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  1. Lynne

    New Socket

    Hi, It seems to me that there is something lost between test socket and definitive socket. Test socket fits and feels ok, then they make the real thing and its totally different! Even then it may feel ok but the minute you get home it hurts and digs in where it shouldn't..........sods law I wish someone would put some money and effort into researching the socket and how it fits. This is the most important thing. Nearly five years down the line and I have never had a socket that fits! I'm not giving up yet, my most recent one is the best I've had but its still not right. I am being recast on Friday so fingers crossed. Don't give up.
  2. Hi Marc, Enjoyed reading your post. I tried to put pads between the outer and inner socket and it didn't help, guess its down to a fine tuning thing, glad it worked for you.
  3. Lynne

    Falling on stump.

    Hi There, I knew straight away by the amount of pain, blood and swelling.....it was excruiating! My stump was the first part of my body to hit the wooden floor and the bone punctured through the skin. I would let your surgeon know about it anyway in case he wants to check you out. Glad the pain is getting less.
  4. Lynne

    What happened THIS time??

    Accidents happen......especially to boys with big toys! Just what he doesn't need Gosh, they don't keep you in hospital very long for such surgery Hope he gets some pain relief sorted out soon and recovers well. Lynne
  5. Lynne

    What Is This Problem?

    Hi Mary, You say you are going back to the orthopaedics, but have a long wait to see them. Have you considered going back to your prosthetist, the person who made your leg, just to make sure that it is not a fit problem that is causing the pain. Also are you taking any pain medication, sometime we need this to help us get though the bad times. I know how frustrating it is to have pain 24/7, I hope you find a solution soon. Lynne
  6. Lynne

    bone spurs

    Hi Stubby, I agree with Ann, if the pain is only when wearing a socket then try a modified socket first, process of ilimination, but if it is even when you don't have the leg on then that is different. Maybe it is unrealistic to expect to be pain free or drug free? There are no guarantees that any surgery will get rid of pain, in my experience it either tends to lead to more, or we just swap one type of pain for a different type of pain. Your brain could still be remembering the pain from your pre amp operations. If the doc thinks the pain is not caused by the bone spur, did they suggest what may be causing it? Best wishes in making the decision, I know how hard it is. Lynne
  7. Lynne

    Conscious about body "image"

    Rachel, Tottally agree.........Ten fold. Lynne
  8. Lynne


    Lizzie, Just the way I was taught following amp I was taught to wear the belt next to the skin and then put knickers on. Of course its easier to put knickers on first and then the leg, feeding the waist band of the belt up through the knickers! It means you do not have to undo the TES belt in order to remove the knickers in order to go to the loo. Never worn a leg long enough to say whether this wears the belt out quicker. As usual sounds like everyone does things a different way Just waiting for someone to say they don't wear any :biggrin: Lynne
  9. Lynne


    Maggie, No different to before your amp really, put them on first;; then your leg. Assuming your leg is kept on with a TES belt with velcro fastening, then just feed the waist band of the belt up through the leg of your knickers and fasten around your waist. This also makes visits to the loo a lot easier. Good luck........ Lynne
  10. Lynne


    Hi again. Sorry if you have read this on another board but I am desperate for help. I have always suffered from Phantom Limb Pain but it has intensified greatly over the last few weeks. It is driving me crazy! I was wondering if anyone has tried either Farabloc, Farabloc Or Umbrellan, Umbrellan If you have, have you found it helpful in reducing your pain? Did you get them from your Limb Centre, or buy them yourself? Thanks.........Lynne
  11. Lynne


    Hi Ann, They are going to order me something, I'm hoping it will be Farabloc as it seems to work better, but they did not know where to source it from! They say they had never give that or the Medipro relax sock out. Just as well I went armed with the releveant contact information as I had emailed both companies I will let you know how I get on with it and whether or not it helps. Best wishes.............Lynne
  12. Lynne

    Travel shower chairs??

    Hi Susan, I balance on one leg and hold on with one hand, not the most enjoyable experience. I would think most places would do their utmost to provide you with things you need as long as you let them know before hand or on booking in. Enjoy your trip. Lynne
  13. Lynne

    MAS socket info

    What a great video page, Thanks for sharing it with us all. Lynne
  14. Lynne

    Do you elect surgery?

    Hi Marcia, Very complicated....I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. (EDS) I have a huge amout of excess tissue and have been unable to wear a leg in the four years since my amputation. Well did wear one or two for a few weeks but the pain was awful. Perhaps you colud read up on my posts if you really want to know what the problem is, it's too complicated to repeat again. The top and bottom of it is that if I want to get a leg I need further surgery, with no guarantees. So I will probably have it but this is really the last time, if this dosen't work then its life from a chair. Lynne
  15. Lynne


    Thanks Dale and Lizzie. Don't think I'll be looking at any further drug intervention. Lizzie, I really don't know if my phanton pain has increased as a result of the EDS. It is definite nerve pain but in the missing limb, I also have 'real' pain in my stump which is probably from having so many operations and the EDS. I am seeing my rehab consultant this week in the hope of getting him to prescribe the farobloc. Do you have a stump shaped cover made or just a swatch of the material in which to wrap your limb. Thanks.................Lynne
  16. Lynne


    Thanks Dale, I am on maximum Gabbapentin (neurotin), paracetamol and Oxycontin so I am reluctant to take any more drugs and want to give the Farabloc a try. What were the side effects from the Neurotin, just out of interest? Lynne
  17. Lynne

    your input needed

    Hi Mick, I have have a few bad experiences in the Northumberland area. Things are promoted as being wheelchair accessible but they are not.....big time. Who designs these routes? Who in their right minds thinks that gravel paths are good for wheelchairs? It really puts me off even trying to get out into the countryside. I am very independant and get really mad when other peoples stupidity stops me from living my life. Even with someone trying to push me....some of these routes are totally inaccessible to disabled people in wheelchairs. Have they ever thought of asking wheelchair users to check the routes for them? They need to network with peiple of all disabilities. Lynne
  18. Lynne

    amputee centres

    Rachel, Here is the link, if you need it. Limbless Association Lynne
  19. Lynne

    amputee centres

    Hi Rachel, You could try the Limbless Association web site, they have a list of all the Limb Centres in the UK. Lynne
  20. Lynne

    Do you elect surgery?

    Hi, I am facing my 5th revision in four years and the decision was always difficult but as long as there was a chance of improvement on the pain level and a hope of getting a limb to fit then I chose surgery. This time is more difficult as I feel I have been through so much and only end up in more pain. Good luck with your decision, its hard as there are never any guarantees. Lynne
  21. Lynne


    Hey Rachel, How you doing? Lynne
  22. Lynne


    Thanks Higgy, I want to make sure I end up getting the right one. I don't wear a leg so it would be the relax sock or the Farabloc. Lynne
  23. Lynne

    a simple question ?

    Mick, I couldn't agree with you more, you put it beautifully. Lynne
  24. Lynne

    Exercise- what works best?

    Swim swim swim.......not only will it do your body good it helps ease the mind and is great for building up confidence, the fact that you can even get to the pool will give you a boost. And no problems with how far you can bend your knee in the prosthethic leg, you won't have it on Lynne
  25. Lynne

    a simple question ?

    Hi Mick, Great question. Walking........whats that? I long to be able to walk and long to have that spiritual connection to the earth again, the beauty of the courtyside, the roar of the silence and solitude, I would also settle for being able to carry a cup of tea Lynne