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    I make artifitial limbs and enjoy it very much. Playing my guitar, music and going to the movies. Enjoy my great sports car. Helping people!

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  1. Kevin

    Help and advice please

    I recommend you see a local physiatrist- a doctor of physical medicine. The are heavaly trained in amputee care. If surgery is a realistic option the physiatrist will refer you to the proper surgeon and consult with them. Stay strong!
  2. Kevin

    when "good" legs go bad

    Kate, this is such a good point to bring up. I have been an amputee since 1971. I was 17 years old at the time. I needed surgery on my (good very important left knee) in 2004. After the out patient surgery, they gave me some crutches and said to take it easy for 2 days. I went to take my first step with my prosthesis as my main leg (something very new) and I couldn’t move at first? I slowly adapted but I felt like a sailboat bobbing up and down on the water with no wind to move me. (Take care of your good limb, the hip, the knee, ankle and foot, even your lower back. This is extremely important for obvious reasons. It is truly a natural human condition to take things for granted and in this case, it’s very bad for us.) To help you cope with your new situation I recommend you read a book or too from Heathers list under the help tab, just scroll down the page. Just remember things could always be worse, be thankful for what you have, and always focus on all that you still can do and not on what you can’t! Make sure you are going to the absolute best doctor you can find. There are injections of other types that helped me with pain for considerable long periods of time before I eventually had surgery, different than what your getting. The injections put an oil like substance in the joint offering more protection in the knee joint itself, simulating natural cartilage. I highly recommend becoming a very thin lady if you aren’t one already. This will help you greatly! Losing 35 pounds and getting cartilage corrective surgery have kept me pain free. Keeping thin is very important! I hope you have a good outcome with good medical care. I believe things always have a way of working out! Stay strong Kate. Respectfully, your friend, Kevin.
  3. Kevin

    Fibular Instability

    Hi Sue, Kevin here. Sorry to see your having such ongoing problems with you leg!!! I have several patients that have no fibula at all. They do quite well. The bone bridge procedure is done to creat a more stable residual limb. Find the best doctor you can that has mega experiance with amputations that have become complicated like yours. Travel if you have to but ask around the medical community and get some names. If you do truly trust the doctor or doctors your with now, than do what they reccomed, that is what I would do. Stay strong Sue. Very respectfully, Kevin.
  4. Kevin

    Not sure what comes next!

    Hi Sue, Kevin here. Sue as a prosthetist now for 34 years I must tell you I have seen situations of pain related problems more than I would like to say. Each one is different but the results are some what the same, a very difficult life! Here is my humble advice: You must find the best doctors in your area! There are many types of pain medications out now that work differently from each other and you must find a doctor that will work with you trying different ones untill you find one that does help, possibly bringing your pain levels down from a 10 to a 2 Tje best outcome would be to find a doctor that could help you with a type of surgery intervention, that is why you need to find a doctor with experiance with this type of situation. Get on the phone and call local hospital social workers to get started with your search, rehab centers as well. Some anesthesiology doctors are very experianced in the area of pain management but the best doctors are in my opinion are called Physiatrist or doctor of physical medicine! They are traind extensively in the care on amputees post amputee surgery! Get a good one and experiment on medication untill you get the pain managible and they often can refer you to a good surgen if they feel surgery is an option to achieving a pain free life. Find the best doctors, not easy but you can find them in your area. I wish you the best, stay strong and get some good help and professional advice, its out there! Kevin
  5. Kevin

    My Stump Surgery Is Set

    Hi Freddy, I happened to see your post. I just wanted to say that as a prosthetist I think the surgery will be something you will be quite happy about having for many reasons after it's over. To be able to use your prosthesis comfortably and not be so much at risk of infection is a great outcome for you! Think about this in a positive way only, as it is going to be a positive event for you. You will get through this just fine! Respectfully, Kevin.
  6. Kevin

    New video on YouTube.com

    Austin, I think you will enjoy the book very much. Let me know how you enjoyed it after your finished reading it. It took me 4 months to write the last paragraph in the book! I thought you might like to know that. Kevin
  7. Kevin

    New video on YouTube.com

    That's the point of my book, just trying to help the healing process along. I had no help and that is why I wrote the book, to help those that are looking for some help and guidence. I know my book would have helped me if it was available then. Everyone is different and their situation is as well. I would never presume that it is easy for any of us. Im just trying to inspire, to demonstrate that it really is just a matter of choise, how we accept our fate in life. The power comes in the accepting and moving on, then we can continue to grow and move ahead in our life as we were always meant to! It's not easy but it can be done! With the greatest respect, Kevin.
  8. Kevin

    New video on YouTube.com

    Austin, it goes further than that, I speak about actual days in prosthetic school and what I experianced as I went through the program. If you go to amazon.com and find the book, you can see (inside the book) the table of contence and you will note all the chapters relating to prosthetic school. Thank you for your responce! Kevin
  9. Kevin

    New video on YouTube.com

    I am inviting anyone interested in seeing my 5 minute video interview! Go to YouTube.com and type prosthetic education in the search bar. You will not only find my interview, but also many other interesting videos, even one from the American prosthetic education academy showing very nicely why a career in the prosthetic and or orthotic profession would be an excellent choice. This is the direct link http://youtube.com/watch?v=NPN8rHABfas and this is the intro.: Kevin S Garrison "It's Just a Matter of Balance" A Very Personal Story Of Amputee Rehabilitation, A Biography That Includes Prosthetic Education, Truly Inspirational, Surviving Limb Amputation In A Healthy Way Kevin S. Garrison is interviewed about becoming an amputee and how he survived it and survived it well. He talks about his personal experience. He wrote a book to help other amputees cope with their situation. Very inspirational!!! By the way, the book is listed here (heathermillsmccartney.com) under the Help section / Insperational Books I am very proud to say!!! Respectfully, Kevin
  10. I would like to respectfully donate a book to the directors of any Amputee Support Groups. This is an opportunity for you and your group to find out about my new book: It’s Just a Matter of Balance. It will be your copy to share with the group! This book is listed here on the Heather Mills McCartney web site under the HELP section under Recommended Inspirational Books. The book is an autobiography that is quite unique in that the story is written by a certified and licensed prosthetist. The book explains in detail how I ended up in this profession of making artificial limbs after surviving cancer although with the eventual loss of my right foot! This is a very positive and motivational book. The doctors that have read it feel that it is excellent for anyone suffering with a permanent disability! The book explains through the telling of this non-fiction very personal story, that surviving a tragedy and surviving it well is absolutely possible. It would be my pleasure to send out a book free of all costs as a donation to your support group. More information on my book can be viewed at: www.GarrisonOP.com E-mail your name and address to: garr735@bellsouth.net for your Donated copy. An amputee helping amputees with great respect, Kevin S. Garrison C.P., L.P./Author
  11. Kevin

    Book Donation

    Please send me your address so I can mail you a book! garr735@bellsouth.net Thank you, Kevin.
  12. Kevin

    Book Donation

    Please send me your address so I can mail you a book! garr735@bellsouth.net Thank you, Kevin.
  13. Kevin

    Book Donation

    Please send me your address so I can mail you a book! garr735@bellsouth.net Thank you, Kevin.
  14. Kevin

    Book Donation

    Please send me your address so I can mail you a book! garr735@bellsouth.net Thank you, Kevin.