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  1. Dave, Thanks for the detailed reply. Especially the photos and detail over the way you have the urethane liner cut. What tools do you/your limb centre use to cut the liners - our centre has so much trouble trying to cut these - even with the right tools as the liners are so tacky. I have just got a second TEC urethane liner and found the vacuum lasts longer (still eventually drops to zero on the gauge). It seems as this liner is more 'sticky' and therefore appears to be giving a better seal. However, the urethane liner when I take it off at night leaves a strong mark at the edge of it... which from reading your notes implies the seal is happening at the end of the sleeve rather than the edge of the socket. Like the idea over removing the blue thin sleeve and using the padding instead. FYI - there is a new outer sleeve out now called the Harmony sleeve. Not sure whether it will make a difference - but I have one on order and waiting to try it. The foot I am using at the moment is call axtion and is made by Ottobock http://www.ottobockus.com/products/lower_l...tics/axtion.asp Because I have only got short legs then the low profile foot was the only option open to us at the limb centre. Been very please with it from a walking perspective as it is very responsive and feels nature. Had a few problems running on it as the vacuum problem has been creating pockets of air in the socket when running. Hope you don't mind but would like to share some of your experience will our own limb centre in the U.K? Many thanks, Paul
  2. Marcus, I had the silicone liners in the 'iceross' based limbs back in the 90s. I used to find my leg slipped out of them as my leg hot so hot and sweaty in them. Have they altered the design now? It sounds from what you are saying you are more prone to 'leaks' with the TEC liners in harmony p2 - or am I misunderstanding what you are saying? Cheers Paul
  3. Ann, Good luck with the casting and TEC /harmony p2 system. The reason I moved to it was my scar was continually breaking down. Too much soft tissue at the bottom of my stump and too pliable skin is what the Dr told me. Although I am having problems with the vacuum and initially all the sweating... the stump has never looked healthier. Will be interested to hear how you get on. Regards Paul
  4. paulaw

    Uk Limb centres

    Hi, I go to the Wirral Limb Centre, Clatterbridge hospital. I used to help run a group which met monthly and ran social events, including sporting activities. Eventually interest died down group disbanded as people were travelling from afar to get to the centre. I think support groups at centres are an excellent idea, especially for new amputees to talk to about real life experiences from other amputees :D
  5. Dave, Just spotted where you are from. We are moving to Christchurch next month!. Talk about small world. I have taken some of your advice and rolled the nylon sock down. There is a distinct defined edge where the socket meets the liner when I am sat down - but the gauge does show a zero reading. So perhaps yours is doing the same too? I have also removed the thin blue sleeve to see if that helps. Do you find the outer most sleeve wears more quickly/tears as a result? I was told the blue sleeve is to protect this outer sleeve. From working with prosthetist in the U.K the 'leak' is definitely the sleeve area. The vaseline on the thigh and tape at the botton of the sleeve helped reduce the speed it leaks but hasn't cured it. I am back to see her again next week. Would be interested if you have a few photos. Regards, Paul.
  6. David, Thanks for your reply and comments/advice To answer your questions: >>Do you have the liner trimmed down at all?, I have the liner trimmmed down so it comes about 4inches up from my knee cap >> what brand liner? Ottobock simplicity liner. Just got a new one and it is slightly thinner than the previous one. I would say thickness is about 1/4 of an inch. >> What about socks Just using a nylon sock to slide in. Have used 1/2 / full socks in the past on other sockets. Also noticed today with the new simplicity line it is cutting into my skin when the vacuum seal works. Although again after sitting for a while the pressure starts to drop off (Have the gauge and reaches about 25 when I pump it up and then gradually drops down to 0 if I don't move around). I would have thought that the pressure what stay once pumped up - even if still or am I wrong. Is my limb working as designed? What type of outer suspension sleeve do you use? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Paul.
  7. paulaw

    New Kid On The Block

    Welcome aboard Papasmurf. Like you I was involved in a motorbike accident. Some boy racer decided to overtake a bus and hit me head on. 3 pts for careless driving on the drivers license and £100 fine. O.K that was back in 1985 - but still... Anyway not bitter about it. Honest.:( Like Pam says hindsight is a good think - I too settled out of court - with no option to go back if my condition got worse. If I was going through this again - given the fact you may consider wanting to pay for your own limbs (at £7K a piece not exactly a drop in the ocean) + other needs e.g. car etc.. I would strongly recommend you don't accept first offer and make sure you have a really good solicitor who has experience in this type of claim and fully understands what you need.
  8. Hi, Hope you are all keeping well. I have been having some fun and games with a TEC system and harmony P2 system from Ottobock. This is a polyurethane rollon liner, with pull on sleeve and a 'pump based' system. It has taken 7 months of effort before a socket using this system has fit/not leaked (basically it is a vacuum based system). Now I have the problem there are leaks around the pull on sleeve. Using vaseline and strong tape to seal the top/bottom of the sleeve helps but does not fix completely. (Pressure gauge used to test it shows pressure dropping down very slowly - bit like a slow puncture!) Just wondered if anybody else out there uses this Ottobock system and how successful they have been with it/their experiences.? Look forward to hearing from you Regards Paul
  9. paulaw

    post operative prosthetic

    Sergio, I also had a PAMM aid. I only wore it when I was at Physio. But the one thing that I remember most is the real BOOST in confidence it gave me that I was walking again so soon after my operation. If you can get one would take them up on the offer
  10. paulaw

    new kid in the block

    Hi Sergio, Welcome aboard. There are so many friendly and helpful people in this group. Just to let you know - you CAN get back to the things you did before. After an accident I lost my foot and then had an amputation below knee so I could where a limb. I was 19 at the time. I got back to playing squash, skiing, and even running. I play squash better name then when I have my own two legs! Good luck with the operation Paul.
  11. paulaw

    Hello from newbie on the block

    Paul, I have been told that provided you have residency you will be treated. If you wife is doing a year exchange - not sure how that will work. Here is the email address I used to initially get some info on amputees organisations in NZ. info@amputeeinfo.co.nz I exchanged some info with somebody called Noel Dolamore from this organisation. He put me in touch with the manager of the clinic in Christchurch NZ. His email is graham.flanagan@nzalb.govt.nz Hope the above helps
  12. paulaw

    Hello from newbie on the block

    Pam, Small world! I live in the Warrington area. Regards Paul.
  13. paulaw

    You won't believe it!

    Yes I was. Went to the doctors, got some medication and went to see a counsellor. The latter did me a lot of good. Realised I wasn't alone and got help to get me back on the road to recovery. Paul.
  14. paulaw

    You won't believe it!

    Hi Londonsgirl, From my experience with depression, the symptoms you describe are very similiar to what I have experienced first hand and also with family members. If I learn't anything from it all the one key thing is "to talk to people who you feel comfortable with to share your thoughts and concerns. " Sometimes this is difficult to do with immediately family who have never experienced what you are describing and therefore don't understand.
  15. paulaw

    Hello from newbie on the block

    Hi All, Thanks for introducing yourselves and the valuable info. :) We are planning on settling in the Christchurch area (jobs permitting). I have a call open with the prosthestist at the Burwood centre there - just in case. I had a road accident in the U.K which resulted in amputation so not sure how this fits with ACC although the Graham Flanagan District Manager/Clinical Prosthetist at Burwood seems to think it shouldn't be a problem as long as I have my residency visa. I have a Ottobock TEC Harmony P2 system with suspension sleeve at present with an axtiom ottobock foot. (although just split the toes!). Read lots on your board so far... have been experiencing sweating/itchy and sores on the stump and thing. Been trying all sorts to each it and have come across something called odaban which seems to be doing the job.