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    Chat Magazine- UK

    Andy, Great story and pictures, enjoyed reading it, it's good to put a face to a name.......well done you. Lynne
  2. Lynne

    Happy birthday Bexyna

    Happy Birthday Bex, ENJOY Lynne
  3. Hi Bex,

    Hope you are ok, you seemed pretty down in your last post.

    I didn't reply as I feel for it it has only got worse and didn't want to depress you even more. You are doing great, try and focus on what you can do not on what you can't do. You need to grieve for your lost dreams.

    Thinking of you.


  4. Hi all, I don't find it offensive, I think it is the context and way in which things are said that make things offensive. In my experience people often say things in all innocence, things like..."I didn't have a leg to stand on" they then realise what they have said and are embarrassed, but once I laugh about it...as I always do....they laugh with me. Was they man in the article offended by it?.......that's the question. Lynne
  5. Lynne

    swollen stump update

    Hi, Sorry you are having such a stressful time. Things for some of us are never clear cut are they. Of course you are scared, anyone facing surgery is, especially when we are uncertain of the outcome and if we are all honest there is always that fear of never waking up Please remember that your emotions and other worries are hightened due to the position you find yourself in. I am always amazed at how we cope with what life throws at us. If someone had told me that I could have coped with what I have coped with since becoming an amp then I would have not believed them. It hasn't been easy, it's still a struggle, but I am surving. Surround yourself and those you love with lots of love. I believe that the most important medication is TLC.......Tender Loving Care. You are both in my thoughts. Lynne
  6. Lynne

    Support Group North East England

    Hi Bex, I did try to get people involved in a possible support group, didn't get any real interest. The staff were not supportive of the idea, I wasn't even allowed to put up a notice! Not even an information on amputee forumn addresses! Best of luck to you. I would attend if there were one. Lynne
  7. Lynne

    NHS/Private. Any experience?

    Well done Allen, You did the right thing and I am glad you got a good response, I hope they manage to give you a better fit. It really takes it out of you when you have to 'complain' or as Cheryl puts it.....state the facts. Let us know how you get on. Lynne
  8. Lynne


    Bex, What type of knee unit do you have at the moment and what is it you are able to do that has your physio's and prosthetist so amazed? It sounds facinating. Lynne
  9. Lynne

    courtesy car problems

    Hi, I have never managed to get a garage to provide me with even a standard automatic courtesy car so don't think you stand a hope in hells chance of getting one to provide you with one with hand controls. I have never understood why even dealerships who are motability scheme accredited do not provide an automatic car for the use of customers. They will do anything to get us to go to them for our car in the first place, the least they can do is provide a decent customer service. Lynne
  10. Lynne

    I'm baaaack.......

    Hi Cheryl, Welcome back, glad you are ok. Lynne
  11. Lynne

    Is this normal???????

    Ann, You are definitely 'normal' It is not long since your op and sure you will still be experienceing pain, don't give yourself a hard time. I still have pain five months post 4th revision. I am still taking oxycontin daily. Take the new pills, get then into your system, take them as prescribed and see if they help. Don't wait until you have pain before you take them, take on a regular basis. If they don't help and you still have pain you need to try something else. If you don't take anything and you haven't got pain then I guess you don't need anything, if you see what I mean. Stress and worry also make the pain far worse or at least our ability to cope with it. Sometimes its easy to get down when we are in limbo but be good to yourself, find ways of making yourself feel better, treat yourself, hot baths, and pamper pamper pamper You are doing great. Lynne
  12. Lynne


    Hi Bex, I swim at least three times a week and I'm LAK and also in the North of England I don't have a usable prosthesis yet or a swim leg so I use my wheelchair. I manage very well indeed. Just wheel myself around, park by the graduated steps into the pool. I lower myself from wheelchair to floor, and in I go, just the reverse to get out again. My gym does have a hoist but I don't really need it so I have never tried it. Getting up and down out of the wheelchair can be done in graduated levels if that is possible at your pool, ie; wheelchair to lower level seat, then from seat to floor. Swimming is ok, no I don't go around in circles I wear lycra shorts that are stitched up on my stump side, then my costume on top. Not so much to cover my stump up but to give my excess tissue some support. I even manage to get into the sauna and steam room so get a little relaxation at the same time. Like with anything it's a confidence thing and once you have done it a few times then you will feel better, and there are always people around to help you if you so wish. Have you visited all the facilities at your gym to make sure it it is fully accessible? Good luck...........................Lynne
  13. Lynne


    Hi Higgy, I had never heard of it until I was diagnosed with it following years of chronic pain which did not respond to any medication. It is an awful all consuming thing! I have a constant battle to beat the thing but of course I never do. Now I have the Ehler-Danlos Syndrome and amputation to deal with too, so lifes a ball Lynne
  14. Lynne


    Hi Ann, Glad it seems to have gone well, take things slow and easy and enjoy the rest Lynne
  15. Lynne

    Failed knee replacements?

    Hi Ther, Sorry to read about your situation, I have every empathy with you. I had lots of operations including three failed total knee rplacements. I ended up having my knee fused using an ilazirov frame, it took 18 months for it to fuse and I was in the most horrendous pain imaginable. Turning 16 bolts every four hours is no fun! I lasted 7 years with my leg fused but like you said I was actually more 'disabled' than before and certainly in a lot of pain. Of course everyone is different and some have better experiences than the next, I can only share my experiences with you. I made the difficult decision to have an above knee amputation in April 2005. To say that it hasn't been plain sailing is an understatement, I had three revision surgeries in the first year following amputation! I still don't have a prosthetic leg and live from a wheelchair. The reasons for it taking so long is very complex and if you wish to know more you can PM me or look at all my previous posts. Iknow how difficult it is to face such a decision and I do hope you feel at peace about yours when you have done all the research. You may well be better off with it fused if you can deal with the whole process of getting it fused, check out the various options for different external fixators. You may well be better off opting for amputation straight away, it may well be sucessful for you but learning to use a prosthetic leg is Imore difficult than people realise. If you have suffered long term pain then you are probably more likely to have continued long term pain post amputation. Enough already, I feel I have said enough, feel free to ask any questions and check out the site for other peoples experiences. Good luck.......................Lynne
  16. Lynne


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL..........................Enjoy. Lynne
  17. Lynne

    Here we go again!

    Thanks Tigertat, No Problem. :) The important thing is that Sue gets the right surgery for her very complex situation. Sounds like her surgeons have a very clear idea of what they plan to do. SUE Just a thought but you can ask for a second opinion from another surgeon who is specialist in BKA. Best wishes ............. Lynne
  18. Lynne

    Here we go again!

    Hi Tigertat, I only suggested that it could be the ERTL procedure Or something similar. And you can certainly get it done in the uk......ask Roz. She has had it done. I think she did a lot of research to find the surgeon who did it. SUE, Hope someone who has had it done comes forward with their experience. Could PM Roz. Perhaps you need to ask your surgeon more questions. Lynne
  19. Lynne

    Here we go again!

    Hi Sue, I am an above knee but from posts I have read on this site and others it sounds like your surgeons are planning to make a bone bridge between your tib and fib. Could be the ERTL procedure, see link below. Basically a bone graft that means your tib and fib become joined and act as one. All the other stuff they may as well do when they are in there to give you the best possible outcome. If you do a search on this site there is loads of stuff on the ERTL procedure....a few people have had it done. Sure they will be along soon to offer their advice. ERTL I know what it is like to have repeated surgery so my thoughts are with you. Good luck. Lynne
  20. Lynne

    Lizzie Day

  21. Lynne

    Roz's Revision

    Hi Roz, Glad things went well but sorry about the fall. Like Ann I am interested in the difference in the casting procedure. Did your usual prosthetist cast you or did the Harmony specialist do it? I think a huge part of a good fit is unfortunately down to luck! Hope things continue so possitively for you. Lynne
  22. Lynne

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a good day and got some lovely presents. Had a nice meal out but it's back on the diet tomorrow. Still waiting for the MRI scan and biopsy on my stump. as well as specialist appointment. I'm hoping that this year will be the year I finally get a leg........please! Lynne
  23. Hi Lisa, I appreciate that everyones experience is different, no two amps are the same. You obviously have thought long and hard about it and your limb is causing you lots of problems. When I read your last post my heart missed a beat, a gut reaction. As an ak who has not managed to get a socket that I could weight bear through, three years post op. Who has probably spent two and a half years of that three years in a wheel chair, my heart goes out to you. Being an above knee is a whole different ball game. (Read some of my posts if you want to know my story.) I know that you have said you have made your decision and I do understand how difficult such a decision is. Before your op you should try to meet up with a few above knee amps and at least see an above knee socket and leg set up so you understand the process of walking as an above knee amp...it is so totally different. Try if possible to find someone who is having problems not just amps who climb mountains! I think I was guilty of high expectations when I had my amputation, that it would lead to a better life, less pain, more mobility......it hasn't.....quite the opposite.....there are no guanantees. If things don't get sorted out for me this year then I will have to accept life in a wheelchair. I guess what I am trying to say is that you need to be as prepared as possible for every eventuality. I don't want to put doubts in your mind, but I do advise very strongly that you meet up personally with other ak amps. Doctors can answer questions but they can never know what it is like to live as an ak day in day out. People on boards such as this can tell you what their lives are like, what their experiences are; but you will never fully understand until you are an ak in your life, in your family, in your relationships. The skin stretching procedure is quite common in plastic and neuro surgery, I don't know what it's called either but know what you mean. Good luck to you, it's not an easy time for you, you are in my thoughts. Lynne
  24. Lynne

    Happy Birthday Ally

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY Love ..................Lynne
  25. Lynne

    Happy Birthday Cat

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT Not too much too drink..........now how much is too much?........let us know! Lynne