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    Disability Sports Books?

    Hi Bobby, Can’t say that I know any books about cycling as an amputee but Glen who is an above knee amputee keeps a good blog about his bike riding exploits , it’s well worth a mooch around . Link: - http://kotz68.blogspot.co.uk/ Hope this helps Take care mick
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    thank you Cheryl, I hope your right ... but wont know till this Thursday part of me is very excited , part of me is ...what if it doesn't work ?? so I have booked a week off work so if all goes well I can disappear into the hills to "get to know the leg" and hopefully get back to some serious hiking again its almost a year since I did anything . take care ps sorry Bobby for high jacking your thread
  3. mick


    Hi Cheryl, Sorry to read that you have had some bother, three months without a leg would drive me mad as it is my mood go’s from good too bad the moment I have to take my leg off and try to do anything, so going three months would really make me moody to say the least, but I’m pleased you are back in your old socket and back to normal (whatever that is) My socket used to fit that well, I actually resisted the limb centres planes to change it years ago, my motto is if it’s not broken why chance things anyway, it started to get uncomfortable about a year ago and like a fool I thought it’s just temporary I live with it, then of course it got worse and again I thought that I’ve been overdoing things if I take it easy it will settle down and things will sort there self out …..well as you know things don’t work like that , so by the time I swallowed my pride and asked my centre for a new socket the damage was done , at the moment I can only wear it for about 40 minutes before it becomes to painful and has to come off for a few hours but the good news is my new socket should be ready later this week (fingers crossed that it fits well when I actually wear / walk in it) I must admit it’s been a bit of a wakeup call for me …….you think that after 12 years as an amputee you know it all but in reality your still learning lessons (some the hard way) Take care
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    Hi Cheryl , Been around , haven't been on here much , sadly it seems to have been very quite ..........not sure where everyone is & lost all contact with everyone , busy being recast for a new socket , last one lasted ten years so cant complain ,but finding the whole process a right pain and till it done I can hardly walk , something I really don't like hope all is well with you
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    Hi , not sure if this will help but years ago I discovered that “baby wet wipes “ from the ASDA store seems to work just as well , a quick wipe all around the liner then the inside of the socket and everything is good . plus it helps to keep everything that little bit cleaner
  6. Hi Cheryl , Firstly sorry to read about all the bother you are having with your foot and I hope that you can get it sorted soon. Now to your post , as you may or may not know as far as amputation and all the stuff that goes with it I tend to treat mine as a huge joke , make jokes about it ,couldn’t care less what other people think or say don’t give a monkeys who see my “stump” when I stop to sort it out …………….but after reading your post I must admit I would feel outraged at what happened , in fact not even my wife would carry on like that and like I say I’m so easy , I can honestly say I would most likely punch the person and report them ……………….unless she was a tall leggy blond wearing a skimpy outfit and a drop dead beauty but then I think I’m on about a different scenario (mick slaps himself round the face) No I can honestly say if that happened to me I would report the person and kick up a right stink not only for myself but for any other people who might end up in the same situation as you
  7. mick

    wet paws and foot

    Hi Jane, No I haven’t managed to do the second walk yet, I think that I will wait till the spring when the weather is a bit better, and it’s done nothing but rain and blows a gale the last few weeks. you will be pleased to know that Bob dried out ok but as you say with his low ground clearance he is always going to get wet and muddy and so I have decided to stop taking him on any big hikes until the weather warms up a bit or stick to the coastline, I think it’s a bit unfair him getting and staying wet all day after all he is just a young pup. Hi Mark, I am pleased that you enjoy reading about my wanders, and I am sorry that it’s with a tinge of jealousy that was never my intention, what I want people on here to see is an old overweight above knee amputee getting out and about and think well………if he can do it so can I, I remember being given a load of rubbish by the experts about what can and couldn’t be done and getting out into the wilds was a no go. You will never see me standing on a start line on some big race or do anything like our brilliant paralympians (spelling) do, but I do enjoy walking and getting out into the hills & the more remote and away from civilisation the better. As for the photos they are just point and press I work on the theory if you take enough a few will turn out ok. There are quite a few “holiday lets” up on the boarder with Scotland that are well off the beaten track with private access roads so its is possible to get there in you car and get away from it all , but off the top of my head I don’t know of any in the highlands but there will be some . If you do decide to get out with your mate for a wander, please take and post a few photos on here it would be nice to see what other amputee’s getup to , take care and have a good new year …………Mick
  8. Time for another walk I think Taken from my web thingy Wet paws at Kidland Once again I found myself watching the evening news waiting for the weather , I already knew that it was going to be a wet and windy day come Sunday , but part of me was hoping that something had changed , I don’t really like walking in the strong winds because of my arty leg but I have developed ways of coping (just like many other amputees I expect ) but I was going to cheat and use the shelter of the forest to protect me from the worst of the wind , yes I was going to go back to Kidland forest and explore another section that the forestry people had opened up , my last two big walks had been up here and I had really enjoyed them so why not ? , I had two more routes to do so I figured if the weather is bad why not do one of them ……..seems like a plan to me . I mentioned this to Bob who was busy snoozing by the fire full trip report at :- http://www.onefootinnorthumberland.co.uk/WPAK13.htm A few photos Looking along the yoke burn Looking across to where the foresters have been quarrying for stone for the new tracks? Looking towards the cloud covered hills in the distance Our route along the valley looks like this rain is set for the afternoon now. Bob looking a bit wet Thanks …………………mick :
  9. Well its coming to that time of the year again when I sit back and think about how it all went walking wise or should I say leg wise. Once again despite another year going past, I still havent got to that stage where I just put my leg on and take it as normal, I am beginning to think that I never will, pre haps its all in the mind I really dont know, all I know is that I still dread that first initial donning of the leg first thing in the morning and that all important first weight bearing step, will it hurt or is it going to be ok? Fortunately the vast amount of times it fine but there is still that moment of dread where my heart beats that little bit faster and I get that cold sweaty feeling even for a micro second . Maybe thing will change next year who know ..I hope so Its been (as normal) a bit of a mixed year with a few success stories, the main highlight being walking Hadrians wall with a group of fellow amputees and some mega hard boggy walks in the Cheviots, but I have a lot of down time as well mainly due to either my stump playing up or arty leg breaking down and a huge amount of time waiting for the NHS to fix it ,& the really hot weather we had during the summer didnt help neither , with all the sweating which literally caused the leg to drop off. Still cant complain (well I could but it would change anything) Sadly I didnt get any walking done across the Lake District this year and my long suffering walking buddy Yvonnes circumstances have changed & she has moved on in her new life and I wish her nothing but the best. But it means I will have to find a new walking buddy .not as easy as it sounds , I am happy out there on my own but I think my wife is starting to worry about me when I disappear into the hills on my own On the good side I am now the very proud owner of three young JackAwawa (spelling?) pups , who turned out to be a life saver for me in the hot summer months when I could hardly walk at all , between them they have helped me keep moving when I would have given up and spent the day sitting on my arse . And even if I say this myself it is nice to have a bit of company when I am out in the hills someplace even if they do as they want rather than do as I want but its early days yet and I am confident that with a bit more training we will all get our act together . The Future:- I dont have any real planes for the coming year walking wise, other than to get out as much as possible ,there are a few things I would like to see but nothing that cant wait I would also like to be able to get away a lot more in our little van for some extended long weekends parking up in remote but lovley parts of the country and seeing / doing stuff that wouldnt be possible on a normal day trip , if I find a walking buddy I would love to spend a few more days across the Lakes ,but I will have to wait and see on that . I would really really like to have a holiday back up in Skye , but my better half wont even hear of it after the bad weather we had last time , I was hoping that she would have forgotten about that by now , but even the smallest mention of Skye and she goes into rant mode. Sooooooooo I will put that on hold for a while as well. Anyway thats enough for this year and now a moving photo thingy showing one photo from each walk done this year enjoy :-
  10. mick

    Another year nearly over

    Thank you all for the comments , it wasn’t meant to be anything special photo wise just a sort of dairy of where I walked this year , something to look back on when I am having one of those bad spells that we all get now and then .
  11. mick


    I to would like to wish every one a happy Christmas and a healthy new year , but most of all I would like to thank the mods and the few regular posters that still take the time to read and reply to anyone who posts on here , without them this forum would slowly disappear into cyberspace or where ever they go , I know face book seems to be taking over but being of the older generation I am not really happy over there............. so once again big thanks all and have a great Christmas Take care all …….Mick
  12. mick

    wet paws and foot

    Thank you, It was very grey and wet, and as normal I didn’t see a living person all day ….or dead one either (not that I want to see a dead person you understand). I got a right rollicking when we got home for getting Bob in such a state ,I’m really pleased I cleaned him up a bit before the girls saw him other wise I really would have been in bother . I still have one more area to explore then I hope to be able to “link up” several old walks into something new (I know that really doesn’t make sense ) Take care ……………Mick
  13. mick

    Gel sleeve allergy?

    Hi Kate, Sorry to read about your problems, I don’t know if this will be of any use but I tend to clean mine with whatever soap, shower gel that is lying around and in easy reach (I know I’m lazy) I have only ever once started to develop a rash and that was when the liner started to “break down” on the inside …….instead of being nice and smooth it went sort of rough and bitty, my limb centre changed it (almost straight away and sent it back for “tests” ) never did find out what went wrong but as soon as I got a new one on my rash cleared up straight away …..Pre haps I got a bad one who knows? Or just a guess here, could it be with the colder weather you are dressing a bit more warmly and your stump could be sweating that little bit more without you knowing it Hope you get it sorted & take care ……………Mick
  14. mick

    winter is coming

    Ok people, Back in the cold north east of England we have just had our first fluttering of snow , it wont be long till the pavement are covered in frozen snow or ice , which mean that life can become interesting for us amputees with slipping and sliding , if you havent already got some of these I can really recommend them , quick to put on & and take off for that matter , give excellent grip on ice or snow and to be honest I wouldnt be with out them once the cold weather really sets in for the winter Link http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=yaktrax&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=28054504953&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2366010401313394479&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_6ensjrvbe0_b If you are completely brain dead (a bit like me) and really enjoy the great outdoors something a bit more robust that I highly recommend Kahtoola micro spikes http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kahtoola-C578-MICROspikes-Black-M/dp/B002NBLAS0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385017316&sr=8-1&keywords=micro+spikes cost a few quid extra but after your arse has hit the ground a few times it will be worth it . take care and happy slipping ..Mick
  15. Longlands & the Northern Fells A old walk I did in 2011 but forgot to put it on my web site ,I hope you don’t mind me posting an old walk on here. From my web thingy : It was at this point I made the rather bad decision to ignore the route that John has so kindly given me and head off to do my own thing. Big mistake. After a quick look at the map I decided to head down Via Burn Tod where according to my os map there was a footpath waiting for me, to start with things where going well, then about a third of the way down this nice grassy hill decided to get sneaky and get steeper, now one thing I don’t like is steepness, still I was committed (or I need committing not sure which) and down I went one step at a time , going into my lets just take it one step at a time mode (which is really s..t I have buggered it up again talk) After three lifetimes I eventually got to the bottom and sure enough picked up a grassy footpath / sheep trail that followed what could be the Hause gill down. Now it’s at this point I really knew what a monumental [censored] up I had made, this Gully (not really sure if that’s the correct name for it) was one huge nightmare for me, sloping ground lots of lose scree , lots of clambering , hard rocks sticking up everywhere , (you know the sort the one’s that hurt when you fall on them ) small uneven footholds , basically I couldn’t think of a worse place to be , and if any amputees ever read this I always believe in pushing ones boundaries but don’t come here to push them .unless A) You want to really fall and hurt yourself B) You are brain dead C) You have decided to give up on living Of course if you are well insured and a family member brings you this way, I would be a bit concerned. Anyway you have been warned. All you two legers’ will have no trouble so please just ignore my last few lines. After another three lifetimes, two gallons of nervous sweat, about six mental breakdowns, several promises that I will always stick to the route and huge amounts of adrenaline coursing through my system I actually found myself enjoying this. (Don’t worry I have booked into the local Looney bin to get my head sorted out) again something seems to kick in and I went into auto pilot. Strange how the body always seems to produce the goods to get you out of trouble isn’t it? Eventually I walked out onto a very pleasant path out of this gully, and had to sit down, by this time my body was screaming for fluids and something to replace all the nervous energy that I had used, Cont at :- http://www.onefootinnorthumberland.co.uk/LL_TNF.htm As per norm some photos enjoy:- First one taken at the start where I parked up the car The views start to open up This is where I know I am in for a rough time Just when I think it can’t get any worse this Skiddaw I’m impressed Looking out towards the coast Gulp! Going down Leg shot Last look back I really am sorry to finish this walk Thank you.
  16. Hi Cheryl, So pleased that you are finally up and walking again, naturally the last thing you want to hear is someone like me saying take it easy ..because you know that .so I wont. Those Teflon-ish patches sound like very useful bits of kit, I often get a sore spot where the top of my socket rubs against the fleshy bit of my stump (very close to a rather delicate part of my body), I tend to put a dap of cream on to prevent any more friction burns, but of course the cream melts and causes the liner and leg to start slipping, never thought of a Teflon type of patch. You will have to let us know how they work and a bit more about them. Take care ..Mick
  17. Taken from my web thingy After my last walk up at Kidland forest I made a silent promised to return as soon as possible and have a mooch around the areas the forestry people had opened up with there new tracks and see what could be seen now as zillions of trees had been chopped down , I had a few hills that I wanted to get up and spent a silly amount of time on goggle earth seeing if it was possible to see a route , in the end I decided just to play it by ear and see how thing worked out , however I knew that they had opened up Sneer Hill so that was my target for today , it meant that it was going to be a bigish walk but hopefully most of it was going to be on forestry tracks so distance wise it shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem that there might be is daylight hours , to compensate for this I decided on a early start and would make sure that I had my head torch packed and a spare set batteries also I would make sure Bobs coat has the fleece attached and had the little flashing light fitted with a spare batteries . Cont at :- http://www.onefootinnorthumberland.co.uk/NRIK.htm As normal a few photos enjoy. A fox doing a runner, it burst out of the undergrowth turned and back again in the blink of an eye Bob waiting for me to carry him across the ford Heading up alongside the Lindhope burn On our way up stopping to look back down I think that I am looking towards a distant Cushat Law Looking down towards the building at Whiteburnshank A view of Kidland forest as we make our way along Clennell Street Local sheep, at this point I put Bob on the lead, the last thing I want is bob and some stroppy sheep having a battle of wills. Starting to cut down towards the river Alwin and the car (still a mile or so to go) Clennell Hill a quick look at the GPS and was surprise to see that we had walked 14.3 miles with 2477 ft. of the ups and downs...No wonder both Bob & I was knackered. Thanks for reading ….mick
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    new route in kidland

    Thank you. Cheryl, I use to have a comments page on it, you would be suppressed how much hate mail I got , mostly off the amputee community blaming me for getting there DlA stopped etc. etc. as well as all the spam and links to err doggy porn sites so to save all the trouble I simply removed it. Kate ,I’m not sure proud is the right word, when I started I didn’t really know what I was doing with this website building stuff (still don’t really know if the truth is known) but I picked a program that is very basic & simple to use, the only problem is that it is very limited in what you can do with it and I am stuck with it now , if I even though for one minute that I would grow as it is I would have taken a bit more time and tried for a more posh or professional finish . Take care …………Mick
  19. mick

    new route in kidland

    Hi and Thank you both, it would be nice if I could earn a few £ for doing something that I really liked but that’s never going to happen , No my web site thingy is a natural progression from the dairy that I kept when I first lost my leg ………..that’s over nine years ago ……where does the time go? one day I hope to work all the way back to 2004 and start right at the beginning (at the moment I am on 2010 and working backwards so I have got a lot to do) , I still tend to use it as a dairy and if you read back over a period of time it covers all the ups and downs , you know bad leg days , busted limbs etc. etc. etc. so I suppose it a record of my time as an amputee , really I should put more amputee stuff on it .but I never seem to get enough time . I know I bore a lot of people on this site about the walks I do but if I would have known what is possible when I lost my leg I am certain that I wouldn’t have had such a rough mental time of it all. If that makes sense , now all I want is someone who has lost a leg to come onto this site see my stuff and think ………………….if that old overweight man can do this why shouldn’t I and if just one person feels like that then its all worth it . Sorry I am rambling on a bit. Take care …..Mick
  20. Whiteburnshank Today I fully intended to up the distance a bit, I really needed to prove to myself that things where ok with arty leg and I need to work on my fitness levels, I didn’t really fancy a coastal walk neither did I fancy a bog trotting session and after all the rain that we had been having I guess that a lot of the fells up in the cheviots would be sopping wet so after much thinking I came up with an old favourite area Kidland Forest , this has the advantage of a good surface to walk along , plus the trees would give me some shelter from the wind . before I go on any further a bit about the weather, it has finally turned cold but at we have been having that four seasons type weather, you know one minute bright sun, next cold rain / sleet then warm and sunny, throw in the constantly changing wind made it difficult to know where to go, yep Kidland forest is a good choice plus they have been felling trees so perhaps there might be new areas opened up to explore. On the down side it mean that I would only be able to take Bob with me , he is by far the strongest pup , Flynn would be willing but I think the cold and the distance would be to much for him , as much as I hate to say it I don’t think that he would like the cold very much CONT AT :- http://www.onefootinnorthumberland.co.uk/WBSW.htm Looking towards Inner hill (a hill that I have never got to however now that the trees have been cut who knows?) Now on Clennell Street looking over the other side towards Lounges Knowe As me and Bob gain a bit more height we are rewarded with these views over Kidland forest Not really sure what to write about this photo we met up with a hunting pack, I will say that the riders where extremely polite, I picked bob up fearing the worst with the hounds but the hounds like the riders where extremely well trained and didn’t show no sign of aggression in fact they seemed to welcome bob into the pack and I know bob enjoyed himself running with them for a few minutes . Part way down , Bob waiting for me to catch up Now back on the riverside trail last look back before we head back to the car. Thanks for looking
  21. Seeing as I couldn’t get an early start and had to stay local another walk in the woods One of the many small boggy ponds that are scattered around these woods The boys leading the way up an old forestry track that is slowly being reclaimed by nature The path heading up to Thrunton crags , it’s very slippery in places The views from the first set of crags Full trip report if you want to read it :- http://www.onefootinnorthumberland.co.uk/WWW_T.htm
  22. mick

    back to the woods

    Once again I tend to agree with you all, there is nothing like an amputation Wether it traumatic or planned to make you think about “how you see things” I certainly wouldn’t go as far as saying that I am a better person or anything like that and given the chance I would have my leg back in a second but I certainly appreciate the little things more, like when you put your leg on first thing in the morning …………………is it good (hooray) or is it uncomfortable and the I’m in for a crappy day . I try to keep my feelings about how the leg feels when it’s bad to myself, after all no one likes a moaner. And there is very little they can do anyway. Saying that I think that I am more positive about life in general than what I was before and dare I say it I see life in a more brighter colourful way (if that makes sense) . As for work and other boring stuff , I do what I have to do only because in the real world you need money just to get along …………..it would be nice to win the lotto then I could really start having fun all the time. Anyway thanks for the nice comments about my walks and photos Take care ………..Mick
  23. mick

    back to the woods

    Thank you J Ask away Jane, Yes I sleep , in fact I love my bed and would like to spend more time in there, no I am lucky workwise I do a funny 12 hour shift system (day & nights) that generates a lot of time off I would like to stop working but I simply cant afford to L after my I lost my leg I really thought long and hard about what direction I wanted my life to go , I chose to make it as simple ,relaxed and easy as possible , little things like the garden along with the house I have made it so it takes very little time to maintain and keep it in good condition so I spend as little time as possible doing boring chores around the house & garden . That o course frees up more time so I can do what I want to, naturally being an aka my mobility is a constant concern for me so the way I figure it is the more time I spend out in the hills or fells the better my mobility will get and at the wrong side of 50 I really do need to work on it , of course I know that sooner or later things and stuff will go wrong with my stump /leg so I really try to make the most of the moment here and now and I cant tell you how good I feel when I am out in the middle of nowhere or on the top of some mountain especially after being given a load of crap about what an old above knee amputee could be expected to do.
  25. Hi Jane Got there in the end didn’t you! I took me weeks to suss it all out and in the end I had to get my daughter to point me in the right direction. Love the boat photo ……………reminds me of when I was younger, did you get to play at being a pirate? The coastline looks stunning, so different from where I live, is it easy to walk along? And when can I come for a holiday? Thanks for posting …………………….Mick (who wants to be a Pirate)