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    Arm Amp Ladies

    Thanks for the feedback, Sheila. I thought I had addressed that via the topic name, but obviously that wasn't enough. I've learned a lot through this discussion about taking great care in how I word things :o And thank you, melaussie, for answering my question. To be clear, though, are you saying that they fasten the hooks with the bra off, then pull it on over their heads and into place? I'll have to give that a try, it seems like a much better solution than what I came up with. Which, of course, is why I asked in the first place!! :) Kind regards, Jan
  2. redwoodjan

    Arm Amp Ladies

    Hello and thank you again for the support that was given. I have to admit that the negativeness and total disbelief stings a bit, but I've had worse experiences in my life. It did lead me to do some snooping around on this and a few other amp discussion boards and I came to realize how naive I've been on the subject of freaks. I've learned more about devotees and now have a better appreciation of how rampant these perverts are in the discussion board world. While I don't hold any hard feelings towards the cynics who flamed me, my faith in wo/mankind is preserved by those that gave me a chance to prove myself. I don't know what kind of response, if any, SJSU provided, but actually it's too late now. I turned my assignment in yesterday, based solely on my experimentation. Thank you for your consideration and the words of encouragement I received. I hope you don't mind my occasional visit to your board to help me understand your world better. Sincerely, Jan
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    Arm Amp Ladies

    Muz, et al Thank you, Muz, for not writing me off completely without the opportunity to prove myself. My name is Janet “Jan” Wolski. I know better than to post my email address anywhere on the web due to spammers, but will send it privately to registered member on the forum who seems to genuinely want to help me. I am in my second sequence, the class is OCTH132, Occupational Therapy for Adults with Physical/Orthopedic Disabilities. Dr. H. Pendleton is my professor. The first year of training is all in the classroom – we don’t go out in the field for practicum until next school year, so we are not yet working with clients to ask. One objective of the assignment is to go through the process of discovering how to do things. Part of this is researching what assistive devices are available, common adaptations that are made, being creative with finding resources and, as you’ve pointed out, experimentation. My professor has also told us that often our best resources are experienced people with disabilities who have learned what works best for them. Real-world, real-use strategies are often more useful than clinical, book-learned techniques. Hence my request to you. In my own experimentation, I have used a standard, fasten-in-the-back bra with hooks and eyes. I’ve held one side of the back in my teeth and wrapped the bra around me. I clamp the bra to my side with my residual limb [but I’m not sure that I could hold it at an appropriate height with an AE limb]. I am able to use my remaining hand to fasten the hooks, then slide the bra around so it is facing forward – this is actually the most difficult part for me. Once in place, I can slip the straps on my shoulders and make adjustments where needed. I will use this in my write up, but had hoped that someone with more experience that me would be willing to share a tip or trick that I hadn't yet discovered. Thanks, again, to those of you willing to give me a chance, Jan
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    Arm Amp Ladies

    First, let me introduce myself. I am a student of Occupational Therapy at San Jose State Univ, female if that matters. I'm doing research for an assignment with a case study of a woman, 30 yo, with a right (dominate) AE amputation. I am supposed to write up how I would teach her to don her bra. I haven't found much help in books and articles, but I prefer grass roots info from real people, rather than the clinical books anyway. Would anyone be willing to share how they put on their bra? Or do you prefer to go without? Do you use the stretchy/pullover/sports kind? Front closure? If you were mentoring my case study woman, who has just received her first prosthesis, what would you tell her? I would very much appreciate any ideas or referrals you can give me. Thanks so much, Jan, OT in training PS-I'm willing to answer any questions you feel necessary to prove that I am who I say I am as I understand there are alot of freakazoids out here on the web. But hopefully my question is not one that the freaks would be interested in anyway. I don't mind a private message response either, if that makes someone more comfortable.