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  1. dlovu

    fitness exercise

    Thanks for the responses so far. I think the answer is do what can work comfortably and within the constraints that the c-leg I have that does not like to bend unless I am walking. So depending on the exercise I will have the leg on or off. As for literature on exercises the only one I found was by gailey and they all depict exercies without the leg on. Dave
  2. dlovu

    fitness exercise

    As a aboveknee amputee if you are doing fitness exercises that require sitting or lying do you remove the leg or leave it on? Also if you remove the leg do you cover the stump with anything? Thanks Dave
  3. Susan I was a very discouraged amputee for slightly over 3 years who was unable to find a socket system that would work for more than 2 weeks. I tried lanyard systems, pure suction systems, seal in etc. None of them could handle my daily volume fluctuations. I was never able to walk properly. I started the original thread on this post on yet another try to find something better. Like you I was able to get in touch with Karen and she was most helpful. As I have I winter residence near Orlando I was able to take advantage of Karens prosthestist and his staff who were excellent. Being a long limb amputee like you no rotator etc. there was initial problems fitting me as I was more accustomed to support at the ischial end and they preferred to try to fit me with a lower profile which had advantages but I could not wistand the distal pressure. After increasing the length of the socket progress became rapidly and I can say without a doubt it is the best system I have used to date by far. MY walking which really suffered because of the previous products is now starting to turn around. My golf game is improving and life is getting good again. I even have a rotator with a C-leg which I was told I could never have especially with long limb and my C-leg. If you have questions Karen is amazing and I am available (unless I am playing golf) to answer as well. Good Luck Dave Hi, I am a RAK amp and since reading about the Elevated Vacuum Suspension systems in the latest Oandp magazine, I'd like to learn more. What type of system did you have? What system are you back to since that one didn't work?? I'd love to hear from anyone with experience or comments about these systems, especially for transfemoral amputees. Karen did get back to me (Thanks Karen) and my prosthetist may be going to the seminar her prosthetist holds, though I noticed that Ohio Willow Wood also has a seminar and a new system. It's so hard to know what system will work best if at all. I have such limited information. I have a long length of residual limb, which could be an issue. (I don't even have room for a rotator) I am currently in an ischial containment socket with a Iceross Seal-In Liner. (though a 45 is too big, a 40 a bit too small, and there is nothing in between.) My main issues are chafing and sometimes rash at the inside top of my leg at the top of the socket, under the liner, and the difficulties of dealing with the heat in the summer. Last year, my first as an amputee, was horrible! I adore my prosthetists-they have been great to me. They have had other patients asking about the vacuum systems, and seem open to learning, so we'll see what happens! Thanks, Susan
  4. neal Is the facility prosthetics and orthotics associates in orlando florida?. The website is just a protype but now the facility I mentioned makes specials inner sockets with liners for the vacum seal and then the inner socket gets attached to the hard shell outer socket with a snap in mechanism. Stan patterson a well known CP designed the system. The oandp group on a survey I did leaned heavily for this type of system to handle the volume flucuation issues and to get a good seal. dave
  5. In my research for a possible replacement of my socket system there appears to be a number of products hitting the market where similar to the principle of the vass system a a socket system similar to a suction socket is used in conjection with a liner and where the valve would be for the suction system there is a connection to hook up a hand pump similar to one that removes air from a brake system to create a vacuum in the liner and secure it in place. Has any aboveknee amputees tried such a system and what were the results . Thanks Dave example system http://www.oandp.com/news/jmcorner/2007-03...+Hypobaric+Seal
  6. dlovu

    A question about costs

    Higgy wa right on. In my case I have my orthopedic specialist handle the support. They have their own prosthetic department which I do not use anymore but they know exactly how the medicare forms need to be filled out. If you use your local doctor and he or she does not have experience in how the forms need to be filled out then either get your doctor to refer you to a specialist or have your doctor get the instructions for the paperwork from a competent prosthetist. Good Luck Dave
  7. dlovu

    A question about costs

    Carole If you are on medicare you need to have your medical doctor working with your prosthetist to justify the claim. Given the doctor can state the proper medical reasons medicare will have to ok the purchase unless the part you are replacing is rated for a activity level that you do not meet. Even then you can appeal your claim by providing more medical support. Go to a prosthetist and have him work with the doctor who provided the prescription. Dave
  8. I am researching my options for a socket system that can hold me in place securely without twisting and pistoning and adjustable for volume fluctations. The Kiss system has come up as a possible candidate. I would be grateful to get feedback from above knee amputees who have used this system. Thanks Dave
  9. dlovu

    Having Trouble

    Carol I am looking at using the the Kiss system next since I have severe volume changes over the day. What exactly did you mean in that it didn't work. You say it didn't feel right but could you please elaborate? Were you the first one that your prosthestist fitted with the KISS system? Regards Dave
  10. I am a above knee amputee who is a avid golfer. I am looking for feedback on the different model rotators and shock absorbers with buuilit in rotators that allow you to rotate your hip freely yet our stable when you walk regular. I also understand that the centaurus foot has this built in. It is important that whatever it is that it be user adjustable so I could limit it for other actvities. Thanks dave
  11. dlovu

    Seal In Liner vs. Pin System

    Neal Are you caught up so you can provide the information I am am eagerly awaiting on the is subjec? Dave
  12. dlovu


    The problem you are having is very normal for a lot of golfers. A good instructor should be able to help you fix this. A couple of concepts must be understood. The first one is that the clubshaft angle when set on the ground is more horizontal than the shaft of irons especially the longer irons. I ideally when you swing the shaft angle needs to return to the initial setup position somewhat. Now when a person takes a backswing generally players either are swinging the club more up than around and it is steeper and more upright and easier to use the irons that are on the on ground because you want to hit down on the ball. Other players have their backswing more around their body and less up and this promotes a more horizontal motion of the club and it is easier to sweep the ball. Take a backswing and stop at the end and if the club (hands) is near your neck you are swinging too upright. if the club (hands) is above you rear shoulder (right shoulder for a right hander that is a ideal backswing for all clubs and if it is way below the rear shoulder it is two flat. This may sound complicated to you so if you need more clarfication please ask. My recommendation is go to a instructor understands the how to teach. I found from my experience that even with our special problems the golf club needs to move in such a way in the downswing or poor results will be obtained. Knowing what you actually trying to do can make a big difference. The how to do it becomes more simple. If you can describe your shot patterns with the woods, tops, heel or toe contact, slices hooks I could try to give you more help. Dave
  13. dlovu

    AKA Sockets

    I am a aboveknee amputee.I started with a liner system with a side locking strap. Hated it because liner would alway rotate. Tried multiple sockets that were pure suction sytems but found I could loose air too easilly with sweat, volume changes and sitting down. When things were ideal the best system for me to walk on. My current socket system is the ossur sealin. I am in the fun stage of getting it tweaked. I find it the most comfortable of the bunch and it keeps its suction. On the negative side and it may not be the system versus the fit) it seems to require to get that socket perfectly aligned before you put it in since it will not rotate as soon as you put it on. ( anyone have hints like markings on the liner and the socket and a part on the body to make sure you get the alignment right) .Sometime it appears my leg rotates in the liner and all my alignment is off. It feels heavier and warmer than the pure suction system and the weight of the C-leg doesn't help. Thus effort to wak is greater but stability is great! Once in a while with the sealin I will lose the feeling that I am grounded and feel like the leg has given in when it did not at all. It sure is hard to get the ideal? With the aid of the site and the experience I get trying different things I feel confident I can home in on the best system for me. Everything has tradeoffs. Dave
  14. I have a Cleg and I am unhappy with the feet they supply. They feel like they walk on wood. My warranty will be expiring and I am interested in what C leggers switched to that they they felt was more comfortable and stayed better on the ground. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  15. dlovu

    First time using a liner

    Ally I have just switched over from a total suction to the osssur seal in system. Like you I have the same feelings and I just do not feel I have as much control of the leg. The liner does not bottom out properlly and it can lose suction when I sit down. It takes quite a while to put on compared to the standard suction system. In the next week I have to choose to stay with the liner or go back to the the regular suction and at the moment the standard suction looks to be the winner since the liner seems to add to problems and I do not see the advantages of comfort etc. that I expected. Dave