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  1. Lynne

    Hi Everyone - New here and dying to ask

    Thats great news, hope the service continues to be good. Best of luck with it all.
  2. Lynne

    Hi everyone

    Hi Michael, Welcome back. Sure you have lots to give and may be still some things to learn.
  3. Lynne

    Ski + Me = Success!

    Well done Karen. What a buzz it must have been. Excellent pic too
  4. Lynne

    Disability Living Form - UK

    Well said Ann, Hope that has clarrified things a bit.
  5. Lynne

    TK2000 adjustments - Pls help!!

    Hi, I was always told there were only two speeds with the Total Knee, slow and slower. Hope you find a solution but I doubt there is one.
  6. Lynne

    Suction Socket

    Yes Paul the link works. I have tried the pin lock liner and hated it! I liked my iceros single ring seal in liner but now have the icros five ring seal in liner, the biggest pain is having to use the spray to put it in the socket. some people seem to be able to do without the spray but I just can't. I am amazed at the level of suction but as already said I can lose some whilst sitting. With the single ring one you can add socks if you shrink, not so easy with the five ring one. Other liners are of course available.
  7. Lynne

    C-Leg vs Rheo knee

    Hey Ed, Nice to have you around. Do you have a link for the video footage you mention, would be interested to see it.
  8. Lynne

    Calling all Ertl Amputee's

    Hi KLF, Being above knee amp, I don't know anything about ERTL but can answer your question about waht revision is. Basically when someone says they have had a revion it means they have undergone more surgery on their amputated side to try to improve things, could be pain wise or prosthetically. Hope that helps. If you do a search through old theads you may find a lot of posts on the ERTL proceedure, just click the search button, top right of the screen.
  9. Lynne

    Disability Living Form - UK

    OBL, Surley the monnetary benefit obvious. The mobility component of DLA is intended to pay for help with moibility...getting around. They may need taxies, because they can't access public transport. They may struggle to fund a car, the DLA will help pay for that. The care component may have monnetary value in paying for help with personal care....ie, help with bathing, a person living on their own who is bi lat bk amp or even a bka but who does not have the physical strength to get in and out of the bath or shower unassisted. Remember we are all diffrent with differing degrees of 'ability'. As a result of amputation someone can go from a well paid job to a huge reduction of social security benefit, they may no longer be able to afford to get the taxie they need, or run the car that means they can access life. This is a reult of their 'disability'. There is always monetary benefit for those who get DLA my DLA is the difference between me being able to get out of the house or not, my DLA goes towards me accessing 'normal' life, getting to the shops, doctors, hospital etc. If I did not get DLA I could not afford to pay for transport to get me where I need to go. I do hear what you are trying to say about ill fitting limbs....if a person is made more'disabled' as a result of an ill fitting limb...then that is a very sad reflection on our limb fitting service. In this day and age there should be no reason why an amputee cannot be fitted well, walk and live their lives. BUT as I know only too well, that is not the case for many of us, whether we are BK, AK, bi lat, 20 or 64! Good fitting is tottaly dependant on a good prosthetist and even good prosthetists get it wrong. If you are fitted well enough that you can walk without pain, if you can be active, work and do what you need to do in your life....then thank goodness you don't need DLA........swap anyday! Gingertop......as for the form......who knows, probably only you, as you are filling it in and you know your own situation. A matter for conscience and honesty. As always this is a very emotive subject, mainly because we are all different......thank God
  10. Lynne

    I'm afraid I'll regret elective amputation

    Hi Taralou, Welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of support and advice and you in turn will help others too. I had an elective above knee amputation and it really is a difficult decision for anyone to make. I was living with constant pain and imobility for years, had lots and lots of operations to try to improve things. I spoke to lots of amputees, visited my limb centre and was shown an above knee prosthesis prior to my decision. I also had three seperate opinions from different consultants....all recommended amputation. Ultimately in my heart of hearts I knew it was the right thing to do. It still was't easy though. I have since had six revisions...my journey is not the norm and I am still in search of a prosthestis that fits.....but do I regret my decision.....No.....once it's done it's done! No going back. The decision must be yours and yours alone....research things as much as possible and never feel presured by anyone to do what you are not sure of. I wonder if your pain is due to an ill fitting prosthesis or if it is present when you don't wear your prosthesis? You say they have no experience of fitting partial foot amps....then ask to be referred to somewhere that does. I put up with not being fit properly for years before asking to go elsewhere. They never want to admit defeat and will keep on going around and around. Your prosthesis is pretty specialist and you need a prosthetist that has a lot of experience making them, you don't want to be a guinea pig for a prosthtist to learn on! You say that your prosthesis is big and clunky...will you ever come to terms with how it looks....will a better fitting one look any different or will a BK prosthesis look better cosmetically. Just some thoughts. Is how your prosthesis look effecting your confidence and self worth? Losing your independency will only be a temporary thing, or you can remain independant whilst recovering, you can still have support and remain independant. As far as relationships go, there are plenty of amps of all varieties on this site who will tell you that it's not easy sometimes but then they are not easy for 'able bodied' either. If a guy is put off by your amputation then is he really the guy you want anyway? Sorry to go on, just trying to respond to your questions. Sure others will be along to add their two penneth worth. Good luck with everything, keep us posted as to your progress.
  11. Lynne

    Hi I am a new amputee

    Hi Sue, Welcome to the forum, there a few bi lat bka here, hopefully they will pop in soon. You sound like you are doing well and have an excellent attitude and that will take you far in this journey. Stick around and share your experiences.
  12. Lynne

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you all, once again.
  13. Lynne

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. I had a very nice day. May be this will be the year I eventually get a leg! Lynne.
  14. Lynne

    Newbee just saying howdy

    Welcome to the forum Lisa, Hope you stick around, It's all a learing process, sure you have a lot of experiences to share with us and hope we can teach you a thing or two at the same time. Lynne
  15. Lynne

    Heather Mills Dancing on Ice Message

    Hi Ann, I read in the paper that she had a leg especially made for the dancing on ice show. It could be that it is all molded from the skate upwards to give more stability in the ankle. Not a case of putting the prosthesis in the skate boot but the prosthesis is the skate boot if you see what I mean. It aslo said that the problem she had was the lack of ankle movement in the prosthesis. Thought she did very well and what ever happens......the lady had guts
  16. Lynne

    Disability Living Form - UK

    Well said Lisa. I was going to put a longer response but what would be the point, it would only fuel your rant OBL I think this topic was well addressed in the past. The original question was about the DLA form. Yes, the form is a nightmare, it is very long and very detailed. What you must remember is that the form is for anyone with a medical need, this can be the parents of a child with a severe disabillity, people with mental health problems, communication problems, strokes, wheelchair dependant people....the list is endless. Some people need only the care component, some need only the mobility component, some both. So all in all I think the form pretty much deals with all the possibilities very well. Expert help is available and sometimes necessary because the forms are so complicated. Yes, the benefit is abused, just like every other social security benefit that exists and that is where the problem lies. It is somewhat realiant on people being honest about their situations and what they can and cannot do. If you feel guilty for applying for the benefit/having the benefit, if in your heart know that you don't need it then...... the answer my friends is simple BUT...... please don't judge those who are not as fortunate as you , for I for one would happily trade places...mobility and activity 'life'.... for DLA benefit anyday.
  17. Lynne

    C-Leg vs Rheo knee

    Hi Snuba, Just a thought. Is it possible for you to try out both knees and then choose the one that you like the best, I have heard of people doing that. perhaps you should ask your prosthetist about it. Good luck with what ever you choose, Lynne
  18. Lynne

    Hey all you AK's!

    Hi CanAm, I really don't know but like you would assume not from the picture. It is also a suction liner, and that is what keeps it on.........not a pin. It looks good but will be inteesting to see how durable it is, it looks like it would tear easily because it has no material matrix like the Iceros seal in liner. Why don't you contact the manufacturer? Lynne
  19. Lynne

    Hey all you AK's!

    I wasn't saying anything Ann, just thought the link to the Liner that Erik mentioned in this post would be helpful. I think from reading the first post that they are for AK amps and as Erik has tried one he would be the best person to ask. Lynne
  20. Lynne

    Hey all you AK's!

    Thanks Erik, Here is the link Full Suction Alps Liner Hope that helps, Lynne
  21. Lynne


    Hi Ann, just a thought, have you tried putting each foot onto a cheap supermarket carrier bag, it may help it slip in. I know someone who wears ugg boots which have no zip, I always wonder how she gets them on! If you can get them on. wonder if you'll ever get them off. Practice on your spares legs Lynne
  22. Lynne

    Hi Everyone - New here and dying to ask

    Just have to say that I feel that it is very much down to luck of the draw, considering Mick and I attend the same Limb Centre and our experiences have been so far apart. I really do wish I could be fitted by my local limb centre, it would be a hell of a lot easier and not to mention cheaper. I feel from speaking to a lot of people who attend said Limb centre that for every Mick, there are lots of people who are very unhappy with their fit and thier components and have certainly never been given micro processor or KX06 knees let alone a swim leg as well. I understand that a lot of it is based on the persons need and ability. Fit however has to be down to the prosthetist. Belive me Mick, I have spent many a day trying to get them to get it right. I will never understand it. So Suesman, I do have a lot of empathy with Sue and wish her above all a good prosthetist.
  23. Lynne

    Hi Everyone - New here and dying to ask

    Dave, you heard quickly, what reason did they give for the refusal? You can appeal but it is unlikely you will be sucessful. Think there is someone on here who lives in Wales, don't know if they attend Cardiff DSC though. May be they will pop in sometime soon. May be a good idea to go there with an open mind, all guns blazing does not always get the desired effect, sometimes people shoot back I can understand your anger but feel that you or rather Sue, needs to try and build up a good relationship with her prosthetist, it may take a while but things can be resolved. You must remember, the 'best' components are not always right for everyone. The socket fit is the most important thing. If I had a good socket fit I could happily walk on a broom handle! SUE, would be good if you could come here in person and speak from your point of view.
  24. Lynne

    Crutches - Forearm vs Underarm

    I've used crutches for many years and now prefer to use forearm crutches. years ago they would only give out underarm crutches because forearm crutches are not designed to take full body weight, so what ever you but make sure they are the correct ones, ie designed to take a persons full body weight. By the way when I was taught to use underarm crutches I was told to take the weight on my hands, not under my arms, the idea is that yoy use your upper arms to grip the crutches to your body whilst taking the weight on your hands. I agree with Mick, let Sue choose which she prefers, why don't you hire a pair of forarm crutches for her to try? Using crutches of any kind is a confidence thing, especially hard if someone has had a fall. I also use anti slip tips called Tornado ferruls. Of course they are not fool proof but far better than the standard tips. Good luck Ps....which part of the country are you in?
  25. Lynne

    Hi Everyone - New here and dying to ask

    Hi Dave.....and Sue. I have been through the process of PCT funding and found it extreamly easy! May have had something to do with my horrendous prosthetic history and other health issues. I arranged a prosthetic report from a private company, gave a copy to my GP along with a full 5 year prosthetic history , including five revision surgeries and asked him to refer me to the exceptional cases panel of the PCT. I have to say that my case was exceptional. I heard withing four weeks that I had the funding. I am in the process of having a socket made, its taken a few attempts but we are getting there. The worst thing for me is the travel and expense incurred in the fitting process as the company is on the other side of the country. I know that I will end up with a wearable socket. I cannot for the life of me understand why my local limb centre seems incapable of fitting me, it really should not be the case in this day and age. I wish you well and keep us informed.