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  1. sergio

    flat for amputees

    i have question for everyone here- my uncle is full time crutch user after he lost right leg above knee. he live alone in big flat - it's impossible that person on crutches be independent in that large apartment. he want to sell that big flat and buye new small - because he want to live alone and do all that house work himself. i'd like to hear experiences of other people here - how do you make your flat comfortable? what flat is the best for crutch user? i'm also amputee but below knee and theres' no difference for me- i wear my leg all day and only want safe floor in bathroom.
  2. hello to everyone – i got my leg finally . they take my measures in friday, i have try test socket in thursday and this morning i bring home my leg. i buy prosthetic in small ortho shop which make legs with eu standards but they haven’t rehabilitation center. i live in very complicated transition country so i can’t explain all complications i have- it will be enough if i say that my insurance will pay for leg and i need to training at home. i can’t use rehabilitation center in public hospital because i didn’t buy leg in their shop! grrrrr. well it’s ptb socket – big and quite bulky, pylon and sach foot. i was waiting for this moment a long time but now i’m looking in those leg and simply don’t know what to do. it look very strange, and uncomfortable even it wasn’t when i put it on yesterday. i got some advices in shop but i’d like to hear your experience with first leg. by the way – how to put sock on it – foot is ok but pylon? i’m completely lost – please don’t think that i’m mad.
  3. sergio

    Happy Birthday marcus

    happy birthday too :lol:
  4. sergio

    recovery report

    hello to everyone, i didn’t write anything here 6-7 weeks – many things have been changed in meantime – i spend 35 days on adriatic sea trying to get my life energy back. it was very hard to start practicing every day but after month ago i can walk (on crutches) 2X3 km every day – in the morning and in the evening – i have swimming during the day and i feel great, almost like before accident. only problem is my residual limb – first days it change volume every day and after they remove cast i wear shrinker sock all day. it healed very well – i have only little red spot where drain go out and scar like smile on front side. but my doctor is not satisfied with shape of my residual limb – it’s still puffy especial on medial side. my therapist insist on “shape like roll “ (geometric figgure- i’m not sure is this good word) and he want to wait my stump shrunk more. i got another disappointment – i can’t got anything than cheap “geriatric” prosthetic for my first temporary leg- something better i can get after 6-12 months. i’d like to know what is your experience with first leg, shrinkers and stump shape..
  5. sergio


    i was on picnic today and i didn't listen the news -i heard it 15 minutes ago . poor people. i hope that all uk members and friends are ok.
  6. sergio

    question, again

    i’m not ready for my first prosthetic yet but i’m preparing myself very intensive. there is one thing which took my mind these days. when i start to investigate about amputees and amputations on the net i find out very active amputees as glenn malmskog who is amputee firefighter, then some marine officers who come back on the first line after their amputations. my explanation was that everything is possible with modern and expensive prosthetic. but i noticed here in sarajevo where 80% amputees has very cheap prosthetic leg that some amputees walk very bad and some very well. last week i saw amputee guy with plaster cast on his sound leg and with crutches – he walk like king only on his prosthetic(bk), and mainly reason why i write this is man which i saw yesterday – he is also bk amputee and work for firm who make plastic door and windows. i watch from my window how my neighbour change his window and i noticed that guy how carry all that stuff from truck to the fourth floor. after all day i saw that he is amputee when he show his prosthetic leg to my neighbor . how is it possible? why some amputees adapt very well on new conditions and some newer. is it “act of will” or “state of mind” where are you? successfuly or not? sorry if i bored you but i’d like to know what do you think about it sergio
  7. sergio

    Yet Another Anniversary

    good luck muz ;)
  8. sergio

    crutches and pain

    No, i didn’t fall again – well not yet – but i feel much better now so i start going out and spend more time on crutches. result – pain in my back and my sound leg – of course i have blisters on my arms from crutch hand grips. any advice? please don’t tell me that i need to sit at home. :D
  9. sergio


    happy birthday!
  10. sergio

    strawberry fields forever

    air bags? i like this idea ;)
  11. sergio

    strawberry fields forever

    strawberry fields forever - it’s old song – but great headline for this post. as i told you i’m recent rbk – 15 days post op – my recovery go very well – there are good days and bad days – nothing unusual for “early days”. but i’m very nervous – simply, i can’t be on one place so i started to walk in my flat from wall to wall very soon after i come home. this week i start to going out – i live on first floor and it’s not problem to go downstairs on crutches. however, yesterday i have seen nice fresh strawberries in shop near my house – i see it form my balcony. i decide very soon to go down and buy some strawberries(i can do it – there’s no reason to boring anyone – you know this story, don’t you) so i go and buy it – it wasn’t big problem- but i bought also some cakes and coca cola . when i try to open the door i lost my balance and fall like bag – body in, head out – bag on one side – crutches on other . after this acrobatic fly down i didn’t move because i was shocked and of course i was shame- i’d like to jump and fly away from there. with one leg and two trusty crutches and my bag? so i start to getting up and saw salesman (who has bypass and heart attack last year ) with open mouth and blue lips how try to catch some air. poor man he almost got another heart attack see me flying ( he thought that i’m died in his store). but with little help i come home – final result – i have made “strawberry porridge”, salesman almost died, and i have little cramp on my arm and this is it. Who told me that want see me playing football on crutches?
  12. sergio

    some questions

    i almost forgot – about crutches – i have little confusion about canadian, forearm, elbow and who know what kind of crutches. ( my english) i watch on the net and i know more about it. i have forearm crutches and it’s ok – i only need to change rubber tips and tight up screws and of course learn to walk with it...
  13. sergio

    some questions

    thanks for support – i have read a lot before amputation but it’s different when you came cross it. yesterday i have visit – my sister school friend who is also below knee amputee come into my house. he was real support – especial because he show me what amputee can do – almost everything. we have talked about four hours about “amputee stuff” so i need to tell you that i feel more comfortable after i saw his prosthetic leg and heard his story. tomorrow i’ll go to the doctor – so i’ll heard what he thinking about my leg.
  14. sergio

    some questions

    i have some questions for you girls and guys – i’m seven days post op and i haven’t complications with healing – i haven’t pains (i’m taking some medicines) but i feel my missing leg, sometimes i feel itching on my heel or on my sole, or feel same as have small shoe on my missing foot. i noticed that i have fear that i’d bump with my foot when i walk so i bend my knee to “protect my toes” – especial when i’m going upstairs. is it normal? then i want to ask you what kind of crutches do you have? when i have my accident i broke arm and leg – so i spend two months in wheelchair and after that i start to use crutches but only as support. i have cheep, usual crutches which people use when they broke leg .but it’s not good solution i suppose for full time crutch user. i feel strenght in my upper body but when i get up and take my crutches i feel like i’m drunk – i have fear from falling down. i have heard that is very dangerous.
  15. sergio

    i'm home

    hello to everyone, i’m finally home – operation is done and it’s seems ok for first days. i have expect more troubles with amputation and i’m little surprised how fast it go. i didn’t got postoperative prosthetic- i have usual bandage around my leg and that’s it. i’m using painkillers and i haven’t pains. i’m only very sleepy – i can’t sleep much in hospital. thanks a lot for support – my brother told me every message to me on forum. it’s mean much to me when i was in hospital. thanks. serg