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  1. To make a long story short, I have two bottom halfs for my leg. The one I wear has treated me pretty well, but I also have a c-leg(different brand, forgot name ATM) that was just replaced. Now I've only worn the thing like a week since I got the last one replaced. It just doesn't suit my needs and I've seen people e-bay these things before. Is that the only option?
  2. drewkowsky


    Define "silly". :P Seriously, though... I disagree with Kencor's assumption that the author of the site hates any god. There's a lot of rational statements in that website that would need addressing before jumping to that conclusion. Ehhh, being a former psychology student, and having my gf currently halfway to her masters in psych, I can verify that religious belief or lack thereof has very little to do with rationalism or logic arguements. Faith in something bigger is a normal part of a healthy psyche and actually encourages mental health. Obviously, religious extremism is not covered under this umbrella, but the vast majority of people of faith are not religious extremists. However, when someone lashes out as another group as being "weak" or "inferior" it is usually just not morally repugnant statement, there are underlying issues as well....
  3. Hi, I am also a RAK. I just had the pedal switched to the left side in my own car as my knee gets sore during long trips if I employ the "cross-over" method.
  4. drewkowsky

    Rhodiola Rosea for phantom pain

    Hi Juupsa, I am a RAK.I don't suffer phantom limb personally, but as I have worked at a supplement store I have pretty good knowledge on most supplements. I do not know if Rhodiola will help with your husband's phantom limb pain, but Rhodiola is at the least worth a try as it really does reduce stress (mentally and physically). Have him try at least a gram a day.
  5. drewkowsky

    Hi everybody!

    thank you for the introductions everybody Ally- I don't think I am the running Andy? I was a football(American) player.
  6. drewkowsky

    metal detectors

    Never had any problems either. I beep, they wand me, and I'm on my way.
  7. drewkowsky

    Has anyone ever got drunk while wearing there limb

    I'm a college student lol, so of course I've gotten drunk on many a weekend. I've never had any problems with falling over or losing my balance(I mean of course I sway or stumble a bit, if I've gotten REAL bad). I've sprinted through the middle of campus drunk without falling over too haha.
  8. drewkowsky

    What you look like?

    and another one with my girlfriend
  9. drewkowsky

    What you look like?

    this is me
  10. drewkowsky

    Hi everybody!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Andy, and I hail from Hershey(where they make the chocolate), Pennsylvania. I'm 23 yrs old and a college student, but have taken a few semesters off from time to time as I am still searching out what it is exactly I want to do. I'm a right above-knee amputee resulting from amniotic banding a birth defect. I originally registered on this forum about 2 yrs ago, but to be honest I kind of forgot about it until Heather was on Jay Leno recently.
  11. drewkowsky

    First leg?

    Hi Steve, Personally, I have had good success with a mauch hydraulic knee and a pathfinder foot. I have been able to be extremely active on this combination. I also found c-leg to be absolute garbage. Now aside from a leg specifically built for sprinting, you will find every leg lags a bit, but with the mauch I can still run pretty fast. The c-leg was too slow for running and not durable at all.
  12. drewkowsky


    LOL, see this is refreshing. I could care less that they are using this arguement for atheism or if it were for any other religious view. What bothers me is that it seems to hold the view that we amputees are so lowly and live such shattered existences (sarcasm) that there can't possibly be a God. I mean excuse you, thats complete and utter bs. Go quote the latest Dawkins fad and leave me out of it.
  13. drewkowsky

    Are you happy

    Wow, I found the c-legs to be pretty undurable. I've had them crumble to pieces on me from playing one game of raquetball.
  14. hiya chuck, if you're trying to get the insurance to pay for this, it should be no problem. you were athletic before your amputation, so you should be able to have as many legs as it takes to allow you to continue your previous activities. I know that's how it works with uk insurance, and to some extent the NHS makes me so mad!! you wouldn't be expected to work , run, swim and go out in the evening in the same SHOES! Thanks everyone for the replies! Unfortunately, I became an amputee at around ~1 year old, so I can't really claim an athletic background before that haha. Also, my past legs have all come to well over 10k, so I don't know if that will work either. Right now, I do have a computer knee (which are all junk by the way, never again) and a mauch knee with an updated pathfinder foot. The mauch/pathfinder combo, I've basically used since I was 16(23 now), but I've had to get new ones pretty often. I'm 6'4'' and usually around 250 lbs, so when I played football in high school I'd break my leg every 2-3 weeks(even though I weighed around 220 then). My leggist basically told me that its because of how big I am that puts a lot of strain on my legs. So I am usually pushing it with my insurance anyways and have to get a new leg about once a year.
  15. drewkowsky

    Hi All - terrified newbie here facing amputation!

    hello, if it were me I'd get the amputation. There is no point in having such difficulty in movement when you can be free of pain and regain athleticness. I was born with a congenital birth defect that caused my amputation, but I played football(american) and did Track and Field in high school. I was also to play football in college but a shoulder injury ended that.