinion and make sure all your fears are addressed. Then make your mind up. Good luck.
  24. Lynne

    hello all from an AK

    Welcome Deets, Glad things are going so well for you. Read an article a while back about Seacroft setting up some kind of rapid turn around system for amputees, sounds like it is working.
  25. Lynne

    Hello! Newbie here..

    Hi Hema, Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a strong positive attitude to all this, take things slowly and heal well. Lynne